Garden arches for garden decoration

So, the profession is "programmer". Such a familiar (even retirees who have little understanding of modern technologies have heard about her at least once, not to mention first-graders living with a phone in their hands), so prestigious and so ... incomprehensible. After all, this name is so general that it is impossible to understand from it what exactly this specialist is doing. In fact, there is a huge number of specializations in the IT sphere, which should be understood by everyone who has chosen as a profile Unified State Exam in Informatics. In this article we will tell you which professions in programming can be called the most popular and what kind of income they can bring.

Creator Needed! Better two

Even developing small, feature-rich sites requires the effort of two web developers to create a product that works right together. We are talking about such specialists:

  • frontend developer responsible for the resource interface. It is he who develops elements that, if they work quickly and correctly, practically do not attract additional attention (scroll bars, buttons, tooltips, etc.). He is also responsible for the implementation of the designer's idea - he makes the site match the idea. Such specialists receive an average of 100 thousand rubles;
  • a backend developer who provides the entire "secret" life of the site (something that an ordinary user does not contact and does not even suspect of its existence). A specialist of such a profile is responsible for the internal and computational logic of the resource, without him, after registration, the user will not get access to his profile, the sent message will not go to the address, and the product will never end up in the basket. On average, back-end developers earn 125 thousand rubles.

It is noteworthy that for the implementation of some projects, IT companies prefer to hire fullstack developers. Such a programmer is immediately responsible for both the interface and the hardware and software part of the resource. In such cases, the salary is usually negotiated individually.

And a couple more for a smartphone

We have not imagined our life without the World Wide Web for a long time, but it still continues to entangle us more and more. With the advent of smartphones, the mobile Internet began to accompany us at every step, so it is not surprising that attempts to view the content of the computer version of the site on a small screen are increasingly causing bewilderment and irritation. We imperceptibly got used to the fact that every self-respecting resource should have a version adapted for a mobile device. In this area, there is also a division into frontend and backend, but specialization on a specific operating system is much more important. The average salary for Android and IOS developers is 130 thousand rubles.

A working website and a friendly mobile version are not a guarantee of success. Ideally, the user should not just go to the site and leave it without consequences: the resource owner often wants certain actions from the visitors (watching as many videos as possible, making purchases, clicking on links, etc.). To stimulate such activity, special algorithms are used - recommendation systems that offer the user what he may be interested in. Data Scientist is engaged in the development of such algorithms: he not only "teaches" the system to analyze the target audience of the site and recommend the best products, but also knows how to create a neural network for specific tasks. In this case, we are not even talking about pure programming, but about a mix with mathematical statistics: such a specialist must be good at processing and analyzing data. In this area, you can count on an average salary of 105 thousand rubles.

Final check

So, the site or mobile application is ready. They boast a great interface, cool functionality, and a carefully thought-out recommendation algorithm. What to do next? There are two ways:

The division of a room into two zones can be either permanent or temporary. To solve this problem, numerous design solutions are applicable, making it possible to optimize the living space and at the same time create an unusual interior.

Features of the multifunctional room

Each idea of ​​dividing a room into two zones takes into account the budget, the design, the required area of ​​the allocated spaces. You can make a harmonious zoning that does not require major repairs and large investments.

The difficulty lies not in dividing a room into two or more zones, or even in functionality, but in the coexistence of several spaces in one room, which should be combined.

The division into two zones is done with:

  • curtain systems;
  • decorative dividers in the form of a screen or partition;
  • furniture;
  • the use of color or light partitions;
  • podiums;
  • stationary partitions.

After dividing the room, natural light will not enter everywhere. It is good if it turns out to leave in each of the two zones at least one window for the sun's rays.

If this is not possible, add additional artificial light sources. Either the room is used for a wardrobe or storage room. Another way out of the situation is partitions made of frosted or multi-colored glass.

Arched or semi-arched installations will be a winning option to minimize losses in space. In this case, you can use the free space in the arch to accommodate various things.

Which rooms do we combine

Combine anything. The main thing is not to organize a number of rooms "incompatible" in terms of functionality.

Living room-kitchen

Garden arches play an important role in landscape design A beautiful arch will tell a lot about the preferences of the owner, and will also become a real decoration of the personal plot

For some, flower arches are associated with a solemn ceremony, but this does not mean that this design cannot be present in summer cottages or garden plots. The garden arch, curled with lush greenery or flowers, can be used not only as a decoration of the territory, but as a way of some kind of zoning of the site.

For example, a garden arch can be a kind of entrance, if you use it to select some area of ​​the garden. If you install a garden arch in front of the entrance to the garden plot, it will turn into a decorative gate.

Also, some landscape designers often use the arch for climbing perennials when creating a separate resting corner. You can install a bench or a small table inside the structure.

Sometimes garden arches, entwined with charming flowers, are installed along the path or garden path, which turns the path into a beautiful flower tunnel.

Modern arches are made from a variety of materials, the most common are wood, plastic and metal.

Metal structures look very nice if forged elements are used to create them.

Also, garden arches made of wood fit well with various landscape styles, making them a harmonious addition to natural beauty.

Plastic arches are very popular due to their lightness of construction. Arches can be brick, stone, or even concrete.

Metal Garden Arches

When choosing a garden arch, remember that its appearance and reliability will depend on the material from which it will be made.

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