Exercises for vessels and capillaries

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Physiotherapy treatments relieve pain and inflammation, but do not solve the problem of the disease. Video: "The main signs, prevention and treatment of hallux valgus in children" Orthopedic devices and shoes for hallux valgus

It is advisable to use this pose not only during physical education; squatting on full feet and alternating with lifting on toes. It is useful to jump with legs wide apart on the ball or sit in the same position. Legs should be sure to rest after all procedures. After repetitions of massage and exercises, the child's feet will get used to the stress, the muscles will strengthen and recover, the bones will straighten and the joints will stabilize. Surgical treatment is used when the disease progresses rapidly. The joint is corrected with low-traumatic means: during the operation of hallux valgus, the angle between the bones of the arch is changed, which redistributes the load on it. The child can move independently one day after such an operation.

Hallux valgus in children - how dangerous is it? Valgus is a deformation that leads to the curvature of the entire limb or only its feet inward. Hallux valgus in children is quite widespread in the civilized world and is practically absent among peoples living in close proximity to nature. The main reasons for the development of hallux valgus

In the early stages of the disease, so-called orthopedic measures are used. These include the use of orthopedic insoles, special instep supports, couplers and finger correctors. But it is best to use special orthopedic shoes. All orthopedic correctors for hallux valgus are individual, prescribed by a doctor, manufactured in special institutions, prosthetic departments and change as the foot grows. Orthopedic shoes must meet the following parameters: tightly, but not rigidly, cover the ankle joint and the entire foot of the child; have a small heel; the backdrop should be rigid and well-shaped; the roll of the sole and the presence of an orthopedic insole-instep support are required.

Let your boys and girls walk like that. Responsibility for this rests entirely with you, parents!

There are 2 periods of a child's life in which such a deformity occurs more often. The main cause of pathology for children in the first year of life is connective weakness and bone imperfection. At this time, the bones of the child grow rapidly, after he began to walk, a large load falls on the articular-ligamentous apparatus of his legs, which leads to the development of valgus. In adolescence, this problem is especially relevant for girls with their desire to wear shoes with narrow toes and heels of more than 4 cm. The load in such shoes on the foot is unevenly distributed, the main emphasis is on the toes and metatarsal bones. Correction of hallux valgus in adolescents is more difficult than in younger children. Very rarely, the diagnosis of foot valgus occurs even in the hospital, in which case they speak of congenital valgus.

Preventive measures or how to prevent a disease ?! Prevention of hallux valgus consists of observing simple rules: visit the pediatrician on time, and if a referral to the orthopedist is issued, do not ignore him; buy shoes for your child, not for growth, but in size; the right footwear for children can prevent disease. It should be leather, the sole is soft, and the place of its bend is on the toe. Remember that such shoes must have orthopedic insoles and small heels; let the child walk barefoot as often as possible, especially in summer on natural surfaces; encourage active games to strengthen the muscles of the child's body: it is very useful to jump while sitting on a large rubber ball, walk on the ladder that lies on the floor, climb the wall bars. The courageous step of an athlete or the flying gait of a ballerina is eye-catching.

Charging for vessels - ChUZ "Central Design Bureau" Russian Railways-Medicine "

Vascular Charger

We all know very well what an important role blood vessels play in the life of our body. We know, of course, how our blood vessels suffer from a variety of damaging factors that we face throughout our lives.

Of course, in the event of any problems related to the cardiovascular system, you must first of all consult a doctor who will conduct an examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

However, in parallel with the main treatment, you can carry out a number of auxiliary exercises that will significantly improve your condition, contribute to a greater effectiveness of the treatment. Also, when used regularly, these beneficial exercises can significantly increase your life expectancy.

The author of this original technique, which is officially called "A method of prevention, treatment and regression of hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, circulatory failure" - head of the clinical department of the scientific clinical center of Russian Railways, cardiologist of the highest category, doctor Medical Sciences Abduakhat Achilov.

The physical well-being of the body depends on an extensive network of microscopic vessels - capillaries that “reach” every living cell. Through them, the blood brings all the necessary nutrients to the organs and tissues and removes toxins from there. These vessels penetrate the heart muscles, the walls of the arteries, and the skin.

Our body is designed with a large margin of safety. At rest, only 20% of the capillaries are involved in it, and the rest languish in standby mode. With active movement, physical exertion, the efforts of the heart become insufficient, and the "second heart" - the muscular system, takes over the pumping function to help it. In a loaded muscle, next to one capillary, the second, third, and fourth open. With regular, correctly selected loads, the reserve capillary network is constantly involved, the heart is not overloaded, and, as a rule, there are no problems with it.

In turn, with weak, insufficient loads of the muscular system, unclaimed reserve capillaries are gradually closed. The liquid part of the blood leaves them, and the retained blood cells stick together. These toxins decompose, which leads to inflammation of the vessel walls surrounding them, and scar tissue is formed there. There is a chain reaction - there are more and more foci of such lesions in the body, swelling, pain in the muscles appear, and then all non-infectious diseases that bring us to clinics and hospitals. Dehydration of tissues and their loss of elasticity is precisely the aging process of the body. Do you want to live long, they said in ancient times, move more.

If you don’t take care of the car and don’t drive it, then very soon it will be struck by corrosion. And if exploited ruthlessly, it will quickly break down. The same thing happens with our body.

It is not age that makes us old, but physical inactivity. By actively moving, we can extend our lifespan.

But overloading the body, forcing the capillary network to work beyond its capabilities, is also not worth it. Evidence of this is the more and more frequent cases of fainting and even sudden death of athletes from extreme loads during major competitions in recent years.

The proposed exercise is surprisingly simple and accessible even to those patients who are already prescribed bed rest.

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1. Planning your pregnancy. A woman should be ready to become a mother, during all nine months there should be no stressful situations, and then her future baby will not have any neurological problems.

And be sure to buy the right quality shoes.

In this position, you first need to stroke the entire foot, and then proceed to special techniques.

4. You need to go to medical examinations on time. And the sooner the doctor discovers problems with the legs, the easier it will be to cure the hallux valgus in children.

Soon, the baby will independently learn to squat without the help of adults.

2. Do not load a baby's legs before 7 or 8 months. Wanting to get ahead of the kids of other mothers and brag about the achievements of their children, some women try to put their boy or girl on his feet so that he can walk on his own. But this is absolutely impossible to do.

In order for your baby not to be diagnosed with hallux valgus, you need to follow and adhere to the following rules:

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