Ceiling chandelier -6-S BK CH

Ceiling chandelier MD.51536-6-S BK + CH from the Elektrosvet factory with delivery in Moscow (MO) and other cities of Russia. The delivery time of the product in the "Furniture Guru" store is from 1 day from the date of ordering.


The MD.51536-6-S BK + CH ceiling chandelier will become a bright interior detail thanks to the unusual design of glass shades. The black and white scale in which the model is made will give the room an original touch.

Characteristics :

  • Reinforcement material: metal.
  • Shade material: fabric.
  • Diameter: 580 mm.
  • Lighting area: 23 sq. m.
  • Maximum lamp power: 60W.
  • Suitable for stretch ceilings.

Pay attention! Incandescent bulbs are not included.



Customer Reviews

Moscow (to MKAD):

  • up to 50 kg / up to 0.25 m3 = 590 ₽
  • from 50 to 200 kg / up to 1 m3 = 990 ₽
  • more than 200 kg / more than 1 m3 = 1690 ₽

Moscow (outside the Moscow Ring Road within the Moscow Region):

  • up to 50 kg / up to 0.25 m3 = 590 ₽ + (30 ₽ × S)
  • from 50 to 200 kg / up to 1 m3 = 990 ₽ + (30 ₽ × S)
  • over 200 kg / over 1 m3 = 1690 ₽ + (30 ₽ × S)

where S is the distance from the Moscow Ring Road to the entrance.

Country greenhouses, unlike conventional greenhouses, can be operated throughout the year. But at the same time, the design must meet certain requirements.

For example, in winter, a greenhouse built in a country house or on the territory of a house must be sufficiently resistant to wind and snow loads.

As practice shows, in regions with severe winters, where there is a lot of precipitation, it is necessary to use summer cottage greenhouses of a special design to prevent snow from settling on the covering material.

This is very important because if the surface greenhouses will be a "dead weight" of a large layer of snow, then after a while the structure may simply fold like a house of cards.

Or, a strong deformation of the metal frame is possible, which will make the further operation of the greenhouse impossible.

In this article we will tell you how to build a Droplet greenhouse with your own hands. The special teardrop frame design is ideal for winter use.

  • 1 Description and features of the droplet greenhouse
    • 1.1 Pros and cons of teardrop-shaped polycarbonate greenhouses
  • 2 How to make a greenhouse Do-it-yourself polycarbonate droplet
    • 2.1 Sizing and creating a drawing
    • 2.2 Installation features
    • 2.3 Polycarbonate sheathing
  • 3 Recommendations for use

Description and features of the Droplet greenhouse

Particular attention should be paid to the metal frame of the structure - it has a special teardrop shape (for which the greenhouse got its name). Moreover, this is not an ordinary frame, but a reinforced one, made of a square professional pipe 25x25 mm with a wall thickness of 2-3 mm.

The main elements of the metal frame are half-arcs made of a profile pipe and crossbeams, which impart greater rigidity and stability to the entire structure.

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