Dacha garden do it yourself video

At first glance, the video seems like a great idea. After all, no one has canceled the rule that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. But the garden and vegetable garden genre has its own specifics. The mistakes of the authors of summer cottage videos often interfere with perception.

Professionals or Amateurs?

Videos made by professionals and amateurs can be seen on the web. A well-filmed, solid TV show, hosted by a knowledgeable and intelligent person, can be very helpful. A textbook example is the favorite of Soviet TV viewers "Our Garden" with its competent and professional presenter BA Popov. Of the current ones, one can name "Garden and Vegetable Garden", which is led by an excellent specialist I. Yu. Bochkova. However, it so happened that summer residents tend to trust more other summer residents and the amateur videos they have filmed.

Country Blogs: Top Three

We watched several videos of three summer cottage blogs, the number of subscribers to which is measured in hundreds of thousands. However, no one seemed perfect.

"Whether in the garden"

There are surprisingly few plants in these videos, especially when ready to harvest. All videos show us the host Julia, invariably sitting in the interior of the kitchen and talking about the secrets of growing plants in the garden. In some videos, she performs some actions, the consequences of which are unknown to us, in others she shows the results of something done behind the scenes, and in others she simply talks about solving any garden problems. That is, we see either a process without a result, or a result without a process, or we listen to a "lecture". From the comments of viewers, it can be seen that not everyone likes the videos. Many critics write that they tried to follow the recommendations, but they were not pleased with the result. I must say that Julia always promptly responds to those who are dissatisfied: usually she is quite confident in her advice and claims that they were misunderstood and misunderstood, and invariably advises watching the video more carefully.

"Harvesting vegetable garden"

In these videos, the emphasis is on plants, and very attractive: healthy, beautiful, productive. It's a pleasure to look at them. The presenter Tatiana does not tire with her presence, but most often talks behind the scenes about certain techniques that helped achieve the desired effect. The actions themselves are not always shown, but the advice in most cases is correct and worthy of comprehension, and the speech is perceived well. It should be borne in mind that the channel has an online store of goods for summer residents, therefore many videos are advertising of a particular type or product.

Short (five-minute) videos show us plants with offscreen texts, rich in useful and mostly correct and intelligible information. It is difficult to call them video tutorials, since the action is more like a set of slides, and no action takes place in the frame. Suitable for those who like to perceive information by ear.

In general, we can say that all three video blogs suffered from problems 1,2, 3 and 6, and one video channel was also a vivid example of problem 4. Perhaps, over time, the authors will eliminate these shortcomings - to our delight, viewers.

mistakes of country bloggers

Video tutorials for summer residents





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The heading Dacha and DIY beauty is selected.

DIY garden decoration.

Painting on stone Original details

The summer season has already begun. On our plots, we no longer just grow vegetables and flowers, but also try to decorate the plot in an interesting way. Countryside design has become very popular in recent years. Moreover, every year you can experiment and use new ideas for a summer residence and a garden. I made a selection of photos of such country ideas that you can do with your own hands, and using the materials at hand. The main source was Pinterest.

For a summer residence and a garden with your own hands: ideas for mini-flower beds from scrap materials

It's good if the area near the house allows you to lay out lawns and make large flower beds. But often in our small areas, we can only afford small mini-flower beds that take up little space.

For such flower beds, craftsmen can build various wooden structures in the country with their own hands: in the form of mills and teremki, complex and simple racks and much more.

Here are two new ideas from a tree for a summer residence.

Of course, not everyone has such abilities, and this is not necessary, because any objects can be used as flowerpots and mini-flower beds. Look around.

Do you still have stumps from old trees? This is a great idea for a small flower bed. I had one of these, I planted petunia in it, but unfortunately, this stump completely rotted away.

Or this idea of ​​using wood as a stand for flower pots.

In general, of course, petunia was lucky. What kind of designs are not made for it! She looks like everything and everywhere she looks great.

Photos of petunias in different pots, as well as the peculiarities of caring for it, can be found here >>.

Hello subscribers! Most recently, we celebrated Victory Day and gave gifts to veterans. And today it is already summer in the yard. Walking down the street in the morning near one building I was greeted by a green beauties, such a wonderful crocodile. And today I decided to take for consideration a topic such as garden crafts with which you can decorate your yard, plot and, of course, a summer cottage.

So that it was nice and beautiful, for a feast for everyone. So that everyone looked and gave a miracle. I will try to collect in this collection a lot of original and creative ideas, so that there is plenty to choose from.

In fact, it is not so difficult to make such masterpieces, the main thing is to find suitable material, improvised means are usually used, as well as junk material.

Every year the masters show us more and more new products on social networks, which is not there. What all the same they are great. Bravo to the authors of the works!

Our neighbors recently built a wonderful job near the entrance, that residents from other houses still come and admire. Do you know how to surprise? I will look forward to new ideas from you, my readers and colleagues. I am always glad to receive comments and advice.

Well, let's not waste time, let's get down to our plans.

Novelties of handicrafts for the garden from improvised means with a description

The first thing that comes to mind is to take all sorts of unnecessary things and build something extraordinary. Among the garbage and rubbish, you can find and find ordinary bottles that remain constantly. And litter our streets

And, of course, it is better to devote a separate article to this topic, and in this one I will show only a few examples.

It is easy and simple to lay out with them or fence off a piece of land. Take the bottles and spout them into the ground. And the bottom can be painted with acrylic paints. To make it more fun, use only different colors.

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