Tricks to help you look slimmer

Adherents of organic farming do not use chemical agents on their plots to increase soil fertility and protect cultivated plants, but prefer natural substances. They do not work as fast as herbicides and fungicides, but they do not harm the environment and human health. Before using ash at a summer cottage, you need to figure out how to do it correctly in order to get the expected effect.

Types and composition

Ash is obtained by burning various natural substances, wood is the most popular. In addition to it, in summer cottages, ash obtained from straw, sunflower stalks, peat, shale and dung is used. The composition of the future fertilizer directly depends on the product from which it is obtained. In addition, the age of the plant and its variety affect the presence of useful components in ash.

Before applying top dressing, it is worth considering that it deacidifies the soil, therefore, if the soil is already alkaline in the garden, you should not add a lot of ash.

The main elements in the ash composition are:

  • magnesium and calcium sulfate - necessary for cruciferous plants, has a prolonged effect;
  • magnesium and calcium carbonate - activates metabolic processes in the tissues of cultivated plants, promotes the ingestion of nutrients into cells, accelerates the ripening of fruits and increases productivity;
  • orthophosphate of potassium and sodium - helps in the regulation of fluid in the tissues of cultures and takes part in the synthesis of such a macroelement as nitrogen;
  • magnesium silicate and calcium - especially necessary when growing onions, as it gives the heads a presentation and extends the shelf life in winter;
  • sodium and calcium chloride - has bactericidal properties and allows plants to accumulate moisture, making them easier to tolerate intense heat ...

How do you get ash?

There are several ways to obtain natural fertilizers, everyone chooses the method that suits him best. If the house has a fireplace, and the owners use firewood for kindling it, you can gradually collect the amount of ash necessary for feeding the soil over the winter.

They also collect straw and branches from their backyard and burn them at the stake. It must be remembered that you cannot use plastic bottles, bags, and rubber to obtain organic fertilizer. When exposed to high temperatures, dangerous chemical compounds are released from them, which subsequently penetrate into the fruits, and from there into the human body.


In addition to the main macronutrients, wood ash contains such components as boron, silicon, manganese and iron. If you burn spruce branches, then the gardener will receive fertilizer with a high calcium content, and deciduous trees will give a fertilizer rich in potassium.

How and when to use ash in a summer cottage, under which plants to apply

How to adjust the figure with the help of clothes?

Many of us are worried about how to look slimmer, well, at least a little. And even if from the outside it seems that everything is fine with the figure, we still have a worm of doubt that haunts us. Clothing! Here's what will help solve this problem: correct the nuances of the figure, shift the emphasis on our merits, level the flaws, make the image light and interesting.

In general, in the wardrobe, verticals rule the show, the more there are in the image, the more we will seem taller and slimmer.

Monochrome or total look

What is the difference between monochrome and total look? When we compose a monochrome image, we take several shades of the same color; and the total bow is made in only one color. But both of these techniques work to visually reduce the parameters equally well, since they carry a vertical color.

The gaze of the beholder slides smoothly over the silhouette, as if pulling it out. And that's what we need. Suits with trousers or a skirt, dress with tone-on-tone shoes, skirt and sweater are examples of possible combinations.

Photo: pinterest. u, beauticurve. om

Shoes matched to pants color

Nice and simple trick that perfectly slims the legs, lengthens the silhouette and adds height. And this is all the magic of verticals)))

Photo: seasons-and-salt. om, shop. ango. om

Asymmetrical cut

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