Cindy Chao: the mysterious magic of jewelry

Cindy Chao is a Taiwanese jewelry designer. She creates wearable art with incredible beauty and emotion. The work of the Taiwanese designer seems to exist timelessly: it is almost living butterflies and luxurious flowers, created from hundreds of precious stones and metal.

Cindy Chao argues that a true work of art must embody the dedication and enthusiasm of the creator. The jewelry she creates admires not only the skill of performing the smallest nuances, but also the deep meaning that can be traced in each work.

History of formation

Cindy Chao was born in Taiwan in the 1970s. Her grandfather was a renowned architect who designed hundreds of churches throughout the country, many of which are now recognized as national treasures. According to the designer, it was he who awakened her interest in architecture and art.

Cindy was born into the family of a sculptor and a businesswoman. She was her father's first student, and it was through this experience that she learned to develop her own unique style. Here she acquired modeling skills and mastered basic artistic techniques, which were useful in the future.

In her youth, the girl dreamed of becoming an architect or interior designer. After graduating from high school, Cindy moved to New York and entered the interior design department - but the mother, who paid the tuition, strongly disagreed with the choice. She stated that this is "not a woman's business" as she will have to constantly work with male contractors, and insisted that the girl express her artistic ideas through a different medium.

So Cindy transferred to the Jewelry Design Department. She soon realized that this direction has a lot in common with architecture - only smaller dimensions.

After graduation, the girl returned to her homeland. In 2004, she opened the first showroom in Taipei and established her own brand. And just three years later, she became the first Taiwanese jewelery artist to take part in the Christie’s jewelry auction in New York.

Cindy Chao's collections have been exhibited at the Morey Art Museum in Tokyo, Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, Masterpiece in London. In 2010, Cindy Chao became one of the first Taiwanese jewelery artists to exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

CINDY CHAO The Art Jewel branded jewelry often appears on the red carpet. They have been seen on Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Salma Hayek and other stars.

Style Features

Cindy Chao: the mysterious magic of jewelry

The famous massacre in Kiev.

We continue to recall the high-profile scandals around the matches in the USSR. Earlier we talked about the fight in Luzhniki during the CSKA - Dynamo Kiev game, as well as about the crazy departure of the army to Yerevan.

Now let's remember the legendary massacre in Kiev in 1987 - with the participation of Spartak fans and local Dynamo.

Before the match: the fans had a fight at the doubles game, a major brawl was staged on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street

In the early 1980s, hostility arose between the fans of Spartak and Dynamo Kiev. They say that the excursions of the people of Kiev to Moscow influenced the relationship of the previously friendly fans. Fans of "Dynamo" in the capital of the USSR began to harshly oppress the Moscow police. At first, the guests tolerated it, but then they could not stand it and flared up, saying that now "not a foot to Moscow." And when they returned to Kiev, they blurted out: "Death to Moscow." This is how the war began.

Over the next five years, mutual enmity spilled over into only modest skirmishes between the fans, when Spartak and Dynamo played with each other, as well as into minor troubles for the players:

“In Kiev, for any result, we were greeted and escorted“ hotly ”. Usually it took about 20 minutes after the match, we didn't even have time to wash, but we had to get on the bus together. He gave us a lift directly to the platform - door to door. We immediately jumped into the carriage. Naturally, everything around was cordoned off by the police.

But the locals still found ways to annoy us. They had time to travel by bus several stops and met our train a little ahead - with stones. I remember this place - there was a mountain, and the train was traveling in a hollow.

Once in our car there was a married couple from Germany, tourists. And then we just came under the "shelling" of the Kievites. Stones flew into the glass, noise, ringing, screams! The Germans thought they were finished. Together they shouted: “Bombs! Bombs! " And they jumped abruptly to the floor. But in fact, they did the right thing. Otherwise, it could well have gotten either with a stone or with splinters, ”wrote Oleg Romantsev in his book“ The Truth About Me and “Spartak”.

But in 1987 in Kiev, the conflict reached its climax - a real massacre happened.

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