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The best methods of dealing with moles in the area

The eternal problem of gardeners is moles. Not only do they spoil the vegetable grower's earthen products themselves, they are also a breeding ground for mouse nests, after which little will remain.

Rodent activity

The animal digs its tunnels so that worms and insects that lay the larvae in the ground fall into them. It is these products that the mole indulges in. But plowing the land, planting it to the owners, cutting off or nibbling the roots of plants.

Animals usually place their nests in the center of dug "volcanoes" underground about one and a half meters deep. In summer, manholes pass almost 20 cm from the surface, in winter - up to a meter with pantries. Surprisingly, the wormhole laying of passages reaches 108 meters per hour.

They have almost no ground enemies, although they rarely get out from under the dungeon. Nature has taken care of them, so with their aromas they only attract insects and worms.

According to research by scientists, the animal eats food per day with the value of its weight. 17 hours of hunger strike leads to his death. After eating, it can only withstand five hours of inactivity, and even better, sleep.

The favorite delicacy of moles is earthworms, they are preserved in their passages by means of their paralysis by biting the nerve node.

Mole prevention

If your site is located on an acidic peat or sandy area, then you have nothing to fear from these animals - they will not come to you. If you have excellent fertilized black soil, then you need to think about protection from moles.

How to order flowers with delivery

As a baby, Kirill Lesnikov fell and hit his head on the floor. 11-year-old Ilya Tereshchenko from Vladimir got into an accident with his parents. Fifth-grader Vika Mager was blown up by a grenade in Donbass. Petersburg resident Arkasha Aksyonov had his legs cut off by a train. We fear for our children, knowing how fragile life is and how unpredictable circumstances are. And rarely can we actually spread straws. we have nothing left, Except how to live, Enjoy life. And help those who are unlucky.

"The best operation is the one that was avoided," says Nikolai Lesnikov, a doctor at the emergency surgery department of the Penza hospital. His son Kirill will not be able to avoid the operation. Only the installation of an expensive transplant can save a child from the consequences of a traumatic brain injury.

Nikolay and Elena are doctors. She is a therapist teaching general medicine at the medical college. He is in emergency surgery (in parallel - oncology, endoscopy), and in his spare time - yoga, painting, film photography and digital. Late conscious marriage, long walks in Belinsky park, waiting for the first child. "Sasha, Ivan, Kolya ..." - they listed the names, hugging their stomachs with their palms. On Kirill, the kid gave a sign. “Feeling like I was giving birth. I studied all the bushes around the hospital, ”Nikolai recalls. Some incredible, almost cinematic idyll with a completely ridiculous plot twist.

“Head injury at 2 months of age. The child fell from his hands to the floor ”- so it is written in the medical report. That night, Kirill was capricious, his mother was exhausted - alone with her son for 48 hours, and dad had just returned from the hospital after his shift. Duty is when you manage to pokemarize for 40 minutes per day, when there are 5 emergency operations and the next day control over the patients. Then you go home on autopilot and the next day you come to your senses.

And then at 3 am you need to calm down the baby, get it out of the crib, press it to your chest. Who was with Kirill at that moment - it doesn't matter. Both. Have missed. Within 5 minutes they flew by ambulance to the hospital. Further - as in delirium: a closed craniocerebral injury, a contusion of the brain, a half-head hematoma (a tiny child's head!). Nikolay throws pictures of his son's skull on WhatsApp. He clearly explains about a comminuted fracture with a shift of the lower bone, about a violation of the integrity of the skull and neural connections, about the fact that the crisis has passed and Kirill survived, but the story is not over yet. And he, as a surgeon, understands what will happen next if nothing is done.

The boy has already started hemiparesis of the left (mirrored to injury) half of the body. One hand is always pressed to the body, the palm is gathered into a fist, and he cannot take a toy or candy with it. An operation is needed, otherwise, over time, the hand will hang with a whip, like after a stroke. And the likelihood that epilepsy will begin is also too high.

The lump on Cyril's golden curly head is a real "Achilles crown", a part of the brain not covered by bone. Any unsuccessful fall, even a slight blow, can result in serious injury, up to and including loss of motor functions. And Kirill is a smart guy, and his age is the most suitable for mischief. Here he is carrying shoes - he wanted to go for a walk, here he is standing in a dog's pose, focusing on his fist (love of yoga - from his father). And the parents are again in autopilot mode: they catch, insure, do not leave a single step.

To save a child from the consequences of trauma and make his life safe, neurosurgeons from the R. Pirogov will be installed at the fracture site with an Italian biodegradable graft costing an expensive foreign car. It will grow into the bones of the skull, become part of it. And even during the operation, doctors will be able to "correct" the broken neural connections in order to "pull" Kirill to the state of a healthy person with further rehabilitation.

1.5 million for a custom-made graft is very, very expensive. You can't earn so much, even if you save people in two shifts, without days off and rest. And the operation is important to do as quickly as possible.

Let's help someone who is used to helping us. Let's turn on the autopilot. Let's do a good deed, because it’s right.

The stories of our other wards in trouble are on dobroe. if. u

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