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The well-known company Xiaomi has become famous for its "smart" technology (tablets, smartphones, smart watches, etc.). Relatively recently (in the summer of 2019), the manufacturer presented its first monitors for desktop computers. They have a large diagonal, high resolution and responsiveness, a wide screen viewing angle and an advanced matrix. Thanks to this, the device quickly began to gain popularity not only in China, but also in Russia.

Differences and similarities between monitors from Xiaomi

The models look very aesthetically pleasing, neat and minimalistic. The displays are limited only by narrowed frames, only the strip is slightly wider at the bottom. Matte black body. Thanks to this, it does not leave fingerprints on it. Attractive and neat design allows you to install monitors in the office or at home with any interior. They will look harmonious everywhere.

Monitors have a special film that protects the eyes from harmful blue radiation and flicker. This reduces the load on them, they get tired less, their vision does not deteriorate.

Xiaomi is positioning Curved Gaming as a gaming monitor. It is rarely purchased for general use. T. it has more powerful characteristics, and it costs more.

Mi Dekstop is considered the basic (budget) version. Its characteristics are slightly weaker, but it is also intended for home and office use. Accordingly, her price is lower.

Features of innovative monitors from Xiaomi manufacturer

The display has a diagonal of 34 ", a matrix with a resolution of WQHD (3440 by 1440), an excellent viewing angle of the screen with a radius of curvature (1.5 m). This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay, feel like a real participant in what is happening, notice every detail that matters.It has a slightly curved body, which makes the gameplay even more fun and reduces eye strain.

Performing actions in a second - 144 hertz. The response speed is 4 ms. This prevents the "freezing" of even the most modern games, which many monitors from other manufacturers do not "pull". The high response speed makes it possible to stay ahead of your rivals, because often it takes only a fraction of a second to win.

Technical features of the practical Mi Dekstop

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