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Irina Galushka. Patchwork. Higher sewing aerobatics

Kettle warmer. It would seem a utilitarian, boring thing. And look, with what imagination the master from Gelendzhik Irina Galushka sews them.

This is what Irina herself says about herself:

“I have golden hands, I am a little talented and I can do everything that a woman by her nature is obliged to be able to do, only prettier, tastier. There is humor - my family and friends are not bored with me! Autumn and winter are my inspirers and my favorite seasons. "

Since childhood, Irina loves to knit and sew, and became interested in patchwork in 2014. Like a child, before whom the doors of a toy store opened, she plunged headlong into an unknown patchwork for her. In the first 2 years I tried most of the techniques and application options. And in the end I saw that it was the application that turned out best, that I felt pleasure and courage from it.

Beautiful garden do it yourself photo


Special Projects

Caries and its complications are the main reason adults and children end up in the dentist's chair. Behind this diagnosis lies the damage to the tooth, associated with the destruction of its upper layer - enamel, and then the internal - dentin. One of the best ways to prevent tooth decay is through daily oral hygiene and regular professional dental cleanings. For example, in the "Dental Center on Leningradskaya".

Reach problem areas

The main signs of caries: discomfort when a tooth comes into contact with sweet, sour, cold or hot food. Darkening of the enamel, rough areas on the surface of the tooth, bad breath, as well as the formation of various defects in the hard tissue of the tooth can also indicate its appearance. Pain indicates the development of an acute stage of the disease. The diagnosis is made by the dentist based on the symptoms and examination of the external damage to the tooth. The specialist specifies the stage of the pathology with the help of X-ray or radiovisiography.

"If caries is not promptly treated, it will lead to complications. First, to pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve bundle of the tooth). Then - to periodontitis (inflammation of the surrounding tissues). Irregular or poor hygiene contributes to the accumulation of plaque, which leads to inflammatory gum processes, as well as the formation of supragingival and suspended deposits. In the future, this threatens the development of periodontitis - inflammation of the gums. As a result, they begin to bleed, cause discomfort. said the dentist-surgeon of the Dental Center on Leningradskaya Anna Goncharuk.

The doctor recommends using not only toothpastes and brushes in home care, but also floss - special threads, irrigators, brushes, elixirs and rinses.

"The most problematic areas when brushing your teeth are traditionally the inner side of the lower incisors, the lingual surface on the lower chewing teeth and the outer part of the upper chewing teeth. a head rotating in different directions. It makes cleaning teeth more rational and high quality. Ultrasonic toothbrushes without abrasive intervention remove whole chains and accumulations of bacteria, both on the surface of the tooth and at a depth of about 5 mm into the gums. In addition, you can use an irrigator. It cleans the interdental space, gingival folds and inner surfaces of the teeth without mechanical pressure using the pressure of a water jet. Among the advantages of the irrigator is a massage therapeutic effect and the ability to regulate the force of water pressure, "said Anna Honcharuk.

The dentist recommends that you brush your teeth especially thoroughly before bed to reduce the negative effects of bacteria on the oral cavity and teeth. Brushing your teeth in the morning will refresh your mouth and increase blood circulation. Proper brushing of your teeth can not only prevent the appearance of diseases of the teeth and gums, but also save a person from the development of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract.

But teeth whitening should not be abused, the specialist warns. She noted that it is very important to visit the dentist every six months for professional preventive teeth cleaning. This will help clear the teeth of calculus and plaque.

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