Do it yourself for a home garden

Despite the fact that it is mid-February outside the window and winter is in full command of the snowstorm with its assistant, gardeners should already be preparing for the upcoming season.

One of the points of this preparation is whitewashing the trunk and skeletal branches of garden trees. This procedure protects the bark from a number of problems.

You missed coloring the trunks before winter, be sure to carry out this procedure at the end of February - March. After all, the most dangerous period for trees is a thaw, after which there are repeated frosts. This phenomenon is quite common in February-March. During the day, under the influence of the sun, dark trunks heat up to + 12 ° C, which causes premature sap flow. On the same day, the temperature at night drops to a truly winter temperature, which reduces the temperature in the trunk to -10 ° C, the released juice is frozen. As a result of such temperature jumps, the trunk begins to deform: the internal tissues are torn, long cracks appear in the bark, especially the young one, which impairs the processes of the movement of nutrients. During this difficult period, the white color of the whitewash saves the trees: the sun's rays are reflected, scattered and the heating temperature is reduced. Trees continue to rest (without sap flow), begin to release leaves and bloom later, which saves not only their health, but also the harvest.

The sun shines brightly on a clear winter day with a thaw, and the snow lying on the ground only enhances this effect. Areas with burns appear on the trunk: the bark dies, cracks, flakes and leaves the trunk. Whitewashing also helps to prevent these consequences.

As mentioned earlier, whitewashing is carried out in several stages throughout the year. So the most important stage is in the fall, it is carried out after the foliage is dropped and the onset of a steady cooling, i.e. October November. The second stage is in the spring before bud break, i.e. end of February - March. If for some reason the February-March period is missed, then it is not too late to whitewash the trees in the first half of April. The third stage is optional, i.e. optional. It is carried out in in the middle of summer, if the paint is unstable, washed off or peeled off.

Do not forget that before any (both autumn and spring) whitewashing, preparatory work must be done, otherwise painting will not bring anything good to the tree.

Preparatory work includes:

Most often, for the last stage of the preparatory work, solutions of iron or copper sulfate, Bordeaux mixture, mixtures of mineral salts, ash infusion, garden pitch and others are used.

Now we proceed directly to the painting procedure itself

The whitewash solution consists of three parts:

  • White component (lime or chalk);
  • Sticky component (clay, soap or glue);
  • Decontamination component (for example, copper sulfate).

Just about whitewashing

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