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One uncle climbed to wipe the chandelier and broke the shade. Uncle was very lonely. There was no one to help deal with the dust. The laborer's hands are clumsy. So collecting the fragments on the floor is a laborious task. It’s not good, I thought, to live with “Ilyich’s light bulb”. Uncle went to the market to buy a new chandelier. It is worth it and thinks: which one to choose? Then the lady came up and helped. Now the uncle is not alone at all. And his chandeliers are always clean.

An acquaintance, Feng Shui specialist Marianna, likes to tell this story. He says breaking the glass - of course, to good luck. But you don't need to hit on purpose. But it is necessary, on the contrary, to be careful with glass surfaces in the house in order to "lure" happiness. This is called "smart" spring cleaning.

Then I remembered a story

Once I came to a friend - the photographer Timur. He just finished the renovation and invited, so to speak, to evaluate the result. And, of course, take pictures. So he put me on his new windowsill. And let's press the shutter of your device (I'm talking about the camera, if that). Then he stopped suddenly, and said: "No, this will not work."

How not? The dress is wrong? Hairstyle?

"The windows are dirty! - says. - It is necessary to wash".

Well, it should be. I climbed down from the windowsill, took a rag in my hands. I began to rub the windows. I rubbed for a long time - the building stains were not washed in any way. And Timur continued to press his shutter at this time.

I looked at him and said: "I understand why you invited me to visit - so that I wash your windows here!" .

Laughing, of course. He's a great friend! You can help this with windows. And Timur took great photos. I love them very much!

These memories of mine were suddenly interrupted by Marianne your strange question.

Relaxation Plants

"Why do you think plants are at home?" - asks.

"Well," I say, "so that spring is at home in winter and summer!"

Start with clean glass: 5 easy things to do with fragile objects to bring well-being to your home

Here's a complete walkthrough guide that tells you how to complete Breathedge


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Interrogation ... Interrogation is an unpleasant business, but we proudly spit on all tricky questions and get the Achievement “BDSM Connoisseurs Club”. Although we still have to admit that we managed to survive by plugging the leak with "Chewing gum" (hey, there, at the "Soyuz", hello!), For which we were awarded the Achievement "Survivor". Ha, the game hasn't even started yet, and already two achievements, not bad!

  • Achievement "BDSM Lovers Club"
  • Achievement "Survivor"

After the accident, we drive away depression and settle down: we need to quickly study the trash around us, until it is carried off into space. However, stop! We plugged the hole, so it won't blow it away.

There are many different things: something lies right under your very nose, but you have to look for something. Or not. So, first we study all of these critical subjects for our survival:

But we do not grieve and, continuing to study the Rescue Shuttle, we find guides and Schemes for creativity that are feasible for our scanty possibilities. Realization of this fact makes us so overwhelmed with happiness that we survived ... we are just bursting with ... What? No ?!

Ah, it's just a full bladder: we run to the toilet (press F) and irrigate the device with a powerful stream until Yellowish water appears from there ... and some other resources.

  • Probe Scheme
  • Drill Scheme
  • Alcohol Scheme
  • Roll Scheme
  • "Thickened electrical tape" scheme
  • "Yellowish water" scheme

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