What kind of light bulb can be installed in the lamp for comfortable reading

Thanks to modern design trends, home furnishings can become original, practical and more comfortable. If you are trying to move away from the classic options, then modern design is what you need.

Giving preference to modern kitchen design, it is important to follow some rules at all stages of interior design. It is very important that in the end the kitchen is practical and functional. An innovative approach to finishing involves moving away from traditional stencils, choosing bright colors and unexpected solutions.

Today there are several types of modern style, so everyone can choose the most suitable one for themselves. Some are very familiar to you, for example, hi-tech or minimalism, others have appeared relatively recently - kitsch, shabby chic, eco style, and so on. Each of the above styles has its own characteristics and nuances, but there is also something in common that is common to all modern trends.

The main features of a modern kitchen interior

First, a modern kitchen requires furniture that combines such qualities as practicality and convenience. This is especially true for work areas. They should be wide and spacious. As for the choice of dishes, it should not be flashy, and its theme should be monochromatic and in harmony with the overall interior.

Superfluous details, including extra furniture in the room, are usually absent. Moreover, each thing should have its own place. This allows all items to be close at hand. Built-in appliances are characteristic of the modern kitchen, which allows you to optimize the process of cooking your favorite dishes, cleaning and eating.

If you want to expand the space of the kitchen, then it would be appropriate to combine it with other rooms, for example, with a living room or a balcony. A large space gives more possibilities for dividing into zones and gives the room additional functionality. Here you can see the article - Kitchens in a modern style.

Color matching

To create a modern kitchen, you can choose almost any materials, and you can also combine several materials at once, which at first glance do not match at all. True, it is worth remembering that the chosen direction does not tolerate pretentiousness. It should be replaced by practicality and simplicity.

Natural colors of wood and stone are often used in modern kitchens, and monochrome interiors are also very popular. For example, black and white performance expresses expressiveness and graphics.

As for practicality, it is best to choose neutral shades. Calm colors are in perfect harmony with absolutely any furniture and accessories. To add originality and beauty, just mix two colors. If you are a supporter of spectacular design, then you should choose bright and juicy colors for decorating your kitchen. However, you should be careful, as excessive brightness can play a negative role and make the interior tasteless.

Fans of creative work in printed form should be responsible for choosing a lamp that provides a book with sufficient light flux. Vision is one of the important components of our life, therefore, the power of the light bulb, at which children conduct classes and adults read, can significantly affect health.

Basic requirements for reading lighting

The attitude to the luminous flux power among all people is ambiguous. Some people like bright bulbs, others prefer soft, unobtrusive light that does not bother the eyes.

Experts recommend always using several different lighting devices in the house, which complement each other and turn on when necessary.

Basic requirements for reading lamps:

  • the presence of a diffuser or a shade that does not allow direct rays to hit the retina;
  • the ability to adjust the height and angle of the flux when using the lamp on the table for study or viewing literature;
  • when using a lamp for reading in a bed, the installation height and direction of light are strictly adjusted - this is 80-100 cm above the floor and installation to the left of the bed;
  • uniformity of the luminous flux, lamp should not flicker and pulsate;
  • LED elements in equipment should have a protective cover that protects the eyes from glare;
  • it is desirable that the luminaire has an adjustable luminous flux, then the load can be reduced on the eye, depending on the font of the work or document;
  • the best shape of the plafond is a sphere or a cone, as for reading instruments, it is better to refuse the cylinder;
  • optimal lamp power for reading 40 -60 W, and color temperature 2700-4200 Kelv Inov, these parameters are indicated on each element;
  • when reading, it is necessary to use not only a luminaire with a directed flux, but also the main source - this can be a chandelier on the ceiling or natural sunlight on the area.

Most installers tend to use conventional filament in luminaires. They give an even stream, do not give glare and light that does not bother the eyes. But manufacturers also offer LED reading lamps, which are economical and safe to use. They are safe if the luminaire is dropped because they do not form sharp fragments.

Recommended Lighting Types

The type of luminaire that can be installed in the reading area depends on the way of use. Whether it is a study table, a favorite chair, or a sleeping place where many people like to read before going to bed. Manufacturers offer a wide range of lamps that will provide the desired luminous flux and will not spoil your eyesight while reading a book.

Small wall lights that are often installed at arm's length near a bed, sofa or armchair. They can perform a decorative function and at the same time provide the desired light flux for reading. Sconces do an excellent job and do not take up space on the wall, but for regular use of the lamp, in order to study books and newspapers, it is better to purchase a model on a flexible tripod. So you can adjust the flow in the desired direction and not interfere with a nearby bright lamp, if the device is used in the bedside space.

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