Amazing finds

Such shiny balls can be found on the seashore. They are polished thanks to the waves. Inside is an ammonite 180 million years old. Organic matter was replaced by pyrite, so it has survived to this day - a surprisingly beautiful and mysterious phenomenon of pseudomorphosis

Fossilized Ammonite

I found fossilized ammonite in the outflow of the stream from the Jurassic clays. Tell me, paleontologists, are these little pussies along the border of the shell - are they remnants of tentacles?

Small find in Terekhovo

Such an artifact (from the audience they rightly suggested that it was not an artifact, since the artifact is artificially made) was found in a dump on the site of house 61 in the village of Terekhovo in Moscow. I never thought this would happen to me. Always, when I read in guidebooks "belemnites, ammonites, etc. are periodically raised here." - I understood this as "don't worry, skip this and read on. This is for others."

How many times I walked around Moscow, exploring water bodies (at work) - Kuntsevo, Kolomenskoye, Vorobyovy Gory and other Krylatskie - and never anything. And suddenly!

So now I could not believe it, and until the very last moment I suspected that it was an unburned sole, caked with the rock - the size is just that, but experts confirmed that it was ammonite that lived in the Jurassic period.


I then studied in the 6-7th grade and at one of the geography lessons the teacher took out a small box, and there was a whole treasure in it. Well, I then thought it was a treasure) There were fossilized prints of ammonites and other things. I remember the Ammonites most of all, as well as the teacher's phrase that such beauty can be found literally under my feet. And I honestly searched. Fortunately, I live in a small village of 16 houses surrounded by forests, fields and ponds. In general, there are plenty of pebbles. I searched until my matured brain realized that such a rarity could not be found in the forest and on ponds. In general, a dream to have the imprint of ancient times remained a dream.

Well, now the story itself, so to speak.

A little over ten years have passed. Much water has flown under the bridge and many events have happened. Life has changed dramatically. At that time, my future husband was still working at a local factory, in a workshop where pebbles extracted from the ground were sorted from clay on a conveyor. He was aware of my dream and one fine day, more precisely in the evening, he brought from work a bag with two pebbles. Seemingly simple stones turned out to be the imprints of the very ammonites that I dreamed about, his mother, 13 years old.

This one has mother-of-pearl on the side, an imprint about the size of a palm.

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Pentecost, Trinity Day, or simply Trinity, is one of the most important events in the history of the Church, which has become a holiday.

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When celebrated this year according to the Orthodox Church calendar

The Day of the Holy Trinity is set for the eighth week (Sunday) after Easter. This year Easter is celebrated on May 2, and Holy Trinity Day on June 20.

How many days pass from Easter to Trinity

The twelveth holiday was named Pentecost because the event of the descent of the Holy Spirit took place on the fiftieth day after Easter (while Easter itself is considered the first day).

What happened on this day according to the Gospel

Christ for forty days after the Resurrection appeared to his beloved disciples, telling them about the Kingdom of God. Having gathered the Apostles in Jerusalem, the Lord told them to stay there, because after a while they will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Trinity, like Easter, is associated with Old Testament traditions. For the Jews, fifty days after Passover, the harvest began, and the first fruits of the cereals were sacrificed to God. It is not for nothing that the Lord Jesus Christ called the disciples "workers of the harvest", but this is a completely different harvest - spiritual, and the Trinity is the day of the beginning of the apostolic ministry - the preaching of Christian doctrine throughout the world.

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