Garden works in March; what needs to be done at the dacha in early spring

The kitchen is the center of family life in any home. That is why it is so important to make it not only comfortable and functional, but also to choose a stylish modern interior that meets the character and lifestyle of the owners.

In this article, we'll talk about how to best equip your kitchen in 2021, as well as discuss some of the trending trends in interior decoration.

As for the design, this year it can be absolutely anything. For example, you can order a kitchen in the style of Minimalism, Eco, Country or High-tech.

In addition, when arranging a modern kitchen, it is advisable to use a large number of various kinds of technical devices that help the owners minimize the time for cooking, etc.

Current kitchen layouts in the year

It's no secret that many design solutions in 2021 are designed for a fairly large space. Unfortunately, in most ordinary apartments, the kitchen is so small that the necessary equipment and headsets are barely placed.

To solve this problem, designers advise to combine the kitchen and living room in one room. In this case, you can:

  • decorate the cooking, food and seating areas in different ways, using different design techniques to "weave" the two spaces;
  • use the same style for that and another zone to get a harmonious and multifunctional kitchen-living room.

From the point of view of design, the first option is of particular interest, since the key role in its implementation is assigned to competent zoning of space. This can be done in a stylish and modern way, for example, with the help of lighting.

Choose a cooler white tone for the kitchen, while in the living room, on the other hand, use diffused, warm lighting.

Trending kitchen colors

The first spring month, especially in its first half, even in the southern regions, does not always indulge in stable positive weather. The snow cover is not everywhere and slowly receding. And nevertheless, the time is coming for a real spring martyrdom. What kind of gardening work needs to be done in March, we will tell you in this article.

There is a lot of work ahead on the site: to put things in order and cleanliness; make an audit of the condition of trees and shrubs; remove the winter shelter of raspberries, blackberries and vines; if necessary, drain stagnant water in low places; work with greenhouses and greenhouses; purchase complex mineral fertilizers for trees and shrubs of the "Spring" type; stock up on humus and peat so that everything is at hand.

Plan and purchase certified vegetable and flower seeds necessary for sowing seedlings in specialized stores, not forgetting to look at the release date and expiration date indicated on the bags. Make or buy containers for seedlings, as well as planting soil. Do not forget about seed growth stimulants and fungicides: microsporin M or potassium permanganate.

While March is wise with the weather, you should do timely sowing for seedlings at home or in greenhouses, especially those vegetable and flower crops that have a long growing season in the form of seedlings, for example, leeks or certain varieties of tomatoes, pepper.

What can be sown for seedlings in March

Practice shows that it is better to start sowing seedlings at home or summer cottages with vegetable crops. March can be considered the deadline for seedlings of peppers and eggplants. Cabbage of all types and varieties for seedlings is sown in the second decade of March. It is in March that it is advisable to sow seeds for greenhouse cultivation, for example, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Timely sowing of green crops that can provide us with immediate vitamin help at the very beginning of summer: various types of basil, rosemary and celery are also not recommended to be postponed later than March.

Experienced flower growers in March sow asters, pansies, gatsania, cloves, heliotrope, coleus, bells, lobelia, lobularia, petunia, primrose, phlox on seedlings.

In March, the seedlings that were sown at the end of February are still in the care of gardeners. In addition to the fact that it needs regular watering, all-round lighting, appropriate temperature conditions. During the growing season, it should be fed and even certain species should be dived.

What to do with greenhouses and greenhouses in early spring

In whatever state these summer cottages (greenhouses and hotbeds) are in the fall, by the spring they still need a thorough inspection, cleaning, repair and proper preparation for effective operation for the successful cultivation of greenhouse crops , especially in the more northern regions. Before you have time to look back, there will be a need to plant seedlings of vegetable crops in a soil protected in all respects.

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