Butchart Gardens in Canada

The scheme for transferring funds from Ukrainian cards is changing, there will be no special problems with Russian transfers.

CXID Revision. nfo decided to clarify the situation in Lugansk with money transfers to cards of citizens from Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

As previously reported by CXID. nfo that due to the new rules introduced by the State Bank on July 1, now financial centers will not be able to carry out transfers to Russian and Ukrainian bank cards of citizens. Neither get it from there, nor send it there. But is that so?

The first decade of July and CXID have passed. nfo asked knowledgeable people what changes in the issue of transferring and withdrawing money from cards occurred during this time in Lugansk.

“It is always difficult to get a translation from Ukraine. Because of the constant large flow of money, cards are blocked, and every time you need to make a fast transfer and withdraw money quickly within 10 minutes, ”said Aleksey from Luhansk, who regularly receives transfers from Ukraine. Alexey has not yet felt any changes, because he has been working with one small commercial center for a long time.

“Well, I don't even know if they have any licenses or work permits. My good friends work there, I have been using their services for the last 5 years for sure. And now I was withdrawing from the Privatbank card, it went as usual, ”said Alexey.

CXID Correspondent. nfo visited several different commercial financial centers in Luhansk with the same question.

As Viktor said, an employee of one small financial center on Oboronnaya Street, indeed, their center will no longer work with Ukrainian cards in the near future.

"To work with Ukrainian cards, the State Bank obliged to provide market participants with certain documents that not everyone can provide, especially small commercial centers, therefore, we will most likely stop providing this type of service," Viktor emphasized.

According to Nikolay, manager of a commercial center in the east of Luhansk, all the small commercial centers that Luhansk residents use most often will probably either stop working altogether or will only work with Russian cards.

In Lugansk, the scheme of withdrawing funds from Ukrainian cards is changing

Butchart Gardens is a series of flower parks in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The gardens are a thriving commercial enterprise that attracts over a million visitors a year. More than 1,000,000 shrub plants of approximately 700 varieties are used annually in the Butchart Gardens to ensure continuous flowering from March to October. A staff of 50 full-time gardeners maintains impeccable cleanliness and deserves its world renowned reputation. Butchart Gardens are open all year round, flowers change depending on the season, bloom in thousands in spring and shine with red and gold in autumn. Major parks include the Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, Pink Carousel and Saturday Night Fireworks. The transformation of a limestone quarry into a Sunken Garden of enormous size and impressive aesthetic qualities represents an extraordinary creative achievement in the history of Canadian horticulture. Moreover, as the garden matured and developed, its beauty became more noticeable.

Creation history

The value of heritage

The Butchart Gardens were designated a National Historic Landmark of Canada in 2004 because they represent a wonderful combination of three aspects of Canadian horticultural history. First, they embody the features of an early 20th century estate garden. Second, the gardens are an admirable recreation of the early twentieth century, especially expressed in the Sunken Garden. And thirdly, gardens in the Victorian flower bed system achieve their outstanding flower performances.

Description of main attractions

The famous Sunken Garden, once a heap of rubble and rubble, has long been the jewel in the Butchart Gardens. The world's first land reclamation project, the garden boasts 151 flower beds with an impressive assortment of flowers, trees and shrubs.

Filled with seven species and no less than 280 varieties of roses, this vibrant garden comes alive from summer to early fall. Here you can walk under 30 arches entwined with large bushes of ramblers and climbing roses. This is a favorite place for romantic photos.

Want some natural peace and quiet? Go to the Japanese Garden. It is home to 500 rhododendrons and azaleas, as well as 200 meter streams. This is the perfect scenic getaway.

The Italian Garden, once the tennis court of the Butchart family, houses not one, but two beautiful, flower-strewn ponds - Star Pond (originally designed for Mr. Butchart's collection of live decorative ducks) and an exquisite shaped pond cross. Packed with 22,000 bulbs as well as 85 plant varieties, it is one of the favorite places to have a wedding ceremony during the spring bloom.

Tucked away next to the parking lot, this tiny garden is not to be missed. The garden, dedicated to the Mediterranean climate of Vancouver Island, is home to a variety of exotic plants, from blue delphinium to massive banana plants and one impressive agave plant.

This undulating fountain, installed in 1964 by Robert Ian Ross, grandson of Jenny and Robert, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Butchart Gardens, is surrounded by alternating seasonal flowers. Visit it during the Summer Garden Night Lighting Show and watch it come to life as magical lighting effects dance in its waters.

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