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The problem of the disappearance of water in the well is especially acute for people permanently living in areas with seasonal water. For them, a well is the only source of liquid, without which a person cannot do in any way, especially in rural conditions. How can I solve this problem?

We will definitely answer this question, as well as why the situation with the disappearance of water in principle can arise. Let's say right away that there may be several reasons and they are quite different.

Today in Russia wells in the form of a well are widespread, where a submersible pump is lowered. The latter is powered by electricity from a household electrical outlet.

What signs indicate a water shortage in the well

There are not many of them, but they all signal the same thing: there is a problem with water on your site.

  • The water pressure from the tap has decreased. If at the same time you did not regulate the force of pressure, then here is your first "bell".
  • The water level in the well does not rise. It also signals that you have a problem with the well. Now it remains to figure out which ones.

The water in the well was lost due to weather conditions

Cold, heat and lack of precipitation are direct causes of changes in the water level in a well or well. This also includes seasonal changes in the level of groundwater in spring or autumn. In this case, it may be enough to wait for a while - and the level will recover by itself after eliminating the weather root cause. If this did not happen (for example, the frost or heat has weakened for a long time, precipitation has fallen, but there is still no water), it is worth deepening the well by 3-5 m (maximum - by 15 m). When deepening inward, smaller rings are installed.

There is no water in the well due to excavation work

Perhaps one of your neighbors also decided to acquire their own well, which provoked the "departure" of some or even all of the water in the appropriate direction. The explanation is simple: you and your neighbors share the same aquifer. In this situation, you need to wait at least a month and make sure that the water has really "left" from the well. The solution to the problem is the same as in the paragraph above: the well will have to be deepened.

All such work should be carried out only with the involvement of professionals. When you try to implement the option on your own or with the involvement of home-grown specialists, there is a high risk of blocking the aquifer and being left without water for good.

My Best Roses by David Austin

My Best Roses by David Austin

Message happiness "Dec 17, 2013, 11:44 pm

Re: My best David Austin roses (Sasha's roses)

Message happiness "Dec 18, 2013 00:06

Crocus Rose, Winchester Cathedral and James Galway at Nushka

Message from Nushka "Dec 18, 2013, 11:05 am

Sasha, you discovered a very useful topic. I don't have a lot of Ostinka varieties, and there is not much room for them, so I want to collect the very best. On my site, I can refer to these:

Crocus Rose, already mentioned. Two bushes grow. They do not bloom all summer, but two good waves are stable. By the end of the season there is (not every year) a little bit of emergency, but not critical, not to the point of baldness. They grow well, bend down elementary

Winchester Cathedral. The bushes are lush, but not tall. The very first of the ostins blooms in me (maybe because I cut the least in the spring - there is nothing to cut, it grows very harmoniously, in a neat ball)

James Galway. Two huge bushes, the height by the end of the season is more than 2 meters (this despite the fact that in the spring and after the first flowering I cut it off decently). Doesn't get sick at all! (t-t-t). The trunks at the base of the bush are already 4 centimeters in diameter. At the same time, in some magical way, it is possible to bend the Small Flowers, but the downpour is not terrible at all. I love very much for the beautiful foliage and the bronze color of young shoots

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