How to make a water supply in the country: choose pipes, a diagram, a method of installation

Happy spring verses

Happy Spring

So we are waiting for spring to freshen up, Breathe in the warmth and light of the sun, To finally revive And meet the dawn with tenderness!

So let the first spring day only bring you joy, And let it take away sadness and pain from shocks with the snow!

Frosts, blizzards and snowstorms Let it end completely, And the sound of an enchanting drop Will open the doors to a new paradise!

Happy spring verses

Today is the first day of spring, And my heart beats with excitement, When that moment comes, What gives us colored dreams? When the ice melts, immediately, It will stream on the surface of the water, And in the spray it will instantly become silvery, The sun will be rays for us! Warm the old forest with warmth, He shakes off the green outfit, Combs the curls of his crown, Admiring the blue sky. In a hurry to meet the sun again, Magic dreams, the time of hope, So that everything is repeated as before, In the spring love knocks in the hearts.

Like a timid snowdrop, gifting in the spring, It caresses our souls with new hope, So a leaf of the simplest calendar Will light up, illuminated by a new dream.

And the air will be filled with the spirit of Spring, And feelings will break loose, as if from a low start, Clear horizons and plans are clear - As a Miracle of nature, as the first of March!

The snow has disappeared - the gardens have freed, The buds are sparkling again on the trees, The water has again increased in the rivers, Even the sparrows fly faster.

In the dark sky, the stars are visible, And in the forests the snowdrop blooms, Congratulations on the first day of spring, Happy days when the frosts recede.

The water supply requirements at the dacha are not lower than in city apartments, but higher: it is necessary to ensure supply not only to taps and household appliances, but also for irrigation. Therefore, the pump performance must be high, and the debit of the well or well must be good and stable. One more problem has to be solved: electricity is often cut off in rural areas, therefore it is desirable to have a supply of water or a backup method of its "extraction". For the owners of wells, everything is simple: you can get it with a bucket for urgent needs, but you simply cannot get it from the well. We have to come up with backup schemes.

Organization of water supply in the country

It is possible to organize the supply of water in the country only with the use of a pump, but it can be supplied in two ways: from a storage tank or from a hydraulic accumulator.

When using the scheme with a storage tank, you have a supply of water equal to the volume of the tank, but the pressure in the system is not high. It is created by a difference in height: the tank is installed at a height - in the attic of a summer cottage or on the roof of a farm building. The main condition is that its bottom should be located above any draw-off point. Then there will be water in the taps.

The second method - with a hydraulic accumulator is more convenient in that the system creates and automatically maintains pressure. If the accumulator is supplemented with a pump and automation (pressure switch), the entire assembly is called a pumping station. The trick here lies in the accumulator. It is a cylindrical container divided into two parts by an elastic membrane. Gas is pumped into one part under low pressure, and water is pumped into the second. As it flows in, the water squeezes the gas more and more, which is why pressure is created in the system (about 2 atm).

Organization of water supply in the country from a well with a hydraulic accumulator

When the tap opens (household appliances turn on or watering starts), water is supplied from the accumulator. The pressure in it gradually decreases. Its value is controlled by special relays. As soon as the lower threshold is reached, the pump turns on, restoring its set value. The upper threshold is controlled by a second sensor, which turns off the pump.

A similar suburban water supply system can be implemented in both winter and summer versions. The difference is where to install the equipment and how deep to bury the pipes.

Which pipes to choose for the water supply in the country

A decade and a half ago, there were no questions: there was no alternative to steel pipes. Today, metal is almost never used for the suburban water supply system: it is expensive, welding is needed for installation, and modern pipes rust quickly. There is a much more practical alternative - plastic pipes. They are the best solution for the country water supply system: they certainly do not rust, some are also not afraid of frost. But plastic is different, as are the products made from it.

HDPE pipes

Most often, HDPE pipes - low pressure polyethylene are used for water supply in the country. They are attractive in that they can be assembled without any additional devices. Fittings for assembling the HDPE water supply are threaded and simply twisted by hand.

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