What to do in the spring in Altai

Greetings to all who have come to the light in Beauty. March has already arrived. The month when we all turn to spring and cannot wait for the temperature to rise to bring new and wonderful moments into our lives that will later become vivid memories.

March is also a month when special attention is paid to beloved ladies and, of course, on March 8th I would like to present them with special gifts.

How to choose the perfect gift for March 8th? What should be a gift for mom and what should be loved?

Yes, these are questions that many people often ask themselves, and the result is always the same - too many hours and nerves spent in stores, donated in search of suitable gifts.

This year you can relax and trust our advice.

Introducing the 5 best gifts for March 8th.

A tempting and memorable scent

Everyone can find a variety of women's perfume, unisex perfume and perfume kits. Products in online stores are of proven origin and a guarantee of originality and quality.

We also often expect high-quality branded cosmetics from some of the world's most beloved and well-known brands as gifts!

Escape the city and merge with nature

You have decided to celebrate March 8th, but you are in doubt about only one thing. Best friends, make it fun and crazy for your lady? Or with a partner to make the day romantic? Why both!

A special voucher for March 8 to a recreation or horseback riding complex, a subscription to equestrian sports or some other exciting sport will give you the opportunity to combine fun and romance. Even more: today it is quite possible to start with a tour of the farm or stable, continue with a spectacular photo session in a costume of the last century, smoothly transfer this to a training session or a horse ride and end with a festive dinner.

Spring comes to Altai Mountains in April. It all starts with the fact that after a long winter the Katun stream throws off the icy shackles, and the mountains are gradually freed from snow. Every day it gets warmer, and by May, nature wakes up completely to explode with fireworks of flowers. Spring is the most impressive season in Altai. You will not see such color combinations either in summer or in autumn, also because the maral begins to bloom. From this brightest event in Altai, the summer tourist season opens

What to do in the spring in Altai? Read our roundup of the most interesting ideas.

Contemplate maralnik bloom

The main spring event in Altai is a short period of a couple of weeks when the mountain slopes are covered with a lilac blanket. Blossoming "Altai sakura", Daurian rhododendron. Both locals and knowledgeable tourists plan their weekends in such a way that at least a few days in May will be devoted to this beautiful spectacle. You can go to the maralnik bloom as part of an excursion tour, or you can build a route yourself. In the Chemalsky District, not far from the Cheposh Park glamping, there are many places where these purple flowers bloom. The maralnik is unpretentious and able to grow even on bare rocks. You can admire them both in the Mayminsky region of Altai and in Ongudaysky. And even if you just drive along the legendary Chuysky tract. It is enough to observe the surrounding landscape, and you will notice the bright islands from afar

Time to see the Blue Lakes

Soon after the May holidays, the famous Blue Lakes of Altai will disappear in the spring flood of the Katun. So if you find yourself in Gorny Altai in the spring, do not waste your time in vain and go to these unusual lakes, which appear only for a short time in the riverbed. It is better to come to the shore of the lakes near the village of Askat early in the morning, when the rays of the sun illuminate the water. Then you will be able to see the whole range of turquoise, blue and green shades, about which the lovers of these places are legendary

See the views on horseback

Day and multi-day horseback riding is one of the most popular entertainment in Altai. There are many horses here, and horseback riding is perfect for those who are not ready to walk, but want to see more. Indeed, many places simply cannot be reached by car, and then a horse excursion will be an excellent way out.

There are many horseback riding excursions and you need to choose the area that you want to see. You can see the sights of the Chemal region by going on a day hike from the village of Elekmonar. An introductory walk will go along the Katun River to the observation deck, from where a magnificent view of the temple on Patmos Island, the old hydroelectric power station, the Chemal River estuary and the winding Katun panorama opens up

Book tours in certified companies, for example, in the travel agency "Mayak Altai"

Follow the trail of lost civilizations

Excursion programs and weekend trips will start from the beginning of May. The most interesting ethnographic excursions include not only walks to beautiful places, but also acquaintance with the ancient culture and beliefs of Altai. Sometimes you will be offered to take part in rituals, you will be able to listen to a live performance of folklore compositions and taste national dishes. One of these tours starts from the Uch-Enmek tourist complex. For two days of autotravel with hiking you will see Karakol and panoramas from the Chike-Taman pass, visit the Museum of Folk Crafts and the confluence of the Chuya and Katun, visit several sanctuaries and drive along the old Chuisky tract to the Geyser Lake. Such a rich program will be of interest to participants from 14 years old - if you go with an excursion, then there will be a lot of information and immersion in the wonderful world of Gorny Altai is guaranteed.

For details and current schedule: 8-983-527-94-69,

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