11 amazing bathroom vanity design ideas

A small bathroom can make morning and evening rituals less inviting and less effective. But before you give up and look for a new home, read this article. You just need some strategic style advice.

Use a large mirror

A full wall mirror is a guaranteed way to create the illusion of spaciousness. Light colors make a room appear spacious and well-lit.

Use unique items in monochrome

Stone surfaces, classic striped towels, sculpted sconces and a round mirror prove that minimalism can take precedence. And the casual elegance in grayscale is proof that a minimalist approach can lead to a space that is unique and whimsical.

Use curtains correctly

Divide the curtain, which looks more like a curtain than a regular plastic shower curtain, into two sides. Linen curtain made of natural fabric will add warmth to a cool space.

Gallery-like walls

No room too small for artwork. In fact, sometimes small spaces are ideal places to showcase things on the walls, as vertical space is all you need to showcase your style.

Use tiles to create illusion

The main thing is to use waterproof materials everywhere so that they do not get wet while showering. Attach heated towel rails to the walls.

Choosing the right bathroom vanity will save you a lot of time, since everything the essentials will be at hand. The organization of the place will make it possible not only to clean up the clutter in the bathroom, but also add an interesting detail to the interior.

Dressing table with copper washbasin

Two sinks are a great solution for large families. A modern dressing table is minimalistic, comfortable and beautiful. For a more trendy interior, match the color of the lamp to the washbasin palette.

Corner dressing table

Corner furniture is not only beautiful, but also practical. As the family grows, bathroom accessories become more and more, and such a dressing table will help to avoid clutter.

Bamboo dressing table with drawers

A modern bathroom should be elegant and without a lot of decorative elements. The bamboo table will win your heart. Despite its simplicity, such furniture will look stylish, and due to the large number of drawers, there will be enough space for storing things.

Rustic Dressing Table

Thinking about rustic style, which is the European version of American country, many people imagine massive and oversized pieces of furniture. In reality, such models exist, but you can choose a less voluminous dressing table decorated in this style. The style will allow you to create a unique design of the room that will enhance the orphaned atmosphere throughout the interior. And due to its spaciousness, it will allow you not to worry about storing things.

Traditional Wood Dressing Table

When choosing furniture made from natural materials, it is necessary to pay attention to the rest of the room details, creating a full-fledged interior in the same style. Wood is always comfort and strength.

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