How to install a window siding strip with your own hands

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The global community is slowly but surely moving towards gender equality. The cashier guy and the woman director of the bank have already ceased to amaze anyone. But even in 2021, there will be a place for the double standards of thinking that are constantly being fired here and here. The material will tell about them.

It's shameful for a real man to understand women's fashion

If a man is able to distinguish midi from maxi and thong from tanga, this is no longer an alpha male, but an offensive word with the letter "p". But the policy of double standards will work if a true masculine dares to incorrectly comment on the purchase of a fifth handbag or sixth stiletto heels, surprised at the exorbitant cost. " The same?! - the unfortunate man will hear the beginning of a thunderstorm. - You pretend or don't really understand that this is Louboutin. "Therefore, whether a man understands fashion or not, punishment will overtake in both cases. In chess, this is called a stalemate. / P>

Guys don't cry

If he cries - see about the offensive word from paragraph 1. You can, of course, indulge in long psychological and medical discussions about the dangers to health to suppress emotions. Remember the statistics of heart attacks and strokes, where men are clearly ahead of the fair sex. But since we are talking about double standards, we will confine ourselves to a mini-sketch. The lady of the heart, impressed by the film / homeless kitten / story in social networks about the miraculous rescue of the horse, shares her emotions. The man, trained since childhood not to be a sniff, nods with restraint. And the next moment he gets a verdict: “Chump! Is there anything that can make you feel pity at all ?! Or do you care about everything ?! " What can the disoriented, opposing attitudes, trapped alpha males of double standards do? Alas, the fair sex has not yet decided.

Household or beautiful to be a woman?

We are taught this from infancy. Just a series of pictures in my head. Here is a mother with a baby, whose height is less than the height of the table, bakes a cake. Here is a three-year-old girl with clumsy movements smearing dust on the nightstand. It helps mom! Preparing to be a woman! And then. After 5-7 years of marriage, the other half will declare irritably: “You just do that, that you heat pots and run with a mop. Who needs it - your soups, exemplary purity ?! There's nothing to talk about with you. When was the last time you changed your hair? Hands like a peasant woman. "However, if the wife, on the contrary, devotes enough time to her appearance, she also risks receiving a reproach:" It would be better to bake pies! »

Pregnancy is holy, stretch marks after it sucks

In most countries of the world (where the patriarchy will not be exterminated for a long time), pregnancy continues to be considered a holy duty and sacred sacrament for a woman, she is cultivated and deified. Photo sessions of pregnant women on a white background with a cat and tummy are the top on Instagram at the moment. But when the child has already been born, very soon the lady will receive reproaches for an unkempt body with sagging skin, stretch marks and other cosmetic defects. There is a double standard. After all, if pregnancy is sacred, then the state of the body after it should be classified as a saint. Therefore, here you need to either treat extremely positively both the first and the second, or stop deifying the first and the second. Then there will be no double standard.

How many exes should a man and a woman have?

5 double standards that have long been out of place in the 21st century

All furniture is needed, all furniture is important. This saying is also true for small interior elements - for irreplaceable bedside tables. They become custodians of various things in houses and apartments, help in garages, workshops and outbuildings. Many owners are not eager to spend money and time looking for a suitable design, so they are considering another option - a do-it-yourself cabinet. This task is quite feasible: it is not so difficult to assemble small-sized furniture. However, even before creating a small bedside "assistant", you first need to choose the most suitable model from a fairly large assortment, and then find out how and from what materials it is best to make it.

Types of structures and materials

Small dimensions do not mean that it is very easy to choose a sample for a future item. There are many options.

Types of thumbs

If we consider neat bedside models and furniture that are purchased for bathrooms, then there are two types of them - floor and wall.

  • Floor structures are a familiar option. Such furniture is comfortable, stable, and therefore reliable. If desired (for example, during cleaning), it can be easily rearranged, and then returned to its place. Inside these models there may be several compartments delimited by shelves or drawers. The first option often involves the presence of a door.
  • Wall bedside tables have appeared relatively recently, but quickly became popular due to their apparent weightlessness, unusual appearance and practicality. This furniture is fixed to the walls, so the space under it remains free. Such products are not very different from their counterparts with "legs": they are also equipped with shelves, doors and drawers. As a rule, their sizes are smaller.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the latter type, then, with a strong desire, we can include a wall, which will have to be "spoiled" with fasteners. But these designs look fresh and unusual.

If we consider all the pedestals, then they can be hollow, with or without legs, on wheels, or combined. The shape is also different: there are square, rectangular, round models. For rooms in small apartments, original corner structures can be salutary.

Model selection

You need to know what to look for when choosing this subject. The main criteria in this case are the area and purpose of the room.

