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From the Editor: There are always many different opinions about the fate of Russia and its place in the world, almost more than the Russians themselves living in the country. We publish one of these opinions and invite readers to express their own.

Recently on TV again talked about the demographic crisis - Russians are getting smaller, and why? My grandparents had at least 4-5 brothers and several sisters, but now? And now a document that seems to be completely unrelated to this issue falls into the hands - the estimate of the Nerchinsko-Tungirsk gold-mining joint-stock company for 1915 (the First World War is going on).

Empire Times

The estimate indicates the "cost" of labor in Transbaikalia and the cost of the necessary products. The minimum wage in Chita (40 rubles) for the assistant to the stable headman (for the coachman - 50 rubles per month), the cost of one pound of meat is 4 rubles, i. a coachman could buy much more meat and basic necessities with his salary than a modern teacher at an institute, a doctor, or an engineer in a state-owned enterprise. How did it happen? Who are we? We grew up firmly knowing that there are a whole bunch of questions that should not be asked, at least not. We knew that we shouldn’t speak like that, and, accordingly, think.

Russia until 1917 was one of the fastest growing countries in the world. According to Lenin: “The development of industry in Russia is faster than in Western Europe, partly even faster than in North America ... Over the past 10 years, iron smelting in Russia has tripled, while France, for example, took a similar step in 28 years, the United States - at 23, England - at 22, Germany - at 12 "(V. Lenin," The Development of Capitalism in Russia ").

From 1913 to 1917 in Russia, the Russian-Baltic Plant produced the largest four-engine aircraft at that time, "Ilya Muromets". In 1913, a world record for carrying capacity was set on it - 1100 kg (the previous record was 653 kg), records for flight duration - 64 hours 33 minutes and climb to an altitude - 2000 meters. During the First World War, the world's first heavy bombers were created on the basis of these aircraft. Crew of 8 people, armament of 4-5 machine guns, on some aircraft an additional 37-mm cannon was installed. They shot down 12 enemy aircraft, while only one aircraft was lost in the battles (TSB, vol. 10).

Krasin - Svyatogor

By the beginning of the First World War, Russia had 9 large cruisers and during the war produced six even more powerful battleships (TSB, vol. 9), which defended our country during the Great Patriotic War. In 1943, the Nazis developed a special aerial bomb weighing 1 ton and dropped it on the battleship Marat, but this did not disable the ship, and its powerful artillery continued to defend Leningrad. In the Soviet Union, from 1917 to 1941, not a single large warship was built. The largest icebreaker of its time "Krasin" was built under the tsar and was called at that time "Svyatogor", and the Bolsheviks just changed its name.

In the First World War, we had a serious enemy, and Russia defeated him, but Lenin, a few months before the surrender of Germany, managed to sign the Brest-Litovsk Peace Treaty, according to which Russia lost about 1 million square meters. km of its territory and was obliged to pay an indemnity of 6 billion marks (TSB, vol. 4). The Brest-Litovsk Peace speaks volumes. Who needed it? Since then, strange phenomena have begun in Russia. We must realize that in October 1917 Russia suffered a terrible defeat in an undeclared war when a long-term plan to destroy the Russian people began to be implemented. At one time in 1955, when it was already possible to ask some questions, I asked one of my grandmothers (from 1917 to 1920, 10 of her brothers were killed), her brothers fought for the Whites or the Reds, she answered: “What's the difference, they killed each other. " I still found five of my grandmother's sisters alive, and all 10 of her brothers died in the Civil War. The Russian people died not only in the Civil War - 1932, 1937 and other, less "outstanding" years - someone had to destroy the Russian people, mainly its most active representatives.

Zhiguli and repression

I remember the forty-ninth year. Geologists are hired in Tomsk. My parents are biologists. Mom worked in the foci of tick-borne encephalitis, sometimes went to anti-plague stations to determine the number of rodents, the main carriers of plague infection. The parents are discussing the question of whether they will "take" biologists. Just in case, it is necessary, if possible, to cut off the connection with the geologists, but these are many of our relatives, the only thing that can be done really is to collect the "bundles" just in case. When they "take", they give only 20 minutes to get ready ...

From the point of view of today I am trying to understand who should have smashed the Tomsk school of geologists? The result of this action speaks for itself: Siberian oil was discovered 15–20 years later than it could have been.

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