Vasilisa the beautiful

Beautiful Vasilisa - This is a fairy tale that conquers the hearts of millions of children and adults for many years. The tale is about daughter Vasilisa and her doll. The doll can talk, give advice and complete tasks. The toy often rescued Vasilisa after her stepmother settled in their house. When her stepmother noticed that Vasilisa easily coped with all the duties, he decided to send her to Baba Yaga for a light. Vasilisa went to Baba Yaga and served her for several days. Grandmother gave Vasilisa a skull with hot eyes, he then helps her to cope with oppression. You will learn how the fate of Vasilisa will turn out after reading the tale.

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In a certain kingdom there lived a merchant. For twelve years he lived in marriage and had only one daughter, Vasilisa the Beautiful. When her mother died, the girl was eight years old. Dying, the merchant called her daughter to her, took out the doll from under the blanket, gave it to her and said:

- Listen, Vasilisa! Remember and fulfill my last words. I am dying and together with my parental blessing I leave this doll for you; always take care of it with you and do not show it to anyone; and when some misfortune befalls you, give her something to eat and ask her for advice. She will eat and tell you how to help the misfortune.

Then the mother kissed her daughter and died. After the death of his wife, the merchant struggled as he should, and then began to think how to marry again. He was a good man; for the brides, the matter did not become, but one widow came to his liking most of all. She was already in her years, had two daughters of her own, almost the same age as Vasilisa - therefore, both the hostess and the mother were experienced. The merchant married a widow, but he was deceived and did not find in her a kind mother for his Vasilisa. Vasilisa was the first beauty in the whole village; the stepmother and sisters envied her beauty, tortured her with all kinds of work, so that she would lose weight from work, and turn black from the wind and sun; there was no life at all!

Vasilisa endured everything without a murmur and every day she grew prettier and stout, and meanwhile, the stepmother and her daughters grew thin and faint with anger, despite the fact that they always sat with folded hands, like ladies. How was it done this way? Vasilisa was helped by her doll. Without this, where would a girl cope with all the work! But sometimes Vasilisa herself would not eat, and she would leave the most tidbit to the doll, and in the evening, as everyone settled down, she would lock herself in the closet where she lived and regale her, saying:

- On, doll, eat, listen to my grief! I live in my father’s house, I don’t see myself any joy; the evil stepmother drives me out of the white world. Teach me how to be and live and what to do?

The doll eats, and then gives her advice and comforts her in grief, and in the morning she does all the work for Vasilisa; she only rests in the chill and tears flowers, but her ridges have already been weeded out, and the cabbage is watered, and the water is applied, and the stove is heated. The doll will also show Vasilisa and the grass from the sunburn. It was good for her to live with a doll. it took several years; Vasilisa grew up and became a bride. All suitors in the city are assigned to Vasilisa; no one will look at the stepmother's daughters. The stepmother is angry more than ever and answers all the suitors:

- I will not give out the youngest before the elders! And when he sees off the suitors, he takes out the evil on Vasilisa by beatings. One day a merchant needed to leave home for a long time ‘on commercial matters. The stepmother moved on to live in another house, and near this house there was a dense forest, and in the forest in a clearing there was a hut, and in the hut lived a Baba Yaga; she did not let anyone near her and ate people like chickens. Having moved to a housewarming party, the merchant's wife kept sending her hated Vasilisa for something into the forest, but this one always returned home safely: the doll showed her the way and did not let Baba Yaga go to the hut.

Vasilisa the beautiful

Embroidery is a laborious but very exciting process that many people associate with mysticism. Over the centuries-old history of the development of embroidery, our ancestors have repeatedly noticed the influence of different patterns on the life and fate of a person. By embroidering mysterious signs on fabric with multi-colored threads, people tried to improve the quality of their lives, attract good luck and prosperity, protect themselves from diseases, troubles, failures, etc.

There is a huge number of embroidery signs and superstitions, many of which are no less interesting than the embroidery itself. The craftswomen who lived in the old days believed in these signs and tried to strictly follow them. Our contemporaries very often ignore embroidery superstitions. And in vain, because the sacred knowledge of our ancestors has not lost its relevance to this day.

We bring to your attention those signs and superstitions related to embroidery that have passed the test of time and have a huge level of popularity among lovers of cross stitch!

Family and love affairs

1. If a single girl wants to attract true love into her life and marry a worthy man, then she should embroider a canvas on the growing moon. Before starting to work on embroidery, it is necessary to say the following words to enhance the positive effect of the sign: "I start embroidery on the growing moon, I attract love and family well-being into my life."

2. You cannot embroider on Sundays and on Christian holidays that prohibit homework, otherwise family life will be difficult and problematic, and children born in marriage will grow up infantile, lazy and insidious.

3. If, during embroidery, a girl in a relationship constantly has nodules, then this indicates that her beloved remembers her and wants to meet as soon as possible.

4. If a married woman accidentally pricked herself while embroidering with a cross, then she should carefully take a closer look at the behavior of her faithful, since, quite possibly, he has already begun to think about going to the left.

5. You should not embroider naked people for those girls who want to get married successfully, as such a picture can negatively affect personal life and cause loneliness.

Career and financial well-being

1. An embroidered picture in the form of a noble horse galloping across the field will help improve the financial situation and attract financial well-being. She must have a luxurious and free-flowing mane.

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