Visnichnі mіstsya Lviv: excursions by the theaters of the mіsta

Zagalom at Lviv and most professional theaters. Possibly from the Lviv Opera, the yak is named in honor of Solomia Krushelnitskoy's House of Opera Theater and to be held on Svoboda Avenue. The theater opened at 1900 rotsi and torik win in its 120th century.

Lviv Opera is one of the leading architectural colors of the place and one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe. You may be able to change and take a look at the species and retail space for an hour of excursion.

Come to Lviv and don’t make your heart out of memory of the Opera House? This is not a boom! :) If you will be more captivated, you will turn to theater performances. Among the popular shanuvalniks are the ballets "Swan Lake" by P. Tchaikovsky, "Esmeralda" by Ts. Punyi, "Le Corsaire" by A. Adam Toscho. Sold out also regularly picks up the opera "Loenurin" by R. Wagner, the vistava-feєriya "If there is fertility in color" by Є. Stankovich, family opera "Fox Mikita" І. Heavenly. Epatazh, yaskravі scenic images і thought out to the smallest details, and yet - glibokі thought ... Such are the staging of the Lviv Opera!

National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater of Imeni Mariya Zankovetskoi

The theater of Mary Zankovetskoy, who will be playing around with the Lviv opera, is not less respectful of merit. I woke up to the theater in 1842, when I saw the "Skarbkivsky Theater" and was included in the three of the greatest theaters in Europe. Okhoplyuє tsіli quarter, surrounded by the street of the Forest of Ukraine, Svoboda Avenue, the square of Prince Yaroslav Osmomisl and the Theater street.

We are at our hour Zankovetskoy theater will continue to gain popularity. Here you can add your own "appetite" to the classic Ukrainian and foreign drama. Zokrema in the repertoire takі vistavi: "For two hares" by M. Staritsky, "Nazar Stodolya" by T. Shevchenko, "Svatannya na Goncharyvtsi" by G. Kvitka-Osnovyanenko, "Satisfaction" by the merchant V. Shekspіr "The Venets "," Konotopska vidma "G. Kvitki-Osnov'yanenka. Also, on the stage, the Zankovetsky Theater will present as many happy creations as possible, as well as a skin know-how for yourself.

Lviv Academic Drama Theater of the Name of the Forest of Ukraine

The middle of Lviv's most important places is the Lesi Ukrainka Theater, which can be found on the streets of Gorodotskiy. Budivlya in the style of a modernized middle age with elements of gothic and romance architecture. We started to build a rotsi yak Katolitskiy dim near 1908, there is also a theater hall (420 cruises and up to 200 months for standing).

Nini Theater of Lesi Ukrainka is a youthful, ambitious and smilivy team, like a perekonnaya, scho in the theater, є a mice for skin. The status of the "academic" institution was revoked from 2017 rotsi. "We are close to the value of the academy, as such a platonic" olive guy "- a friendly, bakeless medium for creativity; Theater of Lesi Ukrainka.

The repertoire of the theater is reminiscent of the contemporary Ukrainian and light dramaturgy, the contemporary performances of the classics. Zokrem, rise of the past fate, here the premiere of the vistavi "Galdamash" about the mystical power of the Carpathians, Hutsul molfaris was seen. For the whole, the team of the theater specially viralized the artist's expedition to Verkhovyna Vivchati with a motsevian flavor. The theater performances will definitely not overwhelm you with baiduzhimi. Come and reconnect :)

Lviv Academic Spiritual Theater "Voskresinnya"

Roztashovuyutsya at the wake of the commission from the monument to St. Yuriy Zmієbortsi on the square of General Grigorenko. Chotiripoverkhovy booth, de nini spaced out theater "Voskresinnya", buv with equipment from 1912-1914 rocks at the place of the oldest trip-top cam'yanichka Bonkovsky.

Theater "Voskresinnya" filmed by director Yaroslav Fedorishin in 1990 roci. On the basis of the theater, two times later, the theater festival “Golden Lion” appears, which has the status of an international and one of the most prestigious theatrical forums in Ukraine.

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