Denial, anger, bargaining: "Sunny City" achieved the recognition of mistakes by the authorities, but did not solve the problem

Kazan residents in the residential complex "Solnechny Gorod" have been trying for several years to stop the infill development of their territory and ask to create the necessary infrastructure, focusing on schools, kindergartens, hospitals. The next round of discussions took place during a round table in the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, where on the example of "Solnechny Gorod" they talked about improvement throughout Kazan.

Opening the meeting as an organizer - officials and residents were gathered by representatives of the Communist Party, the deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan Hafiz Mirgalimov said that he had sent inquiries regarding the lack of infrastructure "to all authorities", but received the same answers. The deputy was informed that "the problem is supposed to be solved by 2040":

"I would settle the general architect, all ministers, government representatives in these houses," Mirgalimov said, adding that instead of solving the problem, only replies were received.

In the epistolary genre, citizens of Kazan have been trying themselves for several years. Active development of the residential complex "Solnechny Gorod" began in 2015. Since 2018, the alarm has been sounded. Even then it was clear that instead of the promised infrastructure, more and more high-rise buildings appear.

"We are assured from quarter to quarter - let's start, let's start"

The main problem today is the lack of a children's clinic. The kids are assigned to doctors in different parts of the city, although they live opposite the DRKB. But, even discarding the idea of ​​attracting a republican hospital, one should pay attention to the most logical option - opening branches of polyclinics within walking distance. But the premises do not allocate. Unfortunately, the developer decided not to participate in the roundtable. Therefore, the residents themselves spoke for the builders:

“For two years we have been asking the developer“ Ak Bars Stroy ”to hand over to us the renovated premises for the opening of branches of polyclinics. We are assured from quarter to quarter - let's begin, let's begin. The last time we met with the administration of the Privolzhsky district was 7 days ago, we invited the developer. Today we should be given a roadmap, where they will clarify when they will transfer these premises to us, ”said one of the participants in the discussion representing the interests of residents. - But in the future, taking into account the construction not only in the "Solnechny Gorod", but also other residential complexes, such as "Volzhskie Prostory" or "Nightingale Grove", last year we asked to consider the possibility of allocating a land plot for the construction of a detached polyclinics for 500 visits per shift - 300 adults and 200 children.

The round table was attended by Deputy of the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Committee on Housing Policy Alexander Tygin. After listening to the keynote speech, he left the hall. And the rest of the complaints tried to record the Deputy Minister of Construction of Tatarstan Vladimir Kudryashov.

“Many problems, for sure, have arisen due to connivance,” the official agreed. - I can not say anything here, I also did not work in the ministry all my life. But now it is necessary to seek and find means to meet the aspirations of the residents. And it's not a secret for anyone that financial opportunities are not limitless. ”

But it turned out that the residents have the simplest solution right now. Only for some reason no one wants to accept it. Nevertheless, the proposal was pronounced aloud, and the deputy minister listened to what was said:

“The simplest thing that can be done now is to prohibit the compacting development of the microdistrict. It's easy enough to pause! For now, revoke your building permit! Because while we think they will already build it. And it will be too late to think. ”

"And I wonder if someone pays for the plates?"

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