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MYOGYMNASTICS is gymnastics for insufficiently or incorrectly functioning groups of masticatory and facial muscles, developed by orthodontists in order to form and normalize the functions of the muscles of the maxillofacial region and the oral cavity. the meaning of myogymnastics in speech therapy work:



Myogymnastics in the work of a speech therapist as an unconventional technique for correcting speech.

MYOGYMNASTICS is a gymnastics for insufficiently or incorrectly functioning groups of masticatory and facial muscles, developed by orthodontists in order to form and normalize the functions of the muscles of the maxillofacial region and the oral cavity.

Myogymnastics is used when:

  • dentoalveolar anomalies
  • shortening of the hyoid ligament
  • decreased muscle tone of the articulatory apparatus
  • impaired respiratory function
  • dysfunction of swallowing
  • dysfunction of chewing
  • for preventive purposes

The value of myogymnastics in speech therapy work:

  • Prevention of the development of dentoalveolar anomalies and violations of sound pronunciation
  • The pathological development of the functions of the masticatory and facial muscles is corrected
  • Allows to accelerate the time of overcoming speech disorders, in particular, in case of dysarthria and mechanical dyslalia, as well as qualitatively improve the system of their correction
  • The motor capabilities of the articulation organs are expanded, which favorably affects the quality of sound pronunciation.

Myogymnastics rules (V. urilenko)

Hello, pikabushniki! Thanks for responding to the previous post! We received many valuable suggestions. Unfortunately, not all ideas are realizable in the format of our shooting gallery, but we have taken everything into the piggy bank, we will think it over and apply it in the future. In this post, we will tell you about our arsenal and our impressions. Let's go!

Spring-piston rifles from the Turkish manufacturer Hatsan were the very first purchase. The choice fell on the Hatsan Alpha (3J) and the Hatsan Striker Edge (up to 7.J). Both rifles left a very good impression. The Alpha was perfectly sighted out of the box. Edge could not shoot for a long time even at 10 meters - today they shot it, and tomorrow they had to shoot it again. A careful examination revealed chips on the jet (photo 3, from the Internet). We looked at the same rifle in the store - no chips were found on it. According to the store director, chips should not have affected the accuracy. However, in our presence, he could not shoot her and the rifle was replaced for us. At the moment, no shortcomings have been found in the rifles. By the way, almost everything that was bought in this store was in one way or another with defects or defects. We don't want to say anything bad, maybe we were just unlucky.

Further in no particular order, i.e. I don't remember the order.

Borner Super Sport 703. Gas cylinder revolver. Powered by 1 CO2 cartridge. It is equipped with six false cartridges, into which 4 mm steel balls are respectively loaded. Perhaps the only thing that did not cause any complaints. The revolver is quite weighty, it fits well in the hand. Accuracy is also at a height - from 12 meters we get into a cigarette. The loading process and the fully scrolling drum are especially delightful.

Hatsan BT65 SP PCP rifle. We bought optics separately, took the cheapest one we could find. A thing of impressive size and weight. They took it because of its appearance. We bought a high-pressure hand pump along with the rifle. As a result, they could not fill the tank. Sinned on the filling nozzle, i.e. from under it poisoned the air. An acquaintance with a gas station came to the rescue. As a result, the tank blew out all the air overnight. They took the rifle and the pump back to the store. The pump turned out to be defective, the money was returned for it. The valve in the rifle reservoir was replaced. At the moment, there are no problems or complaints.

ASG CZ75-01 Shadow. Gas cylinder pistol of the Danish company ASG. It showed itself perfectly out of the box. The LCC was installed separately.

Sig Sauer P226. CO2 pistol that is produced in Japan directly under the supervision of Sig Sauer. Shoots lead bullets. The store is equipped with two drums for 8 bullets each. Pleases the build quality and accuracy. Blowback is present. Quite weighty and suitable for those who need to put their hand.

I criticize, but constructively. The choice of rifles for the shooting range is not very good. The Hatsan Striker is almost half made of plastic, and what is the worst - even the trigger body is made of plastic, not to mention the false barrel. I'm afraid he won't live long in an entertainment shooting range, most likely the plastic false barrel will break. Well, before using the rifle, it is imperative to preserve it, remove the old grease from the cylinder, and stifle the bypass (third photo, the bypass diameter must be at least 3 mm). Sometimes it happens that the barrel itself is somewhat recessed in plastic and the seal of the treasury does not work, as a result, there is neither power nor accuracy. But it is treated, albeit hemorrhoids. Of the spring-piston fracture, I would recommend Gamo 440 or Hatsana 80-90. Well, at least our 512th Murki. And more reliable, and consumables are not a problem.

The BT-65 has a very heavy drummer, which, coupled with the quick-release reservoir system, guarantees a noticeable excessive air consumption. In general, you will download it quite often, I would also advise you to put a modernization, because without a mod, any PCP bangs quite loudly, especially in an enclosed room. For the money that was spent on the khatsan, it was possible to collect 2 krugerki.

If we are to offer people fun with carbon dioxide, then it’s better with rifled barrels and under lead, there is at least some kind of accuracy there. And to supply them with carbon dioxide, bungle a distribution ramp with flexible high pressure hoses and a quick-change system for shooters, such as paintball ones. And power them from a large carbon dioxide tank.

What is the city, what is the distance of the shooting range? what targets are used?

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