Eternal questions: is it possible to plant different varieties of strawberries next to each other

Moscow is a city of a million opportunities, with many great places for entertainment and recreation. Here you can visit numerous amusement parks, thematic areas, unique museums, water parks, virtual reality clubs and many other establishments that will not leave children indifferent. In this review, we will answer one of the most frequent questions of all parents - where to go with a child in Moscow?

Fantastic show "Secrets of the Great Discoveries" in the CC "Meridian"

Dates: May 2, 2021 Recommended age: 3 + Venue: Cultural Center "Meridian", Moscow, st. Profsoyuznaya, 1. Metro station "Kaluzhskaya" (2 minutes walk). Prices: from 800 rubles

"Secrets of the Great Discoveries" is a unique show that combines physical and chemical experiments, performance of giant transforming robots, exciting special effects and an incredibly realistic four-meter dinosaur. Children will find an author's smoke show with huge clouds and rings of smoke, explosions of liquid nitrogen and an enchanting launch of balloons into the hall. All this is accompanied by bright decorations, original costumes of the characters and "live" projections on the stage screen. You can be sure that you have never seen anything like this in Moscow!

Young viewers will be able to take a direct part in the interactive performance: they will answer questions, solve scientific puzzles, and even be able to go on stage to conduct incredible experiments with the heroes! All the guests of the "Secrets of the Great Discoveries" show will have a sea of ​​positive emotions and unforgettable impressions, and after the end of the show, a selfie session will take place in the thematic photo zone.


Moscow is home to one of the largest oceanariums in Europe and the world - Moskvarium at VDNKh, which area exceeds 53 thousand square meters. square meters! This is a unique place for a family vacation, where you can get to know the most diverse representatives of the underwater world. You can see the most interesting fish and animals not only in the aquariums, but also in the contact pool. The complex is home to hundreds of species of abyssal inhabitants from all over the world: sharks, seals, killer whales, beluga whales, crocodiles, turtles, starfish, octopuses and many others.

One of the most interesting entertainment that both children and adults love is swimming with dolphins in the Moskvarium. In no case should you miss the opportunity to touch the amazing and incredible world of these smart, playful and mischievous animals that will give you a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions! The whole family can visit the center - services are available for kids from 3 years old!

Various performances are regularly held in the Moskvarium. Some can be visited year-round, such as an animated water show featuring marine animals and circus performers. Others - during certain holidays, such as New Years.


They say that the close proximity of different varieties of strawberries can harm the entire "plantation" of plants. But is it really so? Debunking one of the longest-running strawberry planting myths.

Garden strawberries can be safely called the queen of berries, because it is this crop that from year to year occupies the first line in the list of the most cultivated berries on an industrial scale. And yet, few would argue that the juiciest and tastiest berry comes to the table not from shops or market stalls, but straight from their garden.

The most delicious berry for your table

It is no wonder that one of the first crops that a novice gardener wants to plant on his plot is garden strawberry. Moreover, many gardeners prefer to think globally on this issue, so they strive to grow on their site as many varieties of this berry as possible. And here the question arises: will the neighborhood of several close relatives benefit all the inhabitants of the garden?

Why can't you plant different varieties of strawberries next to each other?

Do not think that legends and myths are the lot of Hercules, Odysseus and other ancient Greeks. When each Sisyphus gets a stone, and a Trojan gets a horse. However, for several years now, among gardeners, including quite experienced ones, there is a belief that in no case it is impossible to grow different varieties of strawberries in the same garden.

Buy seedlings only from trusted suppliers!

The myth that different varieties of strawberries cannot be planted side by side has proved to be very tenacious, including due to unscrupulous sellers of planting material. When selling seedlings of several varieties, the trader, knowing in advance about the low quality of the goods, stipulates the condition that the varieties planted nearby can get dusty and lose their varietal qualities. Sounds pretty logical, but is this really the case?

Are strawberries a berry or a nut?

In a broad everyday sense, a berry is a small fleshy fruit of shrubby or herbaceous plants, which differs from a fruit only in its size. From the point of view of botany, berries are fruits with hard seeds, juicy pulp and a thin shell. This means that in fact, garden strawberries are not a berry at all!

When the eldest was 7 years old, we drove somehow in winter to the dacha by an unusual route along the dam of the reservoir. And where is the ice and water what? That's right, fishermen nest at the holes. Well, the husband blurted out, looking at the seedlings of the wrapped up uncles on the ice along the horizon: "how many penguins have run up today." Well he said and said.

Who knew that his son would be accused of incompetence on serious cabbage soup and argue to the point of hoarseness that he himself saw the nesting of penguins on the Gorky reservoir? Until now, he cannot forgive us.

Continuing the history of studying in splendid isolation

The story caused some unprecedented excitement, moreover, first of all, because of the promise of a reward, and not the most amazing case of the absence of classmates in the lesson) but oh well, it's not difficult for me to write a sequel)

The Lego hike was originally planned immediately after visiting the football section. Although, judging by the night comments, people expected that when I came home from work at 8 pm, I would immediately grab Peter and rush to fulfill my promise .. what for?) Why rush when three days off ahead? Well, okay, it's all lyrics)

Few people will be surprised, apparently, but at the training session at 10 am Petya was alone)) usually 8-10 people gathered.

In the meantime, he was conducting another individual lesson, I drove into the nearest world of cubes to check out what would please the boy. Recently, he has taken a great interest in minecraft, and then there is a promotion with an ideal price .. it would seem that here it is a victory over all doubters, but it was not there))

I showed Petya's photo after training, he appreciated it, but preferred to visit that same Aprashka first) Here I have to make a small digression: Apraksin Dvor is a market in the center of St. Petersburg, where there is a Jolly Roger store, on the second floor of which there is a huge selection of all kinds of toys at wholesale prices, including various lego analogues. For about five years we have been shopping there and we don’t know grief, since these analogs are fully compatible with the original Lego. And what awesome dinosaurs there are, which Lego, in principle, does not release! As a result, as you guessed once again, Petya preferred size and quantity to quality) and even wanted to please his sister with a small present.

Everything in the photo above cost 2300. So we still have left for the hike to the Mac, which we usually try to avoid) Now, honestly, I would rather buy one small set than this whopper, which is not at all clear where to place it) but this is his choice, so I did not insist strongly.

Well, after reading the comments of the previous post, I will clarify that by February 23, the gift had already been purchased a long time ago, but not so chic, of course) the boy was happy for the whole weekend, especially since the lessons were done yesterday a week ahead))

Response to Rec in "Rules of the Road"

You look to the left, you go to the middle of the road, then you look to the right, you go further.

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