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Popular political commentator Vladimir Solovyov began his career as an ordinary school teacher. In the difficult nineties of the last century, in order to survive, he organized a small business for the manufacture of disco equipment, the profit from which he spent on Gazprom shares. The innovative streak brought the long-awaited material prosperity to the journalist. In the future, the TV presenter invested the earned money in luxury real estate in Russia and abroad. Today, in the HouseChief review, we will tell you what apartments and houses Vladimir Solovyov owns, and also show several photos of his interiors.

Moscow apartments of Vladimir Solovyov

Vladimir Solovyov has 3 apartments on 6 Dolgoprudnaya Street. He bought the first, four-room apartment with an area of ​​160 m 2 back in 2004. In those years, luxurious designs were not yet so popular, so the renovation was made completely ordinary. A polished board was laid on the floor, the walls were painted in delicate pastel colors. The family quickly moved to a new place of residence, because before that they huddled in a small apartment on the outskirts.

The popular observer liked the layout, location and area so much that at the first opportunity he bought two more two-story apartments on the 12th and 13th floors. The total area of ​​the new real estate was 286.3 m 2.

Italian TV Host

Vladimir Solovyov, on duty, often comes to Italy, this became the reason for buying a home in a sunny country. The TV presenter was offered an excellent option - a villa in the Pianello del Lario region, the cost of which was significantly lower than luxury premium mansions on the famous Rublevka.

PHOTO: glavcom. a Vladimir Solovyov built his own pier on the shore of the lake

PHOTO: lb. a The villa is surrounded by a lush garden, paved paths extend throughout the territory

The main mansion was painted snow-white and covered with a tiled roof. Several gazebos were built on the territory, where you can hide from the hot heat. The family tries to spend the whole summer here, it is much cheaper than renting a villa for the season.

PHOTO: politeka. et There is a comfortable seating area near the pool under the crowns of trees

Small house in the suburbs of the capital

Vladimir Solovyov acquired two summer cottages in the Michurinets cooperative at the end of the last century. They are located not far from the famous writers' village Peredelkino. In a short time, two two-story houses have grown on the territory: one for spouses, the other for children.

PHOTO: domzamkad. u The territory has well-groomed flower beds and a luxurious garden

With the onset of spring, the owners of summer cottages and personal plots have a very extensive list of jobs, including mowing grass, which grows unevenly in a state of disrepair and looks sloppy.

This not only solves the question of aesthetics, but also prevents the spread of pollen from allergenic plants.

In addition, in hot weather, the grass dries up, which creates an unnecessary risk of fire.

Mowed or plucked grass can be used as:

  • animal feed;
  • food for humus worms;
  • garden or vegetable mulch;
  • source material for quick compost.

However, due to their size, the plants are not always suitable for this application, so they are chopped using devices called grass cutters.

How it works

By their principle of operation, these devices are closest to lawn mowers.

The rotating blade creates an air current that draws in the vegetation and prevents it from scattering.

When the grass reaches the knife, he cuts it into pieces of various lengths, after which the vortex flow carries the cuttings away with it and takes them out of the body of the apparatus.

A sharp, well-sharpened saw is not just a hand tool, it is practically a violin in the hands of a master. She does an excellent job, does not tear or crumple the edge, and the cut is clear and even. The secret is in good sharpening. But the constant use of the saw dulls the teeth and changes their setting. It is not so difficult to return your manual assistant to working condition; this can be done in literally half an hour with a simple tool.

Three types of hand saws: what are the differences

For those who did not know, we inform you: hand saws are divided into three types. Some of them are designed for cutting wood across the grain, others for working along, and there are universal saws that can cope with both tasks. It is the universal ones that are most common. And to determine the type of saw is quite simple: for a cross-cut tool, the teeth have the correct shape, for longitudinal - a strong bevel in one direction, universal ones have one face at a right angle, and the other is beveled. Cross-cutting is carried out in two directions, that is, the saw blade moves back and forth, with a longitudinal saw, the saw only works in one direction. Accordingly, when sharpening teeth, these nuances must be taken into account.

How to sharpen a saw

Hand saws are made from corrosion-resistant alloy steel. This material perfectly retains its sharpening during constant use and does not lose it, even if the hacksaw is not used for a long time. The exception is some modern models, in which the edge is hardened, this cannot be diluted or sharpened without preliminary annealing.

With a certain skill, you can sharpen a saw and an electric sharpener with a circle up to 8 mm thick made of white stone on vulcanite with a grain of 120-140 and a diameter of 120-160 mm.

How easy it is to spread the saw teeth

Before starting sharpening, the teeth must be returned to the working position, that is, they must be diluted. The easiest way to do this is with a regular hammer, nail or self-tapping screw and a softwood plank.

PHOTO: YouTube. om The blade is placed on the bar, and then you place the cap with the edge against the tooth and hit it with a hammer. So - through one tooth. Then the blade unfolds in a different plane and the other teeth are straightened accordingly

The setting should be done before sharpening, so that later not to damage the edge of the tooth and so that the setting is even, which is difficult to achieve later.

How to conveniently attach the saw for sharpening

To work with a file or file, the hacksaw blade must be in a strictly vertical and firmly fixed position with the teeth up.

Well, I think the most detailed explanation of how to connect the board) HY-JKM5

The fee is not common but very good!

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One note - use cable lugs to fix the cable in the connector

Not much more fuss around them, but how much easier to maintain

CNC souvenir elite dangerous

Aluminum d16-t. 18000 rpm Working feed 3500 mm / min. The strategy is centerline engraving. Radial cutter, double-start r1 mm. A friend came - a fan of cosmosim on a PC, made a gift for him.

How to assemble a CNC plotter at home

An Arduino plotter is probably one of the simplest CNC machines. And it will not be difficult to assemble it. Let's see how you can assemble this machine at home at minimal cost. As the author writes, the cost of such a plotter does not exceed 2500 rubles.

The base of the machine is assembled literally from plywood and pencils. Draws a pen, also assembled from various stationery. Everything is ingenious and simple!

The wiring diagram is very simple, and according to the author, it is connected with all standard wires that come with the electronics.

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