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I have long said that the sexual problems of our people begin with a lack of money.

I recently came across an interesting study: it turned out that about half of Russians go to a restaurant only for very important reasons. Such as the wedding of a daughter, an anniversary and the solemn release of a formidable boss to retirement, the need to document a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in Gelendzhik in front of friends.

Another quarter can afford a restaurant or a coffee shop every few months, apparently when the whole family goes to McDonald's. And only five percent can afford to eat in restaurants whenever they want. This is the reality. But if you look on the Internet, it seems that she is lamenting about the insidious women, on a date, secretly putting dumplings and compote in a purse - every second.

There is also an interesting situation for women. Now there is a lot of talk about the fact that a woman is in an advantageous position upon divorce, that she takes her children and half of her property with her, allegedly, and can even apply for housing alimony. But in fact, when I analyzed the reasons for divorce (from the female side), then everything was exactly the opposite. Divorced non-working people, got divorced due to the lack of their own living space, which the husband did not consider necessary to take care of for years, divorced due to the fact that with a ridiculous salary, most of which the husband spent on himself, the demands were above the roof. But with earning men with living space, no one is in a hurry to get divorced - not those times. Suffer to the last.

In fact, all that is needed to restore this fragile balance is money. That's when men will stop sighing that after going to the coffee shop, they will have to save the rest of the month. And women will no longer tolerate ill-mannered and rude companions in whom the most beautiful part of the body is the wallet. And indeed 99% of human problems, not only love ones, are solved by money. But where can we get them ... After all, no one has ever taught us how to properly handle our own income, form a safety cushion, invest what we managed to save in order to increase money, and not give it to inflation. Not everyone has friends who can advise on a profitable and relevant strategy.

Therefore, it makes sense to take matters into our own hands and, instead of the next suffering about the stolen dumplings, increase the level of your financial literacy. A good option is a free master class from Egor Arslanov, a finance expert. The course has several levels of complexity, from the simplest one, which will help to close loans and distribute debts in a short time, then more advanced, aimed at the targeted formation of future capital. The main advantage of the course is that it is understandable to ordinary people who do not have an economic education. And he talks about the strategies that can be used by a person with a salary of 30 thousand rubles, and not the owner of factories, newspapers, ships. So for those who are ready to secure a bright future, including sexual, with their own hands and head, I recommend watching the webinar in the recording - here.

And it’s amazing - when a person’s finances are all right, the rear is covered and there is no need to go to the hated work through force all his life, then everything magically improves on his personal front. Coincidence? I don't think so ...

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