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The owners of summer cottages or gardens are happy people. After all, even on a small piece of land, you can both work wonderfully and relax with a friendly company. And there is also room for creativity. You can decorate your site with simple hand-made crafts. After all, it is they who create that unique comfort and light romantic mood. Also, if you do not have good gardening equipment and tools yet, then we recommend looking at these products here, for example, we bought a chainsaw with a 40% discount!

Do you want your country house to become not just a summer residence for your family, but also resemble an amazing fairy tale? Then my advice to you: pay attention to the decorative elements that you can make with your own hands. I offer you TOP 10 DIY garden ideas that will help you transform your site.

Before embarking on such an important task as designing a garden with your own hands, I recommend that you carefully examine your household stocks. In the matter of arranging a summer cottage, various little things and objects will come in handy, which at first glance may seem absolutely unnecessary to you. Remember: nothing can be thrown away in the country! Self-taught designers use absolutely everything that comes to hand: old dishes and furniture, leftover building materials, firewood, car tires, plastic bottles.

Original flower beds in old containers

There are flowers in every country house, without exception. Even there is just a plot for growing vegetables, then any housewife will certainly plant at least a row of asters or a couple of peony bushes on it.

To add originality to flower arrangements, try planting them in old, unnecessary containers. These can be watering cans, pots, large bowls. You can even use a wheelbarrow or cart.

Look, and this is what a long-collapsed bed looks like if it is sown with perennial flowers. Just a riot of colors!

Wooden flower garden

We decorate the garden with flowers to enjoy bright colors all summer long. If the flower beds have been broken for a long time and you don't want to change their location, you can simply update their appearance. For example, build a picket fence from wooden sticks or weave something like a basket from elastic vines.

Wooden log cabins look original - as if flowers grow from a miniature hut.

Natural stone flower bed

House on a hundred parts

After you have purchased a small plot of six acres, it is extremely important to develop a house project and its location. At the same time, it is necessary to plan everything in the complex, since various types of landscape design require certain conditions for the choice of material for the construction of a building.

If living in a house during the cold season is not expected, it makes sense to consider options for building a small house. This will significantly save the territory of the site for planting or create a unique landscape design.

Before construction, it is important to study all the main requirements for the construction of facilities on a land plot:

  • Buildings should be located no closer than five meters from the border of the site and three meters from the territory of neighbors.
  • The distance between your house and neighboring buildings should not exceed six meters.
  • Site fences should be erected to a height of no more than one and a half meters.
  • Toilet, cesspools can be located at a distance of at least fifteen meters from residential buildings or water sources (wells, wells).

Which house project to choose?

Before starting construction work, you need to decide on the size of the house. The most relevant size can be considered if the building will be located:

  • Living room (or several rooms).
  • Kitchen.
  • Terrace (open or closed veranda).

Conventionally, all house projects can be divided into three types:

Country house with a sauna under one roof

Projects of houses with a bath are mainly made in two versions. Each of which must meet the main requirement - the combination of two buildings with different functions.

In the first version, the steam room and washing department are located on the ground floor, and the rest room is located on the second.

When applying the second method, a bathhouse is attached to a residential building. It can be placed directly next to the house or connected to it with a small vestibule.

Good afternoon, friends! It just so happened recently that we decorate garden and summer cottages with various hand-made crafts. And this is great, because it is not at all necessary to plow in the country! How pleasant it is to relax among your flower beds and admire the fabulous compositions. But just do not overdo it, everything is fine in moderation.

We have a lot of ideas for giving on our blog, I think they are always relevant, but still there are new items. I especially like what is created from cement. Therefore, today there is another selection of photos of crafts that can be made from scrap materials and various rubbish, with some explanations and videos on how to do it.

DIY crafts for giving from scrap materials

To create your own unique masterpieces, all materials can, in principle, be found in the country. You don't even need to bring anything from home, well, maybe you need paint and glue.

It can be tires from cars and bicycles, stones, logs, various building materials, and even straw.

You need to pay attention to them and be creative, mentally imagine what can be built. A photo of the idea will help and prompt you a little.

For example, stones. True, they do not always just roll around in the country, but sometimes this happens. For example, they were lying on my site, I don't know where they came from. You can also go to the reservoir for them, if there is such an opportunity.

