Butterfly stencils for decor

What is made of

Butterflies on walls are made of different materials, sometimes even exotic. The appearance of the resulting decor depends on this choice. While there is no experience and you do not really imagine the end result, you can make several different decorative butterflies for testing. They can be attached to the location of the planned decor. This will make it easier to assess the effect and choose the most suitable option.

You can transform a room with very little money


Butterflies for paper decor are the easiest and cheapest to make. There are several different techniques. If the product is flat and is glued to the wall / panel as a whole, only the front surface is important. If a volumetric composition is supposed, the paper should be two-sided - both sides should be painted, because white often “wrong side” spoils the impression.

Plain double-sided colored paper

Instead of ordinary colored paper, you can take corrugated paper. The effect will be different - it is lighter, more airy, translucent, with its help it is easy to make the decor with butterflies volumetric.

Butterflies for decor from corrugated paper are airy and light

You can make butterflies from an old magazine, newspaper, postcards, colored napkins, wallpaper of suitable colors, any other printed matter.

Even from the old magazine it turns out very well

As you can see, there are a lot of options only from paper. Considering that they can still be slightly tinted, combined, made multi-layered, it is clear that the scope for imagination is huge ...


Cardboard is not very dense. It is rather very thick paper. It is also available in color and double-sided. With its help, they often make a voluminous decor - it is easy to bend the wings relative to the body. This material holds its shape even better. Just remember that you can't make corrugated wings anymore - the material is too hard to make a small fold.

Butterfly stencils for decor

It's pumpkin season! Last weekend, my mother's sister came to visit us, she moved from town to village to live closer to nature, grow her favorite flowers and take care of the garden. Aunt Mila knows that I really love pumpkin, and therefore brought us as many as 5 bright orange beauties.

We wondered why there was so much, because one or two would be enough to make pumpkin soup and porridge. Aunt took one of the pumpkins and, using a saucer as a template, drew an even line in a circle. Then she began to carefully cut off the top with a knife along the outlined contour. What happened in the end made me love this wonderful vegetable even more.

DIY pumpkin crafts

The idea was to use the pumpkin as a vase. To do this, you need to take out what is inside, replace with a container of water or put a special sponge soaked in water. Flowers in such improvised vases live as long as in ordinary ones, but the composition looks much more original.

It's So Simple! prepared 23 delicious pumpkin composition ideas for you. Yesterday after work I did the same as in No. 14, and now I enjoy the cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.

Such candles will create a cozy atmosphere at the festive table, add a piece of magic and fairy tales to the atmosphere of the house.

I also offer you an interesting one. Yes, it’s cupcake!

The cooking method is quite simple and will not take you much time, and the result will pleasantly please. Believe me, even if you are not a pumpkin lover, after you taste this delicacy, you will definitely become one. Surprise your family with these fragrant and healthy pastries.

Pumpkins can be an excellent interior decoration, with the help of such an autumn decoration your home will become much more comfortable, and such an atmosphere will give everyone at home a good mood and memories, especially if you do the decoration together.

Nastya is engaged in yoga and loves traveling. Fashion, architecture and everything beautiful - this is what the girl's heart strives for! Anastasia is engaged in interior design, and also makes unique jewelry with a floral theme. She dreams of living in France, learns the language and is keenly interested in the culture of this country. He believes that a person needs to learn something new all his life. Anastasia's favorite book is "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Good afternoon everyone! Well, how's the mood, how did you congratulate your favorite teachers yesterday, what and

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