Tips for choosing a grape cuttings and saplings

Knowing how to successfully grow grapes means choosing the right variety for the region where it will grow. This plant needs sunshine all day long, well-drained soil that is free of weeds. A good vineyard starts with quality planting material. Experienced gardeners recommend that beginners take cuttings and seedlings from those who make them from their vines and are professionally involved in the production of such material.

Which is better?

Even the most experienced grower will not tell you what is best for planting: a cutting or a seedling. Both methods have both advantages and disadvantages.


Among the main advantages of cuttings it is worth highlighting:

  • compactness ;
  • low cost;
  • low probability of infections.

  • many gardeners note that such planting material takes root worse, but this is a controversial opinion;
  • it takes more time and effort to grow a full-fledged vine from a cutting.

When buying, ask the seller in what period the material was procured for planting. Better if it was early spring. Such plants take root well and have increased vitality.


Benefits of seedlings:

  • the survival rate of such planting material, if the necessary conditions are met, is almost 100%;
  • it is easier to grow a strong vine;
  • on grafted plants the yield is higher.

Tips for choosing a grape cuttings and saplings

Webinars offer tremendous opportunities for people with disabilities. Studying, holding general online meetings, working, earning additional income, and being realized - all this is possible thanks to such a tool as webinars. We have collected several reviews from our clients and webinar participants about their experience with online seminars and conferences.

What is the advantage of webinars?

Path to inclusion. Inclusion is the process of involving people with disabilities in active social life. Webinars are a nice and easy step towards inclusion. A person with a disability can actively study himself, communicate with other people through online seminars and conferences.

Convenience. You can participate in or hold a webinar without leaving your home. This is especially important for cities and towns with low architectural accessibility, where it is even problematic for a person, say, in a wheelchair, to get out of the house.

No technical background required. If you have minimal computer skills, for example, it is not a problem for you to watch YouTube videos, use social networks and place orders in online stores, then there will be no problems with participation in the webinar.

Hosting a webinar is a more difficult task, but you don't need a technical specialist here either. Moreover, the video tutorials, instructions and technical support that come with the kit will help you to understand the special service for conducting webinars.

Availability. Participation in webinars is often free. Hosting a webinar is also not millions. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a good headset, and a program for webinars. If you have a small audience, then you can save on the service. For example, MyOwnConference offers webinars for 20 people for free.

Different format. The webinar involves different modes: speaking on camera, chat, presentation, screening. For people with disabilities, it plays into the hands. Visually impaired people can listen to the webinar, and those who cannot hear can chat and receive information from presentations.

How to use webinars?

Training Webinars

How to check the quality of a grape stalk or seedling before buying? What is the best choice for planting? Pros and cons of each method. Where should you buy seedlings?

Some people assume that a landing page is simply any page that a user comes to after clicking on an ad or link. This is not true. In this case, any page on your site could be called a landing page.

A webinar landing page is a separate web page, not related to site navigation, created with the sole purpose of convincing the visitor to take action: subscribe, buy, register.

You can create landing pages that allow visitors to download eBooks, get a trial version of a product, sign up for a webinar or a consultation.

Why do webinars need landing page?

The landing page is able to convert more members. Research has shown that companies using 40 or more landing pages generate 120% more leads compared to those using fewer than 5 landing pages.

Thanks to the landing page, you have the opportunity to talk about the webinar and easily share this information without overloading your site.

Landing page helps to collect data of potential participants through a special registration form. This data can be used in the future for an email campaign.

Complement other marketing content. You can post a link to this page in social networks and newsletters.

How to create a landing page for a webinar?

There are three main ways to create a landing page. The easiest way is to use a ready-made landing page template and fill in the required data. Such templates offer, for example, webinar services. Here you do not need to make a lot of effort, almost all the work has already been done for you. As a result, you get a landing page quickly, but you won't be able to show originality.

You can use the landing page builder and, with a little work, make a more or less unique page. Not all webinar platforms will help here. For this, there are special services for creating landing pages.

The network is full of stories about successful success and effective results of online webinars and presentations. Indeed, webinars are an effective way to present yourself and your company, find new clients, and increase your expertise and status.

But the very fact of hosting webinars does not guarantee success. Behind the scenes, there are stories of failure, when 5 people came to the webinar, when the presenter did not prepare, when the listeners missed half of the webinar due to poor internet, and so on.

Today we're going to talk about how to host a commercial webinar and not screw it up.

Start by preparing a commercial webinar

Prepare yourself and prepare your speakers. The first and important part of preparation is content. Think over, or better write the broadcast scenario. Prepare all the necessary materials - make a presentation, select videos, graphs, infographics and other files that will help to better highlight the material.

The next important point is the webinar room. Take 20-30 minutes to study the webinar program. Watch video tutorials and user instructions. Understand the basic functions: how to go on air, download a presentation, invite participants, etc.

And don't forget about webinar promotion. Use as many ways as possible to attract members. Use mailings, social networks, advertising, website - any methods available to you. An important point that you always need to keep in mind is that fewer people come to a commercial webinar than originally registered. Therefore, you should always try to attract people “with a margin”.

Host a test webinar

It's a bad idea to host your first webinar and charge for it. A very bad idea. Even if before that you more than once conducted live broadcasts on Instagram, YouTube or VK ... Yes, at the webinar you communicate with the audience, just like during a live broadcast. But at the webinar, you also need to show the presentation, materials, screen, draw.

In addition, if live streaming on Instagram implies more relaxed and entertaining communication, then people come to the webinar for useful and practical information.

So run one or two free test webinars. See how viewers react, what content comes in and what doesn't. Find out which webinar room tools you need to use and which ones you shouldn't even deal with. In the end, make sure if you have enough internet or it might be time to change your provider.

Spend time on the technical side

A few hours before the webinar, check the camera and microphone, upload your presentation to the webinar room, connect to a good internet connection. Close all unnecessary and unimportant tabs in the browser. It is important to do this in advance, definitely not 5 minutes before the broadcast. Then you will have time to fix and improve everything.

In June, the MyOwnConference webinar service team updated the iPad app, made it compatible with the iPhone, completely changed the Draw function, and added 2K and 4K recordings. Everything to make your webinars look professional and convenient to conduct. Now about everything in order ...

) Broadcast from iPhone (give the participant the floor)

MyOwnConference is getting more mobile! Now even iPhone users will be able to go on the air and speak at the webinar if invited by the host. To do this, they only need to install the My Webinar application from the App Store.

The moderator then needs to invite a webinar participant who is given the opportunity to speak. The invited user will receive a message like this:

It is enough for him to confirm access to the camera and microphone, and he will be immediately broadcast.

) New in the iPad mobile app

We have updated the mobile application for webinars on the iPad. Now it works faster and better. Many bugs fixed, performance improved.

We also added the Drawing function to the application. Now, on your iPad during a webinar, you can draw with your hand or a stylus from Apple, make notes, write text on a slide or video, or on a white sheet.

) Completely updated desktop painting

We've updated the paint tool. Now you can draw and make notes in any mode in the material display area: on a presentation slide, a downloaded video, or a YouTube video. Also, the tool can be used simply as a whiteboard and create drawings or notes on a blank sheet.

In addition, using the new tool, you can draw lines, circles and squares, write text, include a cursor that will be displayed to listeners. Change line thickness and color, adjust text size.

A complete history of changes is also kept, which allows you to quickly undo the last changes, or revert them back.

We're not going to stop there. There are many plans for the summer: completely update the API, update the Newsletter tool, and much more. Subscribe to our blog or Telegram channel so as not to miss anything.

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