Once again on the nature of crop circles

I'm going to shed some light on the amazing mystery of crop circles - what are these mysterious images, where and how often they appear, can they be made with human hands, and what methods are used by scientists to distinguish the natural causes of their appearance from supernatural.

What are Crop Circles?

Wheat sprouts in the field were badly dented, but not completely, but only in places. From a distance they looked like perfectly round spots. I have not been able to find any intelligible explanation for the correct geometric shape of these areas. We can only assume that some strange vortex was at work here. —John Rand Capron, Amateur Scientist Reports of crop circles appeared in the 20th century, but for the time being they did not attract much attention. Only in 1980, when a farmer from the English county of Wiltshire discovered three circles with a diameter of 18 meters in his oat field, a real excitement arose around the mysterious find. Thanks to media reports, the world first learned about the mysterious crop circles. From that moment on, a real tourist boom took place around this phenomenon. In 1990 alone, over 500 circles were discovered in Europe. Then the bill went to thousands. People from all over the world came to admire the unique images. Many farmers have even started charging entry fees to their "tourist attraction" fields.

Where and when do the mysterious patterns appear?

Circles mainly appeared in the south of England, in the counties of Hamshire and Wiltshire. Many of them were found near Stonehenge, the famous stone megalithic structure, which gave additional arguments to the supporters of alien versions. However, the emergence of unique patterns was by no means limited to the UK. Geometric shapes in the fields also appeared in the USA, Canada, Australia, India and even Japan.

The “season” of circles began in April and ended in September, which, however, is natural - after all, grasses and cereals grow during this period of the year. Mysterious patterns appeared at night, hiding their creators - terrestrial or alien origin - from prying eyes. The choice of crops was very democratic - they crushed wheat, corn, oats, rice, rapeseed, barley, rye, tobacco, weeds - and even marijuana.

Who is creating the mysterious crop circles?

Flying saucers and aliens?

Supporters of this, perhaps the most fantastic version, are sure that alien ships leave patterns when landing. Others believe that we are talking about messages to earthlings from brothers in mind, which we must decipher.


Of all the theories, this one is perhaps the most plausible scientifically. According to her, the circular patches in the fields are created by small vortices, which are often found in southern England. Swirls, rapidly spinning columns of air, while pressing the plants to the ground. But the question still remains: how do the whirlwinds manage to form such intricate geometric shapes from cereals in a matter of seconds?