A fence made of boards; photo and description of options, how to do it yourself

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Hosts Fransen Spring

Hosts Fransen Spring

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Message Branch "03 Nov 2020, 07:55

there are a lot of worthy varieties in the purchase, some of them are light green on the plate to my taste, but, of course, there are still many Amalia masterpieces

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Branch, Sveta, but the column is fashionable to me. And if possible, there are hosts from Fransen's sale

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Old tires are not just obsolete rubber.

This is a valuable high quality recyclable material. Reliable, robust and durable.

You can get tires for free or very cheaply.

Tires can come in handy for creating a lot of useful things.

Of these, you can create a small pond from a tire with your own hands for a summer cottage or garden, namely:

  • decorative pond;
  • swimming pool;
  • fountain.

Let's figure out what is needed to create such reservoirs.

Building a decorative pond

To create a small decorative pond, the rubber of a passenger car is enough.


In our work we will use:

  • two shovels (bayonet and shovel), as well as crushed stone and sand;
  • building level and jigsaw;
  • waterproofing material, to cover the bottom; the best option is a special cover for pools;
  • small boulders to beautifully decorate the banks of the pond;
  • plants for decorative ponds.

Adding an article to a new collection

In order to change your garden, it is not at all necessary to arrange a large-scale redevelopment. It is enough to add one or two details to the composition, and it will sparkle with completely different colors!

The effectiveness and beauty of a site does not depend on its size, but on how well its owner knows how to properly organize the space and adapt landscape design techniques specifically for his garden. Especially for those who want to freshen up the look of their garden at least a little, we have selected some simple and elegant solutions.

Spiral flower bed

Spiral flower beds and "snail" beds always look very impressive and original. At the same time, the construction of such structures will not cause any particular difficulties even for inexperienced summer residents. What can we say about sophisticated gardeners who are not hearsay familiar with the rules for creating warm beds. The principles of their construction are in many ways similar to the technology by which tall flower beds are created.

However, it is not at all necessary to use them exclusively for ornamental plants. For example, some homeowners "adapt" spiral beds for growing herbs.


Another variation on the theme of tall beds. If there are a lot of stones on your site and you want to come up with a worthy use for them, be sure to consider building at least a small gabion flower bed on the site.

However, before installing a gabion on your site, carefully consider the location of its installation. This is not a plastic curb, but a heavy monolithic structure, which is not so easy to move even 20 cm, let alone move it to the other end of the site.

Container Garden

The trend that has emerged in recent years to combine the external and internal space of the house is reflected in the arrangement of the so-called container gardens. The new fashion met with a response among gardeners, as they very quickly appreciated all the benefits of this technology. Mobility, easy care, plenty of room for imagination. Actually, what else do you need to satisfy your love for bold and unexpected experiments?

When it comes to the fence of the estate, the board is most often moved to the last plan. This material is considered by many to be temporary and not a creative option.

However, in recent years, plank fence designs have changed significantly. From primitive "ladders" they turned into masterpieces of wooden architecture. Excellent appearance, ease of installation and minimal cost attract the attention of many owners of suburban housing to them.

In this article, we bring to your attention an overview of modern board fences and practical recommendations for their manufacture. We hope that after familiarizing yourself with the options presented, you will change your mind and build a beautiful and practical board fence in the country with your own hands.

Wooden fence options

In order to install a wooden fence, you do not need to strain your imagination and test your design talents. Dozens of interesting types of fences have already been built and captured in the photo.

The simplest option is a horizontal slab fence. Its cost is minimal and its aesthetic qualities are high. Before installation, the slab must be refined by grinding, tinted with firing and opened with varnish. Otherwise, its external will evoke an association with a pasture for cattle.

One more tip. A wooden fence made of unedged boards looks perfect with wooden buildings. In the photo below, the white color of the walls of the mansion and the columns of the entrance group do not fit well with the wooden fence.

In the construction under consideration, the girders from the boards are fixed between two wooden posts. An inclined bar protects the ends of the racks from rain. The most vulnerable point is that the contact between wood and concrete requires high-quality insulation. Here you need to use modern antiseptic impregnation or coating with hot bitumen.

A croaker, peeled from bark and installed with an overlap, looks very beautiful in the fence. It is nailed to wooden posts. In front, the joint is covered by an edged board. An easy-to-manufacture canopy of planks crowns the structure.

Another interesting option is the "artificial" croaker. In this case, the edges of the boards are trimmed so that they form a symmetrical pattern.

To create a color contrast, the wooden posts on the posts are treated with a dark stain.

The "decorative rotation" method is equally acceptable for both slabs and edged boards. In the latter case, we get an aesthetic shutter fence. He looks deaf when he looks directly. However, due to the gaps between the slats, such a structure is not only well ventilated, but also partially transmits the sun's rays.



Fireworks in Moscow in honor of Defender of the Fatherland Day. Photos and text by Marina Lys.

The uniqueness of each of the palace and park ensemble in the suburbs of Northern Palmyra on.

February 27 marks the 65th anniversary of the banners.

Choosing an apartment is always a difficult and nervous process. Mostly because people don't.


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