How to glue tiles to osb-plate

Candle holder Glam Forest bamboo / glass black 28x31 cm

Steel candle lantern 48x33 cm

Steel candle lantern 46x33 cm

Flashlights in the OBI online store

Product Features

The range includes hand and headlamps. Powerful white-spectrum LEDs are used as a light source. Power is supplied from batteries or accumulators. Benefits of household flashlights:

  • • Ergonomic design.
  • • Continuous mode of operation.
  • • Versatility of use.

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Detailed information about the intervals and zones by city, the conditions for unloading and lifting the order are on the service page, where you can independently calculate the cost of your delivery in advance, specifying the mailing address and parameters for unloading.

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Good evening. The task is to lay the tiles in the apartment. One wall is made of 12mm osb-slab, on which you need to glue a 600x200mm tile. I don’t know how to glue it. I do the repair myself. there is no money to hire specialists. On YouTube and Google, they advise different things: some say you can use ordinary tile glue, others in no case will not hold on. Also, many advise glue-moment, glue-quick installation, iron nails, concrete contact, epoxy and so on. I hung a 1mm reinforcing mesh on the wall. I don’t know what to choose, please tell me. Thank.

There is a special elastic adhesive from the manufacturers Atlas and Ceresit (ready-made in buckets)

well, now the author has to make a choice from what was advised before, plus elastic glue. ))

Pikabushniki, need help with advice Got up on the track

Hello to all pikabushniks, especially from Gagarin, Vyazma and Smolensk. We ourselves are not local, very from afar. I got up on the Minsk highway near the town of Agarin (Maltsevo village) I sin on the generator. Recommend service in Gagarin, Vyazma or Smolensk. It is desirable to be of high quality and round the clock, where they will help. Jeep Grand Cherokee, diesel. Help out, pikabushniki!

PS lift the pzhl up. Maybe someone from the local will see and help. Google Yandex does not help.

PSS called a tow truck. Wait 3-4 hours. It remains to decide where to take us and where they will help.

PSS: Thank you all, the tow truck will be here in two hours. They will take you to Smolensk. There I found a service where they agreed to remove the generator at night and a separate specialist for repairs. New to find, they say, is not realistic, only an order from Moscow. I hope I'll continue my trip in the morning.

The tow truck was taken to Smolensk, the guys were waiting in the service. Together they pushed me into boxing. In 45 minutes (this is very fast for a jeep) the generator was removed. The specialist came to the service himself, took me with the generator to his place, found the reason (pulley yok), picked up a more or less suitable one and modified it. He brought it to the service to the guys, where he was also promptly installed. While the generator was being repaired, the battery was recharged (it was discharged to zero). Everything works great!

You, dear pikabushniki, thank you very much for your support, advice, willingness to help!

to the driver of a tow truck from Vyazma (to my shame, I did not remember his name)

Many thanks to Alexey (specialist and co-owner of Contact-AS in Smolensk) for his professionalism and humanity.

Many thanks to Roman from Auto Box in Smolensk - he is a pro!

During winter planting, large, evenly spaced cloves are formed in the vegetable crop. The correct choice of harvest time affects the storage duration and taste of the vegetable. When determining the date of harvesting, it is necessary to take into account the climate of the region, the variety of garlic, the lunar calendar.

Why it's important to keep cleanup dates

If you dig up the vegetable ahead of time, the unripe cloves will be soft. Garlic will rot and store poorly. Early harvesting is advisable if weather conditions are expected to deteriorate: if the drying technology is followed, the vegetable crop will have time to ripen. Longer drying times are required to preserve the heads.

Late harvesting also has a bad effect on keeping quality of vegetables - re-germination of the bulb is possible. Cracking of the scales occurs, clean teeth are formed that are poorly stored. The overripe vegetable crumbles into slices right in the soil. If a vegetable crop has endured a long rainy season or has come under frost, there is a risk of infection with fungal infections, rotting of the fruit.

Signs of garlic ripeness

The ripeness of winter garlic is easy to determine: the vegetable is ready for harvest when the bulbs on the arrows form. Other signs of crop readiness for harvest:

  • the tops have turned yellow and lay down;
  • the neck is thin, the stem is dry at the base;
  • the outer films dry out and acquire a color characteristic of this varieties;
  • the dried head shell is easily separated and makes a rustling sound.

Pluck 1–2 bulbs to check if they are ripe. In unripe garlic, the skin is poorly removed, the cloves are separated with difficulty. The factors listed above indicate the "technical" maturity of the heads. The formation of the underground part of the vegetable has not yet been completed, this will happen after harvesting and drying. If head cracking is observed, you need to urgently dig up the garlic, otherwise it may germinate.

When garlic is harvested according to the lunar calendar

To keep the harvest for a long time, harvesting is carried out on the days of the waning moon. At this time, the liquid moves down to the roots of the plant. You should refrain from harvesting on the growing moon, on the full moon and new moon - the vegetable crop will be poorly stored. The table shows favorable days when you can dig up garlic planted before winter in 2021 in the Moscow region.

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