A selection of TOP 5 places in Krasnodar, where you can walk

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When taking pictures or photographing others, many often do not think about what needs to be done in order to make the photo really good and interesting. As in any other art, there are many secrets in the art of photography that you should know about. Moreover, these are not only technical secrets. For example, do you know how to dress better for shooting, what makeup is needed to be more expressive in the photo, what kind of lighting will make the photo more interesting, how to arrange people in a group photo so that they all look better.

First of all, remember that clothes should not draw attention to themselves, they should emphasize your beauty. Therefore, a flashy, bright, with a large pattern, a suit for photography will not be very suitable.

When shooting on location at night or in the evening, dark clothing is completely unacceptable. It will simply merge with the night sky. Psychologists say that black and purple colors make a person a little older. This means that special attention should be paid to young people, and even more so to women. In addition, it is very difficult even for an experienced photographer on black clothing to achieve good halftone reproduction. The same problems with halftones can occur when shooting a model in white clothes. Flesh-colored, light beige clothing is also undesirable. In the picture, it will merge with the skin. When choosing a suit, you should not get carried away with green. In bright light from it, glare may appear on the skin, which has a very unpleasant shade ...

Makeup for photography is pretty important. To make the face look decent in a photograph, you need to heed the advice of professional makeup artists before shooting. The main thing in any portrait, of course, is the eyes (if the author does not pursue any other goal. Who, the authors, knows what they want to say with their work ...). Therefore, in makeup for photography, they need to be given special attention. It should be borne in mind that the makeup will look slightly weaker in the picture than in reality. Therefore, the upper lashes need to be painted more saturated. You need to be more careful with the lower ones - you can get the effect of circles under the eyes. Eyes can be emphasized with a pencil, shading it better.

You will also need powder. Better to take a powder with a matting effect. Even if the model's skin is not oily, it can become glare in the picture. So it is not out of place to insure yourself in this case.

Do you live in Krasnodar, or maybe you have arrived for a few days and do not know where to go and what to see? Do you think that apart from "Galitsky Park" there is nowhere else to go? Then I hasten to please you. I have prepared for you a small selection of 5 places where you can go alone, with close friends or relatives. Happy reading.

Abandoned Ship Graveyard

A very atmospheric place within the boundaries of Krasnodar. Probably more suitable for a walk for the younger generation. But here already the taste and color of the pencils are different.

The place is located in the vicinity of the river port. The place is "hidden" behind dense trees and other vegetation. The place is saturated with some kind of energy, its own special atmosphere, or something.

Leave geo data: GPS: 45.01275.39. 08228

Botanical Garden

Not sure where to go in Krasnodar? Pay attention to the Botanical Garden of Professor I. Osenko. This "joy for the eye" is located in the very heart of Krasnodar - in the city center.

Another nice plus is that the entrance is absolutely free. You do not need to pay even earned money to enjoy hundreds of types of vegetation from different parts of Russia and the continent.

In summer, the garden is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, and in winter - from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm yesterday. Particularly active and energetic people can take advantage of the rental of scooters and bicycles located right next to the entrance.

Location: 45.53956, 38.27777

Sunny Island Park

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