Which is better: Renault Logan and Chevrolet Lacetti? Choosing a budget family car

Almost everyone knows that a high-quality perfume cannot cost a penny. But often, when we buy many luxury brands of perfume, we overpay for the brand itself.

Today we will talk about not expensive fragrances that can compete with well-known brands. By the way, almost all fragrances (highlighted in blue) can now be purchased at L'Etoile at a nice price.

Fragrances not more expensive than rubles, which are worth using

United Dreams Live Free Benetton

Fresh floral-fruity aroma with bright citrus accords of bergamot and yuzu, juicy green apple and tea, gentle cyclamen and orange blossom combined with spicy cardamom. An amber base is combined with musk and cedar for an enveloping trail.

Fresh and energetic, pleasant and unobtrusive, light and clean aroma for every day.

Top notes: Middle notes: Base notes:

Made for Women Bruno Banani

A playful floral-fruity scent that's perfect for young girls. The composition of the fragrance consists of ripe notes of blackberry and cool tea, delicate iris, juicy red berries and velvety peach. The composition is completed by a combination of raspberry, amber and water notes.

Light, fruity-sweet, fresh and pleasant aroma with a slight sourness, reminiscent of chilled raspberry tea with a pinch of mint.

Top notes: Middle notes: Base notes:

Queen of Seduction Antonio Banderas

Fragrances not more expensive than 1000 rubles, which are worth using

Which is better: Renault Logan and Chevrolet Lacetti? Choosing a budget family car

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy an expensive car today, because some of them are simply astronomical. However, most of the consumer market is set to purchase mid-range cars in budget configurations. For this reason, the concerns involved in the production of automobiles are tuned to the maximum output of cars with more affordable prices. This, as a rule, creates a large assortment in the list of proposals, which greatly complicates the choice, especially when it needs to be made from two cars with similar characteristics.

The budget versions of Renault Logan and Chevrolet Lacetti models also have a lot in common. In order to make an informed decision and choose which is better, it is proposed to conduct a comparative analysis. This will allow us to compare the strengths and weaknesses of both options and come to logical conclusions.

Which of these cars should you give preference if the question arises about buying an inexpensive and small car "for every day"? Daewoo Lanos is no longer perceived as a foreign car. What a "foreigner" he is, if in 1998 a SKD assembly of these cars was established in Ilyichevsk, the twin brother of this car - Sens - has been assembled in Zaporozhye for three years, and now Lanos itself will be produced here. For six years, this Korean car has proven its reliability and simplicity in operation. The exterior of the car, developed in 1997 by Maestro Giugiaro, has more "adult" composure and solidity than playfulness and enthusiasm. Although Lanos SE (mid-range equipment) in 2004 will not be much more expensive (about 200 euros) more than the base Symbol, it has a good list of equipment: central locking, power steering, front power windows, radio, fog lights, rear headrests, etc. / p >

If Daewoo Lanos is a full-fledged representative of the C segment, then Renault Symbol “pulled up” from a smaller “weight category”. But he didn’t just "put on weight" in order to step up a notch up the automotive hierarchical ladder, but rather prepared himself well. Judge for yourself: French components, a huge trunk (with its 510 liters, it will "plug in the belt" some cars with two or even three classes higher), moderate (thanks to Turkish assembly) price. All this allows it to compete with the C-class car. True, Symbol in the simplest configuration has a rather modest list of equipment, although it includes a power steering and an airbag for the driver.

Let's try to highlight the accents right away, and then check how they correspond to reality.

The whole family "under belts"

For example, a large family has to travel around the city in a car, and the farthest trip is to the village to see grandmother. In this case, Lanos is preferable.

Turned the key on the doors and the central locking will unlock all doors. There are few adjustments to the driver's seat: you can change the inclination of its back (in the Japanese manner with a lever) and move it back and forth. The seat itself is comfortable, but the steering wheel is simple, the same as the Sens. In addition, the rim of the "steering wheel" lies almost on its feet and overlaps a part of the front console - the button for turning on the air conditioner and the knobs for adjusting the heater temperature and the volume of the radio. And the salon mirror in the right turns looms exactly before your eyes. It is impossible to raise the steering wheel, or even better - to sit lower. So when buying, it is better to order a car in which the seat and steering wheel heights are adjustable. Here it is easier for a tall driver - he moved back and that's all. True, the rear passengers will have little legroom. However, it's not scary - Lanos is still more spacious. In addition, there are headrests at the disposal of two people. Although, on the other hand, when maneuvering in reverse, they interfere somewhat.

The trunk in Lanos is not that big (322 liters), but if the rear seat backs are folded (in whole or in parts), its volume will almost triple - up to 958 liters.

The 1.5-liter "eight-valve" Lanos pulls well from the bottom. But it is most "active" in the zone of medium speed, the maximum torque (130 Nm) is removed at 3400 rpm. Lanos can be quite dynamic, but during intensive acceleration, the motor can be heard very well. It's a sin to complain about the elasticity of the power unit. This is especially pleasing during everyday use in urban traffic.

When cornering, the steering wheel is filled with a distinct elastic force. Probably due to the fact that it is initially less tight. But I don't want to dare. Still, there are slight delays in the reaction to turning the steering wheel, adding and discharging gas. Yes, and jerks with a sharp pushing of the accelerator are sometimes noticeable. No, Lanos has a quieter ride. Even when I suddenly saw pieces of asphalt cut out for patching, I didn’t suit slalom. The confidence that the suspension will comfortably swallow them was confirmed. The energy-intensive undercarriage allows slight swing on the flaws of the canvas. But hard joints, patches and even rather large holes are worked out gently and with a margin. So the broken sections of the road Daewoo Lanos are on the shoulder, more precisely, on the wheel.

