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Even if an elderly person spends all his time at home, his day can be filled with interesting activities and hobbies. Our article contains five ideas for such activities.


If your vision allows, you can embroider, knit or sew. This is not necessarily a woman's hobby. Many men are happy to knit, creating unusual and beautiful things. The list of such hobbies is huge: you can draw, do carpentry or burn wood, sculpt from clay, do origami, collect jigsaw puzzles. All of these activities are not only interesting, but also useful: they train fine motor skills and reduce the risk of cognitive impairment.

Make your home more comfortable

You can ask an elderly person to do some of the long-delayed tasks: sort out old things or clothes in closets, rearrange books on shelves, sort old photos or documents, clean up a pantry or balcony. The tasks may not be so large-scale: it is important that the task is not too complicated, but at the same time interesting.

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By the waves of memory

Older relatives are always happy to share their memories or stories about the family. This can be turned into a rewarding activity. An elderly person can parse, sort and sign the photographs, making an archive of them. He can write or dictate a memoir. You can help him collect this information: write it down, discuss old stories with him, find or remember their details.

Mind Activities

This group is not only about reading, watching TV or movies. You can solve puzzles: crosswords, sudoku, mathematical examples. It’s not just fun: it’s less likely to develop age-related disabilities. Learning foreign languages ​​is useful and interesting. If there are children in the house, you can learn languages ​​with them. You can also learn songs or poems with your grandchildren. Another important thing is checking school homework. For a child, this will be a control, and for an elderly person, it will train memory, attentiveness, thinking.

Household matters

Doctors of the Panacea Center recommend entrusting the elderly with feasible things. This can be cooking, daily cleaning in the house. Often it is grandparents who accompany children to kindergarten or school and meet them. Even if you have little strength, you can find simple, uncomplicated tasks: watering flowers or dusting. This will help the elderly person not only fill the time, but also feel needed and useful.


Mountains, caves, thermal springs and more ideas for traveling in the Urals

Cover photo: Taganay

Around Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg there are many remarkable places that you, we dare to assume, most likely did not know about. Together with the tire brand Continental, we have selected for you 15 interesting places in the Urals, which you can reach by car and take a break from everyday routine.

Heart-shaped man-made lake

Until the thirties of the twentieth century, talc slate was mined here, which is used in the manufacture of cosmetic powder, toothpaste. But a mine four kilometers from the town of Sysert in the Sverdlovsk region was abandoned. Gradually, it began to fill with rain and melt water and turned into a beautiful lake in the middle of the forest. The depth of the lake reaches 32 meters, so in the summer, scuba divers are trained on Talkovy Kamen. And in winter, the water freezes, the snow falls on the rocks and tree branches - the landscapes are very picturesque.

Camel, Rocket and Meditation

Kachkanar is one of the highest mountains in the Middle Urals, but not the most difficult to conquer. Even novice travelers can climb it. But what a view! From the height of the Northern Horn of Kachkanar - 878 meters - you can admire the forest and the valleys of the Is and Vyya rivers. And at the top there are stone placers, the most amazing of them is Camel Rock, which outwardly resembles the hump of an animal.

A little to the west of Camel is the Gagarin Peak rock, on which a metal monument in the form of a rocket is erected in honor of the first flight into space. From here you can see views of the platinum mines and the village of Kosya.

Among the stones was built the only Buddhist monastery in the Urals Shedrub-Ling - “a place of practice and realization”. It was built by former KGB officer Mikhail Sannikov. The monastery consists of two awakening stupas, a temple hall, a yoga house, living quarters and premises for livestock, a bathhouse, and warehouses. Many structures are built into the rocks. There is also a six-meter statue of Buddha.

Only the mammoth is missing

The ancient river valley of 12 thousand hectares is the Olenyi Ruchyi park, which is located 100 km from Yekaterinburg. On the territory of the park, the sites of ancient people were discovered, which are more than 15 thousand years old, and drawings of deer have been preserved on the rocks. Tourists walk along the Serga River, take pictures near karst deposits and look into caves.

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