How to build a garage with an attic yourself

Today, many gardeners are passionate about organic or biological farming. It is at its basis that it is necessary to make high beds when growing plants. With your own hands, this can be done quite easily. This is what will be discussed in the article. Tall beds provide higher yields compared to flat beds, provide ease of maintenance.


Do-it-yourself high beds are created so that the gardener can be rewarded for his work with the products he receives. Their main advantages include the following:

  • comfortable processing due to significant elevation above the soil, which helps to reduce human physical efforts and prevents the appearance of various lumbar-spinal diseases;
  • high beds can be filled with any soil, and therefore, they do not depend on the fertility of the soil located on a particular site;
  • they warm up much faster compared to other beds, which predetermines an earlier date for planting seedlings in them;
  • a vegetable garden, which has high beds made with your own hands, looks aesthetically pleasing, attractive and neat;
  • drainage is carried out in them, and this contributes to the fact that the water does not stagnate there, but the box with which it is limited , does not allow her to pour out onto the track.


In addition to positive qualities, high beds also have a number of negative qualities that must be taken into account when placing them:

  • the arrangement is associated with some labor costs, as well as the use of physical strength;
  • due to limited space, plants require more frequent feeding compared to conventional placement; <
  • in high beds made with your own hands at the dacha, the soil dries out much faster, so watering should be carried out much more often. In this regard, such beds are not placed in elevated areas. This problem can be solved by mulching the soil under them or deepening them by 20-30 cm. / Li>

Fencing material

Any high bed should be fenced in. The selection of material depends on the capabilities of a particular person and his desires.

The following materials can be used as it:

Diy high beds: step by step instructions

Garage with attic: layout options

If there is not as much space in the house as we would like, then we must strive to organize the space in such a way that every meter is used wisely and does not stand idle. Very often, in small areas, you have to place everything you need and do it as functionally as possible. This applies not only to residential premises, but also to technical structures, for example, garages.

Our article will tell you about the different layout options for a garage with an attic.


The vast majority of people now have a car. Naturally, it is better to put it in a garage than on the street, where many unpleasant things can happen - from freezing ice to causing damage.

From a garage you can make just a box for storing a car, or you can also make a real masterpiece of building thought.

Today there are a lot of projects proposed using timber and other building materials. For those car owners who often repair their vehicle, a garage equipped with an attic is suitable. There you can place a workshop, a gym, an office for creativity, or something else.

A garage with an equipped attic invariably attracts attention with its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

This kind of layout has other advantages:

  • The first is, of course, additional space, which can be both residential and non-residential. You can equip a pantry or workshop in the attic, equip a study if someone in the family is engaged, for example, in painting, sewing or sculpture.
  • You can make this space multifunctional, using it if necessary: ​​in the summer, equip a kitchen there, when guests arrive - place extra beds.
  • You can just make another living room; this option is especially relevant if the garage is part of the house.

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