More fun

Fragrances not more expensive than 1000 rubles, which are worth using Don't know how to do make-up? Need makeup brushes, look at the makeup photo, do your face care the right way. Be beautiful and use a face cream. Permanent makeup for you.

The art of coloring involves the compilation of landscape compositions according to the principle of grouping plants according to the shade of leaves and flowers. These can be contrasting combinations that attract attention with the richness of bright and muted colors, or monochrome, but no less spectacular compositions. Consider how red flowers look in the photo, find out the names of plants that can be used to create a flower bed of continuous flowering.

Red in landscape design - for those who like it hot

Psychologists say that shades of red irritate the nervous system. Practice shows that the effect on the psyche is not so strong as to change the emotional state.

But the fire color is great for highlighting, attracting attention, it indicates what to look at first. In addition, it is a symbol of beauty, love, energy.

Contemplation of red flowers framed by green leaves helps to improve mood. And if in bright sunlight it seems that the red color dazzles the eyes, then in cloudy weather it becomes moderately bright, allowing you to admire the subtlety of the structure of the petals. It is recommended to use plants with red flowers in regions with cloudy and rainy summers (North-West and Central regions of the Russian Federation).

Red flowers for a flower bed are a real find for those who like to stroll through a lighted garden at night: in warm artificial lighting, shades of red look amazingly beautiful.

Plantings of red annuals will help to highlight in the garden exactly those areas that, in your opinion, are worthy of increased attention.

If the windows of a country house are small, then it makes sense to look at the photo and find out the names of red flowers that can be grown in pots: bright flowers hanging around the windows can radically change the appearance of a facade with blind windows.

On the flower beds, red flowers look elegant and well-groomed, even if:

  • plantings are slightly thinned out;
  • there are spots on the leaves;
  • some of the inflorescences have dried up.

Red flowers: photo and description

Consider red annuals for flower beds, names and photos will help you remember the most interesting and use them when planning garden compositions.

Adonis has been used to decorate gardens since the 17th century.

Women's backpack made of genuine leather. Closes with a flap, underneath a zipper. There is a decorative zipper on the flap, an open pocket under the flap. Inside one compartment and three side pockets, one of them with a zipper. Outside, on the back, a zip pocket. The straps of the backpack transform into long handles, allowing you to carry it like a bag. Size 30 x 28 x 12 cm. / P>

The color is beautiful, bronze, but, unfortunately, not mine.

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Women's bags and backpacks made of genuine leather and suede. Quality materials, excellent fittings. Directly from the manufacturer. All handbags and backpacks are made only from natural materials - leather and suede. NEW - a section of bags made of eco-leather of very good quality and at affordable prices! There are a lot of interesting colors. The most fashionable textures and patterns. Bags made of genuine leather are very soft, the leather is pleasant to the touch, of excellent quality! Backpacks are made of thicker leather, they keep their shape.

Addelli is a Russian brand. Products are sewn at a factory in China under the strict supervision of Russian specialists.

In any incomprehensible situation, we read the RULES of the joint venture

Terms of Purchase

1. The minimum order amount is 20,000 rubles. ? The minimum order amount is the amount that we must collect all together for this purchase. Your personal order can be of any amount, even 100 rubles. But only by typing the minimum amount required by the supplier, we can buy the product at the wholesale price.

ATTENTION - in our unstable time, prices may change. With a large price change - more than 10% - UZ has the right to refuse such a position.

2. Org. percentage 15%. ? Organizational% (org%) - includes payment for bank services for money transfer, telephone calls, packaging of goods and other expenses.

How do you know if your husband is leaving?

To be honest, a loving woman always feels when she has ceased to be loved. But sometimes you can still make a mistake and mistake troubles at work for the appearance of a rival. And, despite this, there are several points that will help you bring your husband to clean water.

  • Change of "work schedule".

If before he always tried to be in time for dinner with his family, and then all of a sudden he began to stay late at work - you shouldn't immediately throw up a scandal out of the blue. It is possible that at work really rush. But if after some time this changed "schedule" did not come back to normal, then most likely this is a consequence of the appearance of a new woman, on whom your faithful also has to spend his precious time.

  • Changing the line of behavior.

Two extremes are possible here: either he feels guilty towards you and behaves ingratiatingly, in every possible way trying to make amends, or, on the contrary, behaves aggressively for no reason. In any case, if such behavior is not caused by any problems (financial, health), then something is wrong here. This is especially true of the execution of "conjugal duty" - its frequency, quality and duration.

If your spouse is late at work almost every day, it means that he has become more and better work. Has your financial situation gotten worse? Here you can already start sounding the alarm. Instead of carrying money to the family, to the house, he began to show attention and overwhelm some woman with gifts. In such a situation, you urgently need to take everything into your own hands!

  • Appearance.

Previously, you almost had to persuade him to shave, but now he suddenly doesn't go around with stubble for a day? And you used to take clothes for washing, by force, but now he demands a clean ironed shirt every day? Why would there be such increased attention to your appearance? If your husband is in a leadership position and a priori needs to look decent, this point will be more difficult to track down. But the emergence of new accessories or a fragrance that was clearly not chosen by you is also a signal that he has a new style advisor.

  • Increased attention to calls and correspondence.

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