Holidays in Turkey for the May holidays at Club Med Palmiye

Soil pest Medvedka: description, types and signs of the pest How to get rid of an insect in the garden

In early spring, nature wakes up - forest, animals, plants, and with them pests. In order not to lose the harvest, it is necessary to timely process the soil in the beds against aphids, moths, moths, scoops, beetles and beetles. The latter belongs to the "versatile versatile" - pests that are capable of destroying plants of different species.

Medvedka is a large soil pest, a species of orthoptera insects. Dangerous for all crops grown in the garden. But it can inflict particular harm on tomatoes, potatoes, radishes, eggplants and white cabbage. The pest eats the root system of vegetables, which leads to their death due to the inability to obtain nutrients from the soil.

Description and types of bears

Medvedki belong to the category of large insects, reaching up to 4-10 cm in length. The color of the insect is dark brown or olive.

The body of the pest is covered with fine hairs. At the end of the soft abdomen there are cerci up to 1 cm (paired filamentous appendages). The front pair of limbs is modified and is an excellent tool for digging the ground. The pectoral shell is hard, elongated, which allows the bear to hide its head in it. The gnawing type of mouth apparatus copes with any hard root systems. The wings of the bear are often folded and represent two long flagella. The insect is popularly called an earthen crayfish because of its appearance.

The pest is fearful, rarely comes to the surface, mainly at night. During the day he prefers an underground lifestyle.

There are 3 types of pests in the world:

  • Medvedka ordinary. Habitat: Europe and North Africa;
  • Far Eastern bear. Habitat: Far East of Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Asian countries and Australia;
  • Steppe Medvedka. Habitat: Southern part of Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan;
  • Ten-fingered bear. Habitat: North and South America;
  • African bear. Habitat: Africa and Southeast Asia.

The pest got its name due to the color similarity with the brown bear. The second popular name of the bear is cabbage. This name is associated with the insect's love for the roots of young white cabbage seedlings.

How to order flowers with delivery

Sometimes you want to drop everything and break away from the work routine and everyday problems in order to reboot emotionally. But the usual holiday in Turkey has already become boring. It doesn't matter, there is a way out. Club Med Palmiye Resort is a great May holiday destination for the whole family.

Holidays in Turkey: joy for children, freedom for parents

An unforgettable holiday in Turkey can be more than just spending time on the beach. This is a great opportunity to get rid of "Groundhog Day" and go towards new adventures. Want to know what's in store for you? Then feel free to head to Club Med Palmiye Resort to appreciate all the benefits of this location.

Here you will find absolutely everything you need to spend the May holidays with your family. We assure you that everyone will be satisfied: both adults and children.

What does the resort offer?

Club Med compares favorably with other resorts in Turkey in many ways:

1. The territory of the resort has more than 20 hectares of land, occupied by unsurpassed gardens. There is complete freedom for those who love walks and heartfelt conversations. Such gardens are a real salvation for allergy sufferers. Here you can breathe deeply, enjoying the clean air, orange groves and pine undergrowth. For those who want everything to go to the sea, there is the opportunity to visit the private beach, where you can easily divide the resting places with special fences. And no one can distract you from the rest.

2. The infrastructure of the resort is no less important for recreation. There is no problem with that. To make everyone comfortable, the zoning of the territory into children's zones and zones for quiet rest was thought out. Absolutely everyone, young and old, can find something to do at the resort. There is a steam sauna, a hammam, and cool swimming pools. Massages and spa facilities are available for a small cost. Do you like outdoor activities? Then at your disposal are lawn tennis, water sports led by an experienced instructor and a variety of fitness programs.

3. Everything is provided at the resort, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your family. All precautions are carefully followed, but at the same time they do not distract you at all from a pleasant stay.

4. And of course, do not forget about the all-inclusive system, which includes local delights and French delicacies. A real belly paradise.

Spend the May holidays on a sporting wave

How to plan a vacation with children that would please everyone? Club Med has an answer to this question. This resort is considered to be one of the best for children in all of Antalya. This is not just animation for children, it is a full range of developmental and sports recreation available for children and adults.

Family games are regularly held on the territory of Club Med, which help to get to know people from different countries, as well as their culture, traditions and foreign language.

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