Compensation for Failure to Provide a Place in Kindergarten

Given the constant rise in prices for essential goods, even taking into account the benefits offered by the state, it is very difficult to raise a child. Social subsidies include compensation for kindergarten, aimed at returning a certain percentage of the monthly parental fee. Sometimes financial compensation is also possible in a situation if the baby does not attend the kindergarten.

What is kindergarten compensation

The implementation of the state's demographic program implies various forms of social support for parents. This category also includes compensation payments that a family receives if a child attends state or municipal educational institutions for preschool age. Parents make a monthly payment, and then compensation payments are made to their account. It is also important that:

  • parents pay only the cost of childcare and childcare, and the cost of educational services and the maintenance of the building are paid from budget funds;
  • compensation is calculated depending on the number of minor children in the family.


The basic document that determines the possibility of assigning compensation is the Federal Law "On Education". It says that there is a maximum parental fee, which is not allowed to be exceeded for state and municipal educational preschool institutions. In addition, kindergartens of this type allow free stay of orphans, disabled people left without parental care.

Types of compensation

Acting as a form of monthly benefit, kindergarten compensation can be regulated by both federal and local laws. For example, considering the issue of a partial refund of funds spent on payment for the services of a preschool educational institution, federal legislation does not speak of a situation of non-attendance at a kindergarten. Since parents in this case have no less financial burden (for example, if they are not provided with a place), in many regions such payments are established at the local level.

State compensation for parental fees for kindergarten

Federal legislation determines the amount of monetary compensation for different categories of families, to which a regional or departmental addition can be added. For example, those who have one baby can apply for benefits - 20% of the payment. Thus, for the structural units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a 50% benefit is established if one of the parents:

  • is disabled;
  • is the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident;
  • is being conscripted;
  • is working in kindergarten.

Regional payments

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