How is a septic tank in a private house is cleaned, methods of dealing with overflow and regular silting

Do I need to clean and how often

Periodic pumping of wastewater sites is mandatory, especially for simple structures - sedimentation tanks and storage tanks. During the period of using the sewage system, waste accumulates at the bottom of the wells, a layer of silt and fatty deposits is formed, which interferes with drainage of effluents. If you do not clean the structures of sediment, you can get problems:

  • Overflowing with fetid drains.
  • The smell of decomposing waste.
  • The emergence and proliferation of infectious viruses.
  • Attraction on the site of insects and rodents.
  • Violation of ecology and aesthetic unattractiveness.

The solution is systematic cleaning of the cesspool. The frequency of cleaning the camera depends on the period of operation of the house, the number of spillway sources and residents. You can clean latrines using the traditional methods:

  • with seasonal living and a small amount of waste, the mine and tanks are cleaned by their own hands;
  • permanent residence in the house will require the use of sewage equipment to pump out the accumulating waste;
  • the presence of a simple septic tank, with the use of biological products, will reduce the number of treatment activities due to the processing of bacteria and subsequent drainage of purified water into the ground;
  • the chemical method of disposal of sewage is associated with the effect of the drugs used on solid waste, liquidation and further removal to the disposal site.

Certain difficulties in cleaning latrines and pumping out sewage appear when it is necessary to operate the structure in winter.

In 40-degree frosts, poorly insulated sewers can freeze over. Therefore, the issue of protection from cold, when preparing the system for maximum attention is paid to winter operation.

How to clean, methods

Each method of keeping a wastewater treatment plant clean and efficient has its own pros and cons. Effective cleaning depends on the design of a particular cleaning facility and the financial capabilities of the owners of summer cottages or private houses. The main ways to get rid of impurities are:

  • use of fecal pumps for pumping waste liquid from the facility;
  • manual cleaning of the mine with a bucket is used after removing the liquid fraction from the pit;
  • sewage disposal the machine uses a vacuum pump to pump the mass into a tank;
  • use of biological products in a septic tank with a sealed bottom for decomposition of solid waste and processing into water;
  • chemicals are used in sealed septic tanks for waste processing into water followed by pumping into a sewage truck:
  • using a sump for a solid layer of sludge and waste at the bottom of the mine.

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When deciding what to do with a silted drain, you need to familiarize yourself with all the options for removing sewage and use the one that is more effective in a particular sump device.

1) To pump out the sump, fecal, submersible pumps are used. When choosing a pump, we focus on the following parameters:

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