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Automatic screw boiler "Energy Auto" kW Boiler TT model

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8-913-043-04-28 - Andrey (Manager)

Hello! Let's introduce ourselves! My name is Ivan Davydov, I am a manufacturer of quality automatic coal boilers. Perhaps many people know me in absentia from my publications on the Internet:

DIY CNC plasma cutter | The simplest do-it-yourself automatic coal machine Screw boiler Gorynych | Log house | Cupola, shaft furnace

I would like to bring to your attention an Altai-made automatic screw boiler from the city of Rubtsovsk - “Energia AUTO” for 20 kW, for owners of houses with an area from 100 m2 to 250 m2. This model is the younger brother of the 15 kilowatt Shnekovy

Advantages of this boiler:

  • Seven-stage auger reversal in case of jamming (automatic wedging of the coal supply system, without your participation);
  • Cast iron burner in the boiler - it will last for the entire period of use of the boiler;
  • Large ash and slag box as standard! without additional payments, as is often the case with other manufacturers;
  • The torch burner does not bake cakes on any coal! (coal, brown coal. Ideal for Balakhtinsky coal), and if it bakes, then it collides itself. Burner of our own design;
  • Small torch burner (minimum portion of coal on the burner) - during the off-season in the "Stop" - a minimum of bituminous resins is released, the heat exchanger does not overgrow;
  • Loading the hopper with coal without pre-drying! It is allowed to pour coal into the bunker both directly from frost and partially with snow. (Do not pre-dry in a boiler room like others) But to achieve maximum energy efficiency, it is advisable to use dry coal of the required fraction (ideal fraction walnut up to 50mm with individual pieces up to 70mm);
  • Not picky about coal fraction! The powerful reducer and the auger will easily turn individual large pieces into "seeds and nuts";
  • The key does not cut - it simply does not exist! Seven-level overcurrent protection with reverse does its job 100%;
  • Automatic restart of the boiler in case of a power outage! In case of power outages, the boiler is guaranteed to "start" even after 6 hours of power outage;
  • Spacious bunker of 300 liters. Fully sealed - ignition in the bunker provided that the bunker lid is closed - impossible;
  • Non-killable doors, handles and seals on them;
  • Reliable two-stage gearbox;
  • Adjustable a damper (gate) on the chimney, in case of February winds - a decrease in draft
  • The design of the boiler withstands high pressure in the system
  • Compactness! (1350Х60Х120 cm - Width X Depth X Height)
  • Simplicity and ease of use! Our boilers can be tuned not only by tough, tech-savvy men, but also by beautiful women who have not communicated with such technology before.

Cons of the boiler:

  • There is still a possibility of auger jamming, because When loading coal, foreign objects can get into the hopper (often, the client fixes this problem on his own, but if necessary, our service department carries out a prompt check-out! Wrenches and children's toys, etc. have already been taken out.)
  • if you wish to use the boiler in the "Grizzly" mode - you need an additional uninterruptible power supply or an emergency cooling unit;

Our boilers are not all Polish or other developments, but our personal experience, worked out in practice!

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