How to make a hitch for a walk-behind tractor

Proper care of the Elf rose

Rosa Elf, or in English Elfe, is not in vain with such a name. It is difficult to find a more fabulous and unusual flower. The huge buds are suggestive of elven gardens. But is it so easy to grow a rose of this variety in your garden?

Description of Elf climbing rose

As the name implies, it belongs to the climbing category, but at the same time it has very tall, erect shoots with dense, dark green leaves. As for the flowering period, it makes up almost the entire warm season.

But the resistance to negative temperatures in the bush is relatively low. It tolerates frosts down to -28 ° C. The situation is much better with how the plant copes with diseases.

Elf belongs to resistant plants and is weakly susceptible to the appearance of various diseases.

If he talks about the appearance of the buds, then it is rather difficult to convey their beauty in words. In diameter, they can reach 14-16 cm. The color of the flower is predominantly white, but has unusual, light green or even yellow shades.

It is they who give the rose a fresh and truly summer look. A double bud contains up to 50 individual petals. This is what determines its gigantic size. The aroma of this beauty can be attributed to fruity.

It's quite intense, but not intrusive.

The climbing rose you read the description for is relatively recent. In 2000, the Tantau company from Germany created this masterpiece in their flower nurseries.

The products of this particular manufacturer are very popular and respected all over the world, and this rose is no exception.

If you consider yourself a sophisticated, romantic nature, then this flower will definitely find its place in your garden.

Diy vaz camouflage

Making a homemade trailer and hitch for a walk-behind tractor with our own hands

One of the most useful things in the yard is a trailer for a walk-behind tractor. Trailers for motoblocks are divided into specialized and universal. In addition, the trailer can be used together with a walk-behind tractor. Since each model of agricultural machinery has a special design, these units are available in both low and high power.

Do-it-yourself trailer and hitch for a walk-behind tractor

The average weight of the cargo transported in the trailer for the walk-behind tractor is about 0.5 tons. That is why a trailer for a walk-behind tractor is very useful for any farmer who is engaged in agriculture.

Also, the walk-behind tractor trailer is perfect for farmers who want to make their own work easier. This is possible thanks to the ability to work seated using a trailer. The result is an increase in the productivity of processing each area. An additional use of the trailer is the reliable installation of attachments.

For many people, motoblocks with a trailer are an inaccessible device, due to rather high prices. That is why we will consider how to make this simple device on our own. A self-made trailer for a walk-behind tractor is distinguished by high mobility and quality - exactly those qualities that every farmer appreciates.

How to make a homemade tow hitch for a walk-behind tractor

If you decide to make a homemade hitch for a walk-behind tractor, then let's get down to implementation. To manufacture this trailer, you will have to spend several days of work. The carrying capacity of the trailer was calculated for the weight of the transported cargo of 400-450 kg. When tested, the trailer easily held 6-7 sacks of potatoes.

There were no overload problems. The trailer was designed for the transportation of goods in bags, therefore, folding sides are not provided.

Thinking through the constructive part of the project in advance. The trailer will consist of a fairly strong carrier, a body, a frame made of steel corners and reliable wheels.

  • Bracket for mounted implements of the walk-behind tractor;
  • Console;
  • Hitch;
  • Step, we use the s20 board;
  • Driver's seat, use s20 board;
  • Frame;
  • Body, use s20 board;
  • Support beam, use three beams 50x50;
  • Bolt M8;
  • Thrust ring, use pipe 58x4;
  • Two wheels removed from the SZD motorized carriage.

The hitch for the trailer walk-behind tractor consists of several parts. We connect different parts by welding. The junction of the drawbar and the swivel part is the most loaded, therefore we reinforce this place with additional stiffeners.

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