Choosing a comfort zone: 2021 rating of the best sofas for the home

* Review of the best according to the editorial staff of Zuzako. om. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Practicality and convenience are the main indicators of the main attribute of furniture in any home. A sofa is bought not often and for a long time for relaxation, sleep and a cozy location for guests. Such a piece of upholstered furniture can be put in an office, in a kitchen, made a sleeping place or the main highlight of the interior. The 2021 rating of the best sofas for the home will help to choose the necessary model for different areas and layouts.

Popular manufacturers of upholstered furniture for the home

The choice of furniture is quite a crucial moment in the arrangement of any home, and the reputation of the manufacturer is of great importance. According to the editorial board and customer reviews, today you can trust the following manufacturers:

  • Borovichi-Furniture. A large Russian supplier of upholstered and cabinet furniture, which is in demand due to European quality and budget prices.
  • Pinskdrev. A leading manufacturer from Belarus, known for stylish and high quality furniture in a classic and ultramodern style.
  • Color of sofas. Moscow company, part of the largest holding in the furniture industry Amethyst, with a production area of ​​10,000 sq. m.
  • Fortuna A. Furniture factory for the production of sofas and armchairs of various styles and purposes.
  • Eco-furniture. A Russian company from Dubna near Moscow, which specializes in the production of furniture from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Divan. u. Leading Russian manufacturer of a wide range of sofa products in various price segments.
  • MasterMebel. Factory of upholstered furniture with the main activity - the production and sale of sofas.

Products of the above brands are made of quality materials that have a certificate of environmental safety.

Review of the top most current home sofas

In the variety of market offers, we have selected current models for different interiors in different price categories.

Which one would you prefer?

The rating is based on reviews from consumers and technology experts.

Direct Models

The format of the classic sofa still occupies a leading position on the supply / demand platform due to its versatility, compactness, and a wide variety of models. Although today many people use them in the interiors of offices, children's rooms, dining rooms, however, "books" and "accordions" do not lose their relevance. The top 3 represents straight sofas in different price segments.

Sofa Color, Bergamo NEXT

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How to choose?

The Hypertransformer is different in that almost any part can be folded and folded. The backrests adjust the incline level. As a result, children sit or recline at their choice anywhere on the sofa

It is the working mechanism that should be given top priority. Upon reaching a certain age, children should already independently cope with the sleeping mechanism

Therefore, when buying, you need to check whether it is safe, whether it is really simple and convenient to use.

There are other nuances as well. So, some types of folding mechanism are suitable for those who are keen on games, while others are for those who will mostly sleep on the couch. In terms of stability, sofas in the shape of the letter L are unmatched, but still it is worth carefully studying the features of each model. Even minor sharp areas and uneven places are categorically unacceptable.

The choice for linen and cotton upholstery is justified by their safety. But such matter is easily wiped off. Therefore, some experts advise choosing sofas upholstered with tapestry. As for the color scheme, too bright colors are contraindicated even for girls. Excessively saturated gamut needs to be softened. Pastel tones help to visually enlarge the room.

The size of the corner sofas is selected for the height of the children who will use them. But this is not the only point that needs to be taken into account. You should definitely figure out how the sofa will be located in relation to the door, whether it will be on the right or on the left. The longest segment is limited to 1.5 m. But in most models, the length does not exceed 1 m. The proportion of 190x80 cm is widespread. Design structures are characterized by completely different dimensions. On an industrial scale, furniture is made in the form of toys, pets and wild animals, houses, cars, and more.

But the monolithic format, where the main part is well connected to the corner segment, is ideal for children. These sofas are simpler and more stable than other designs. The purchase of transformers is recommended primarily for small houses and apartments.

If we take the type of construction as the basis for the classification, then the following types of corner sofas are distinguished:

  • Sofa module. It is formed by its constituent parts or modules. Each such segment can be painted in different colors, which will delight the child. Plus, the interior of such a nursery is easy to change by changing the location of the segments and adjusting them to the room.
  • Monolith. The corner and main parts of such a sofa are firmly fastened together. This design is the best option for a nursery, as it is reliable, stable and simple.
  • Transformer. A feature of the model is the ability to turn into a bed due to a separate part hidden inside, which can be easily pulled out if necessary. This is the perfect solution for a small nursery.

Depending on the shape, children's sofas come in the form:

  • Vehicles. Such models look very interesting. In the boy's room, you can put a corner sofa in the shape of a ship, a car, or a train. They look like huge toys, have decorative elements in the form of wheels, a steering wheel, etc. Often there is a soft wall in such structures. Such sofas will help to decorate the nursery in the same style, for example, marine or automotive.
  • Beasts. Models will fit perfectly into a girl's room. For example, a sofa in the shape of a dog with long ears or a crocodile. The mouth of the "animal" opens and provides a convenient storage compartment. Often, plush toy heads are placed in the corner of the sofa, serving as a kind of pillow.
  • Houses, fortresses. A sofa in the shape of a medieval castle is equally good for a boy and a girl. The girl will feel like a real princess, and the boy will feel like a medieval knight or king. Bright upholstery fabric, decorative elements in the form of coats of arms and banners - all this will appeal to any child. House sofas are no less interesting. They carry your little one to a country house with carved window frames, apple orchard, flower meadow.

Model Advantages

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How easy it is to move heavy furniture

Rearranging furniture is a difficult and time-consuming task, especially if it is massive items like a wardrobe or a bookcase. As a rule, it’s too lazy to empty the shelves from the contents and remove the doors, so in our material we will talk about both modern and “old-fashioned” ways of moving furniture around the apartment.

Of course, the simplest solution may be a team of movers who, at your request, will move the cabinets at least all day, but this is very costly. You can call friends and acquaintances for help, but they are unlikely to be pleased with such a prospect. In our material, we will tell you about the tricks and tricks that will help you move a heavy wardrobe or chest of drawers alone.

Carrying straps

One of the most popular options for moving furniture, such as a sofa or cabinet, is a strong rope or special straps. This option is only suitable if there is an assistant. To facilitate the transfer of furniture, under each pair of legs, it is necessary to stretch the belts and carefully move the furniture to the agreed place.

It is convenient to use belts to carry furniture where other options are not available, for example, where carpet is laid. This method saves the floor covering from scratches, dents and other damage.

What happens if you don't follow the rules

When moving the headset, do not trust the assurances of the manufacturers about the high quality of the coating that can withstand any stress. Any careless movement and furniture with legs pushes, scratches and tears linoleum.

This leads to the fact that the appearance of the coating does not look aesthetically pleasing. But removing furniture marks on linoleum is not always easy. Sometimes the only way is to completely replace the material. Therefore, when installing heavy wardrobes, bed chests of drawers, it is advisable that they are protected from traces of legs from furniture in the form of plates. They distribute the load and eliminate the appearance of dents.

The good thing about this kit is that you don't need to wear anything at all.

The furniture relocation kit includes a lever lift with a handle and a roller on it, as well as four mini platforms on casters.

The lifter can be used to easily lift the edge of a sofa, chest of drawers or other heavy furniture. After the edge of the furniture has risen, a platform with a roller is placed there (under the leg of the furniture, if there is one, or just under the bottom of the furniture).

In this case, the platform is immediately installed in the direction of movement, so that the furniture can be moved in the desired direction.

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