How to choose a brick for home decoration

The construction of the metro, like any other underground work, is associated with interesting historical and archaeological finds. And the Moscow metro is no exception. The city with almost a thousand-year history, keeping many secrets and secrets underground, almost all the time presents "surprises" to builders - dishes, stone and building decorations, weapons and other antiquities.

House from the "depth of the ages"

With particular excitement, archaeologists descended underground for the metro builders in 1985, where during the construction of the Borovitskaya metro station a small red brick house was discovered at a depth of 6 m. Everything has been preserved in its original form - not only walls, but also furnishings, dishes, furniture. Historians have established that the building dates back to the middle of the 16th century and once belonged to the village of Staroye Vagankovo. Yuri Suprunenko in his book "Legends and Were Moscow Underground" writes that this is the construction of the Oprichnaya Dvor, which went underground due to a natural cataclysm.

Hidden Icon

The well-known metro builder, Hero of Socialist Labor Tatiana Nefedova in her book "Upstairs-Moscow" wrote about another interesting find of the metro workers, which happened when the Prospekt Mira station was laid. As it turned out, an elderly man who had once worked as a foreman for the Moscow "king of porcelain" Kuznetsov came to the checkpoint. He said that by order of the owner, 60 years ago, he hid an ancient icon in this place. The relic was found and given to Pavel Terentyevich, who informed about it. Then the embarrassed Komsomol members received words of gratitude from him with the notification that he had ordered a prayer service for their health.

A pot of money and more

When laying tunnels for the construction of the future Novokuznetskaya station, a large pot was found, in which there were almost 20 thousand silver coins from the beginning of Peter's rule - the end of the 17th century; Fossilized remains of ancient animals, birds and fish are almost permanent finds of metro builders. Skeletons and traces belong to the Cretaceous, Jurassic, Carboniferous, and even the Cambrian (more than 500 million years ago) periods.

Unexploded Shell

In the early 2010s, while laying new metro stations on the Solntsevskaya line (under Michurinskoye Highway), a 122-mm projectile from the Second World War was discovered. The work was suspended until the sappers completed their work and neutralized the find.


Among the latest historical "surprises" of the Moscow subway are three copper vessels with treasure (jewelry, coins) from the late 16th - early 17th centuries. As ITAR-TASS reported in April 2014, the find was made during the construction of the Rumyantsevo metro station in the south-west of the capital during excavation.

What strange things were found during the construction of the Moscow metro

Facing brick was, is and will always be on the list of the most popular materials for facade decoration. What is the reason for such a demand, how to choose it and what mistakes can be made when working with it - we will tell you in the article.

Features of bricks as facing material

Brick can be used for cladding almost any home: stone, wood or frame. Of course, in each case, the work technologies are different, but as a result, you will still get a beautiful and unpretentious facade.

Advantages of brick cladding:

  • almost unlimited durability;
  • expressiveness and a huge choice;
  • safety for humans and the environment;
  • undemanding operation.

Limitations of brick as material:

  • large mass requires an appropriate foundation;
  • price;
  • labor intensity.

It is important to emphasize that brick cladding has no definite drawbacks. You just need to provide a suitable foundation in advance and find qualified craftsmen. The volume of the initial investment in the purchase of bricks always pays off - such a facade does not require repairs and regular additional costs. While wood, for example, needs to be painted and treated with special compounds.

Therefore, a brick facade is the most beneficial in terms of further maintenance.

Types of facing bricks

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