How to raise a good person from a child. Probably, there is no single formula .. Moreover, as a mother of two underage children for me and, having exchanged, only the fourth dozen, it is certainly too early to advise someone to do something ..

But I will try to share my opinion with you, and you decide what to do with your children ..

Only one circumstance allows me to talk about this difficult topic - my sister and I have always respected and will respect our parents. We lost mom very early, and dad, thank God, is alive, and God forbid him to live to a ripe old age. This is exactly what I wanted to talk about today - how to teach a little person to respect you, your parents, to respect others and yourself in the first place ..

Own example!

Oh, how important it is and how difficult it is ..

The child copies everything! Literally everything! And from whom else to take an example, if not from the people whom he sees the first in his life every day .. every day! "Don't brush your teeth? Why should I? Shout, curse? -I can do that too."

As a child, my sister and I saw only a positive example. Respect, love of parents for each other, for their parents .. Dad went in for sports. Mom and Dad read a lot. They never abandoned us and spent all the evenings, their vacations and weekends with us .. And we never abandon our children.


Love your children. In everything. In their desires, their actions, words ... Kiss and hug. Pamper, it is not known what life awaits them ahead! They should always know that there is a mom and dad who always love them, wait, forgive and regret. Only by feeling sincere love from the closest people can a child learn to love himself. and others ..

Child Respect


Sweet pepper seedlings, like all other plants, need nutrients. They provide her with normal growth and development. If young bushes feel a shortage of them, this may negatively affect development, as well as lead to a decrease in yield in the future. That is why it is so important to timely and correctly feed the pepper seedlings.

Feeding time

Fertilizers for feeding bell pepper seedlings should be chosen taking into account the composition of the soil mixture, otherwise you can simply harm the young bushes. If a specially selected soil is used for sowing, which contains all the necessary trace elements, then early fertilizing is not necessary. When sowing seeds in ordinary soil from the garden, the culture is fed with the appearance of the first leaves. At the same time, the seedlings dive.

The first application of fertilizer that stimulates the growth of seedlings should contain 1 liter of water, 2.5 ml of potassium humate and half a teaspoon of urea. You can take 0.5 g of ammonium nitrate and 3 g of superphosphate for the same volume of water.

Secondary application of the nutrient mixture to the substrate is carried out after 14 days. The composition is the same, but the dosage is doubled. For full growth, peppers need a fairly large number of nutrients.

7 days before planting young plants in the ground, they are fed again. In this case, the potassium content is increased to 8 g per liter of liquid.

Preventing foliage problems

The condition of the pepper seedlings must be monitored so that the problem that has appeared can be eliminated in time. If, after applying the nutrient mixture, the seedlings wither, the composition of the fertilizer should be changed. To determine what peppers are in need, their appearance will help:

  • the leaves began to brighten from above - lack of iron;
  • wilting of all leaves indicates a copper deficiency;
  • purple streaks indicate phosphorus starvation ;
  • with a lack of nitrogen, the leaves brighten from below.

Having found such signs, you must immediately add the required substance.

Popular purchased fertilizers

Often, gardeners use purchased ready-made fertilizers to feed young peppers. Popular formulations:

  • Kemira-Lux. It is used for feeding flowers and seedlings. In a liter of water, 1 g of the drug is diluted for the first feeding. The second time the dosage is 2-3 g
  • "Kristalon". It stimulates the development of the root system and ensures the growth of the culture. To prepare the nutrient solution, it is enough to stir 2 g in a liter of water. When choosing a drug, one must take into account its color. Red color - the drug does not allow peppers to stretch in inclement weather, white - is intended for optimal growth of seedlings without auxiliary lighting, and blue is used for plants with lighting.
  • “Ideal”. It activates the development of roots, strengthens the immunity of young crops. The first feeding consists of a liter of liquid and 1/2 ml of Ideal. The next time the fertilizer volume is doubled.
  • “GUMI Kuznetsova”. This stimulant contains potassium, phosphorus, sodium and nitrogen. Provides good stress resistance of plants. Combine 1 g of fertilizer and a liter of water.

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