So, we carefully examined them and connected them together, creating a figure of an animal or any fairy-tale character. Several brush strokes with paint to bring the image to life.

How about an impromptu aquarium? In my opinion, it is very original.

Take a large container, fill it with pebbles, draw fish on a few and fill it with water.

Adding an article to a new collection

Creating a harmonious garden is not an easy job. However, the more difficult the task, the stronger the joy you feel after completing it. We present to you 15 effective solutions that will help to add gloss and expressiveness to your garden.

Despite the fact that there are many obstacles on the way to a beautiful garden, for example, the small size or difficult terrain of the site, making a dream come true is much easier than it seems at first glance.

It is not necessary to resort to radical changes for this, at first it is enough to simply introduce a couple of new elements into the design. Which ones? We will talk about this below.

Water body

Even if your site cannot boast of large dimensions, this does not mean that you cannot equip a reservoir on its territory. Let it not be a full-fledged summer cottage pond with plants and fish, but a small bowl with a fountain, but even it will help make the composition more lively and dynamic.

Old things flower beds

A prudent owner of any, even seemingly completely unnecessary thing will always find a use! When a person is doing well with imagination, not only "large" objects like wheelbarrows or leaky barrels are used, but also buckets, watering cans, jugs and even rubber boots! And some craftsmen manage to equip flower beds from old furniture and musical instruments unsuitable for further use.

Container Garden

Container gardens are a trend in recent years. And this is not surprising! The use of containers not only saves space, but also provides a truly limitless space for daring design experiments with plants, flowers and gardening choices. Mobility and ease of use allows you to solve almost any task. Separately, it is worth mentioning that containers make it easier to grow capricious perennials.

Plants for containers: amaranth, astilbe, canna, hibiscus, pampas grass, boxwood, thuja western, caladium, chard, coleus, hosta, geychera, stonecrop, cellosia, alissum, verbena, lobelia, nasturtium, petunia , zinnia, morning glory, etc.

Ornamental garden

Programs for landscaping a garden can help achieve productivity in the arrangement and planning of a summer cottage or adjoining territory. Thanks to them, there is no need to make sketches of sketches of the garden from different angles. In addition, sketches should be appropriate for all seasons. All this can be taken into account in one software, it is enough to make a model, and then simply select certain conditions, while the process of creating a project is greatly accelerated and becomes of better quality.

Landscaping software is simple to learn and easy to learn. Even a PC user with no special knowledge can create a sketch of a project.

Characteristics common to most programs

Programming for a design landscape project in Russian is produced by several companies. Previously, they were engaged in the development of software for designers, but the design of the design of summer cottages has become so popular and in demand that manufacturers decided to start developing software for amateurs and beginners. This is a real find for those who want to independently equip their site. It is enough to choose one software, install it on your computer, and create.

All design software for beginners have some common characteristics:

  • Creating a project from scratch, or uploading a photo of the site;
  • Adding image files;
  • Ability to add plants;
  • Paving paths;
  • Arrangement of reservoirs on the site;
  • Arrangement of flower beds;
  • Arrangement of buildings;
  • Changes in the relief of the site; <
  • 3D - finished project.

For professionals, software is more complex, with the help of which 3D models are created. I would like to note that free software for designers is rather conditional, they have a trial period, but during this time a design project for personal use may be ready.

Virtual Project - Compilation Guide

Now on the market you can find a lot of computer programs in different directions, and landscape design is no exception. This program can be downloaded for free. But there is also a paid service for professionals.

Among this variety, you can easily find a landscape composition that you like. But you should not immediately go to the nursery to purchase the necessary plantings. Visualize the project based on your site and landscaping plan.

Various landscape design programs are a kind of encyclopedic guide that answers questions in detail by directions:

  • Styles and trends in landscape design. This is a series for a novice designer that will teach you how to properly equip a house adjoining territory or a summer cottage, while not spending a lot of money.
  • Professional advice. In this series, original and unusual ideas for the design of a summer cottage are offered to the attention of a novice designer.
  • Landscape art is the basics. The main provisions of this direction are considered. In this encyclopedia there is not only a step-by-step explanation of the main provisions of design landscape projects, but also colorful illustrations are presented.

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