How to connect Spotify to Discord and the top 3 bots to stream music

A Discord messenger bot that understands Spotify is a great solution for music lovers. There is also a direct connection option. For this, the accounts of 2 services are synchronized. This can be done on the Windows platform, iOS or Android. Tracks can be listened to alone, as well as with friends. It's much more fun. And installing a Spotify bot - Groovy or Hydra - will expand your playback experience.

How to Connect Spotify to Discord

Spotify is a popular resource that competes successfully with the eminent YouTube. The main difference from the others is the ability to listen to music online. Downloading content to your device is no longer required.

Your favorite tracks can be played on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, even in a car media center with an Internet connection.

Messenger Discord, used by players to communicate on the network, has become a platform for creating many mini-programs, bots. It is possible to connect it to the Spotify platform to enjoy music in the background while streaming songs on your channel.

Let's start with the fact that the connection is already implemented in the messenger itself. But you need a valid Spotify account to do this. Preferably a premium account. In turn, Spotify is also showing interest in cooperation with Discord, so that as many users as possible can listen to music on the server without downloading soundtracks.


Often users complain that it is impossible to find Spotify in their status, in the messenger. Obviously, they did something wrong. To connect Spotify to Discord, according to all the rules, you should first go to the official site of the Discord messenger, located at.

After successful authorization, entering the username and password, go to the settings. There will be a "Connections" tab. To show Spotify as active, you need to select the Spotify logo in the list of applications (a characteristic green circle with three stripes), click on it.

This will synchronize the accounts: the music will be streamed directly to the messenger. There is also an option to add one of the bots working with the streaming music service. For example Groovy. Setting up the application consists in choosing a server, setting the required permissions. Among the bots that support Spotify are Botify, Hydra, Chip, Kashima, Jockie Music and many others. There are plenty to choose from.

If for some reason the Spotify icon is missing in the status, then the problem should be looked for in the PC itself. To do this, you exit the service, clear the browser cache, including passwords. Then you log in again. Everything should work out.

iOS / iPadOS

To work in the Discord environment, listen to online music from the Spotify server on Apple smartphones and tablets, download the appropriate bot. But here's the problem: for this function, the platform has no bots yet. You can just listen to music through Discord. The iOS app store is located at:.

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