Activists of the Public Movement "Peace in Luhansk" celebrated the anniversary of the beginning of the Russian Spring

On March 1, activists of the Public Movement "Peace to Luhansk" held rallies, a car rally, meetings and round tables dedicated to the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the Russian Spring in 14 cities and regions of the LPR. Also on this day, they honored the memory of those who fought for the ideas of the Russian Spring, laid flowers at the memorial signs. Many events took place within the framework of the We Remember! Public movement "Peace to Luhansk".


On March 1, the "Russian Run" took place in Lugansk, timed to coincide with the 7th anniversary of the beginning of the Russian Spring. It was held on the initiative of the activists of the project "We Remember!" Public movement "Peace to Luhansk".

The activists of the projects "We Remember!", "Druzhina", "Molodaya Gvardia" OD "Peace in Luhansk", as well as schoolchildren, residents of the city took part in the run.

- For the sixth year in a row, the youth of Lugansk on March 1 participates in the "Russian Run". The representatives of the Luhansk Youth Association were the first to hold it, but we continue their tradition. Today we want to show that we remember all the events taking place in Donbass, we are active people advocating a healthy lifestyle. We will run through the center of Lugansk, proudly carrying in our hands the flags of the Russian Federation, the Lugansk People's Republic, OD "Peace to Lugansk". We want to show that the youth of the Republic has long made their choice, we are on the path of integration with the Russian Federation, - commented the coordinator of the project "We Remember!" OD "Peace to Luhansk" Philip Kobtsev.

He added that this year, due to a number of restrictive measures that operate on the territory of the LPR, about 50 people are taking part in the jog.

After the warm-up, the column of activists proceeded along streets Oboronnaya and Kotsyubinsky, and finished in the park named after Heroes of the "Young Guard".


March 1 within the framework of the project "We Remember!" in Kirovsk, a motor rally took place. Activists of the Kirov Territorial Branch of the Public Movement "Peace to Luhansk", the Public Movement "Lugansk Economic Union", military personnel of the People's Militia, Cossacks of the village "Kirovskaya" of the Lugansk District of the Don Cossacks of the Great Don Cossack, activists of the projects "Young Guard", "Druzhina" visited the Memorial Sign in honor of the first checkpoint in the city of Kirovsk in memory of the events of 2014, as well as a commemorative sign "Novorossiya".

More than 20 cars took part in the event, which made an honorary circle around the city. The main task of the rally was to show how Kirov residents honor the memory and do not forget about the exploits of their fellow countrymen.

- On May 3, 2014, on this place on the road leading to the city of Kirovsk from the side of the villages of Golubovskoye and Donetskiy, near the intersection and the abandoned traffic police post, the first checkpoint was equipped from sandbags and car tires to counter Ukrainian junta. Thanks to our brothers, thanks to our residents of the city of Kirovsk and all caring people, we defended our opinion. We thought that the war would remain in the twentieth century, but, unfortunately, war has come to our land again, - stressed Oleksandr Korzhan, head of the executive committee of the Kirov territorial branch of the Public Movement “Peace to Luhansk”.

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