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When finishing the facade, not only the finishing material itself is needed, but also additional elements. Their appearance and character depends on the characteristics of the cladding. During installation, the siding is tightly joined and connected with special profiles. One of them is the siding strip.

What is the window strip for?

The weak point of any cladding is joints and seams. Manufacturers are trying to develop such assembly technology that would minimize their number or safely hide them. Siding is no exception. During assembly, the joints between the lamellas are closed automatically thanks to the "tongue-in-groove" connection method. However, when joining lamellas at the corners, near window and door openings, difficulties arise.

The framing of the window opening will give the facade an aesthetic finished look. But in fact, its purpose is different. The "frame" around the opening protects the joints of the siding with the window and prevents moisture from penetrating under the sheathing or through the opening into the room. Window strip is a special element that allows you to hide the ends of the lamellas and close the joints.

This kind of profile is not always needed. Siding and all additional elements are designed to certain standards. For example, a window opening, according to European requirements, is recessed into the wall by 13 cm. However, in private construction, it is not uncommon for a double-glazed window to stand literally on the same level with the wall. The opening has to be framed with the help of another profile - the J-strip.

When installing wooden windows, a plank is required. Reinforced plastic can do without it. According to the norms, such a window deepens into the wall by 1/3. Here the slopes turn out to be larger than the size of the bar, so there is no need for it.

Dimensions and Features

The dimensions of the window siding strip are determined by the manufacturers:

  • length 304 cm, width of the slope 15 cm, width of the outer part 7.5 cm;
  • length 308, slope 23.5 cm, and the size of the outer parts 8 cm;
  • 305, 23 and 7.4 cm, respectively.

The first option is called narrow, the other 2 are called a wide bar sufficient to cover the slopes. Models are produced only of standard dimensions, therefore, when facing old houses with decoration, difficulties arise.

The color and texture of the plank matches the shade and texture of the siding. Often, to highlight the openings, a bar of a contrasting tone is chosen.

Protective and fastening elements

Other profiles can be used to decorate the window:

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Nice neck

Show off your slim neck with a V-neck top - the open neck area is eye-catching. Also use accessories for your neck - a variety of necklaces and scarves.

Nice back

If the situation permits, try choosing clothes that show off a part of the back. It can be a jumper, blouse or dress with a deep enough cut on the back. Also, additional charm can be given by a sautoir (female jewelry in the form of an elongated necklace with a suspended pendant - author's note)

Slim waist

Our primary task here is to emphasize dignity, that is, to focus on the waist line. A great way would be to choose a top or wrap dress, as well as a corset. Do not forget also about belts and belts - these accessories will additionally highlight your thin waist.

Beautiful belly

If you consider your advantage a beautiful belly (flat belly, beautiful relief, etc.) .), wear items of clothing that will allow you to show it off. The easiest way is to open up your belly with cropped tops. Moreover, if the top is loose enough, then at the same time the waist will visually look even thinner. You can also add a chain to the waist if the situation permits.

Choosing tight bodysuits for your wardrobe is also a great way. The bodysuit will accentuate a flat belly without exposing it. Option for modest young ladies.

Curly flowers will help to transform the landscape, to give the garden plot coziness and comfort, as well as to embellish the gazebo or arch.

These include many different species, of which every grower will definitely find a plant to his liking.


A fast-growing deciduous vine, a member of the bignonium family. In nature, the plant has two types: rooting, native to North America and large-flowered, of Chinese origin.

The length of the vines of the rooting campsis reaches 7-9 m and is attached to the support with aerial roots. Unlike the previous species, the large-flowered kampsis has no aerial roots, it braids the support with the ends of the shoots and grows on average up to 3 m. / P>

Numerous inflorescences are tied on the trunks, each of which consists of 10-15 tubular flowers resembling a large bell, 5-8 cm in diameter and up to 10 cm long. The corolla is formed of five fused petals with bent edges, color which ranges from orange to pink-raspberry.

Campsis is a drought-resistant climbing plant that can multiply rapidly and is distinguished by its vitality and unpretentiousness. Plant care consists of regular pruning throughout the season and occasional watering.

Morning glory

Annual, which is the most numerous genus of the bindweed family, with more than 500 species. Liana is dotted with heart-shaped leaves and can grow up to 5-8 m in length.

The buds are formed large with a delicate aroma. The diameter of the flowers can reach 4-7 cm, they are collected in clusters on long pedicels of 2-5 pieces. Flowers can be either double or ordinary, resemble a gramophone in shape and have a variety of colors: red, white, blue, pink.

New flowers open daily and wither by evening. In sunny weather, the buds open early in the morning, they close by lunchtime. When cloudy, they are open until 3pm.

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