Beautify the garden with your own hands

Wrinkled and dry skin of the hands upsets a woman and gives her discomfort. Moreover, it betrays her age, and sometimes even adds extra years. And homework, heaters, cold water, strong winds or hot sun contribute to this in the best possible way. To avoid premature aging, use hand masks made from natural ingredients.

This mask will help eliminate irritation and flaking on your hands. It is especially useful in the autumn-winter period, when weather conditions have the strongest effect on our skin. It is based on honey. It is high in vitamins and minerals that will help heal chapped and inflamed areas.

A teaspoon of thick honey should be heated in a water bath. But it should not get hot, otherwise all its beneficial properties will be lost. In the meantime, a few aloe leaves should be chopped, passed through the garlic and squeezed with cheesecloth. You only need a teaspoon of juice. But remember that before that, it is important to keep the freshly cut leaves of the plant in the refrigerator for at least 10 days in order to enhance the effect of the juice. Aloe is highly valued in cosmetology. It is often used as a youth elixir and antibacterial agent.

Olive oil is found in many home beauty recipes and is excellent for dry and aging skin. It will also be needed for this mask to soften and repair damaged tissues. It is necessary to pour about 90 ml of olive oil and 5 drops of sandalwood oil into the already prepared mixture of aloe with honey. The latter improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates it and is even used in aromatherapy to fight depression.

The mask should be held in your hands for 15 minutes. It is applied to both the back and the outside of the palms. Wrap it on top with polyethylene and put on mittens. All this time, your hands should be warm. At the end of the procedure, the remnants of the product are wiped off with a soft dry cloth.

With its help, the skin will become velvety, and there will be no trace of wounds and cracks. There is no need to be afraid that after the session your hands will turn orange. To prevent this from happening, the carrots must be held in a steam bath or in a double boiler. After that, the coloring pigment will go away, and the beneficial substances will remain. Take two tablespoons of finely grated carrots and mix them with 30 g of sour cream, 10 ml of olive oil and 30 g of starch.

Carrots will give the skin elasticity and freshness, and restore its health. Lactic acids will soften hands and exfoliate dead cells, while starch will relieve inflammation. Apply the mask in a thick layer to your hands, put on disposable gloves, and on top - warm kitchen oven mitts. To fix the result, repeat the procedure 7 times.

This is a unique home remedy that moisturizes the skin and makes it look younger. It is especially useful to use it during the cold season. It is enough to carry out two sessions a week to notice pleasant changes in the appearance of the hands. This mask can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. Prepare two tablespoons of cottage cheese for her and crush all the lumps in it. It must be high in fat in order to nourish the skin well. An acidic product will, on the contrary, dry it out.

Pour in 25 ml of olive oil and add the zest of one lemon. Citrus fruits perfectly whiten the skin, remove excess pigmentation from its surface and soften cuticles. You will also need a tablespoon of brewed green tea. It relieves redness, strengthens capillaries and helps prevent the development of rosacea - the vascular network. You need to stay with the curd mask for about 25 minutes. After that, it is washed off with warm water, and the hands are smeared with almond oil.

Thanks to it, your hands will be saturated with microelements and vitamin C, they will become soft and pleasant to the touch. The acid in the berries will create a peeling effect for rough skin. Combine 200 g of viburnum, 100 g of fat cottage cheese, 4 cabbage leaves and 20 ml each of glycerin and castor oil. The last component smoothes minor wrinkles and eliminates dryness, which is very important for aging skin. Whisk all ingredients in a blender and apply to hands for 10 minutes. Use the mask 4 times a week to revive chapped skin.

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