This yarn creates a burning desire to knit

Top 10 yarns for inspiration.

Sometimes one glance at the yarn is enough for inspiration, and the image of a blouse, toy or handbag is immediately born. I bring you the Top 10 yarns for inspiration that inspire a strong desire to create something new!

Plush Yarn

The thread Softy Plus Ombre Batik is very soft, velvety and pleasant to the touch. It was created especially for toddlers and simply for lovers of tactile pleasure. Suitable for knitting baby blankets, pillows, decorative toys and accessories. The thread is very pleasant and velvety to the touch, does not cause allergies.

The thread has an increased volume, so it knits easily and quickly. One skein is just enough for a blanket for a newborn.

A smooth gradient, like a wave, unfolds in a knitted fabric from a rich to a more delicate shade, covering with a wave of pleasure from the touch of products from it to the skin.

The thread is very pleasant and velvety to the touch, does not cause allergies. Therefore, you can knit any products from it for the smallest children's age: blankets, pillows, toys, overalls, etc.

Teddy yarn from Wool sea is a soft plush thread, pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic. This plush yarn is used to knit wonderful teddy bears, bunnies, kittens. And if you want to dress up your baby in a panda or puppy overalls, you can safely knit it from Teddy. It is also suitable for creating the most delicate children's rugs.


Fancy Fur yarn is a lump of fur, there is no other name for it. It is so realistic, as if a little rabbit curled up into a ball. It is ideal for imitating wool in knitted toys. It will look good as an element of finishing the edges of outerwear, as well as in full-fledged products, where it is important to create a feeling of fur. For example in vests.

Puffy Fur yarn (Puffy Fur) - magic yarn that won the hearts of needlewomen. PUFFY of the Turkish manufacturer ALIZE. Incredibly pleasant, soft, velvety, it is a thread with ready-made large loops that are simply pulled into one another by hands. No needles or crochet needed. Even if you have never knitted, it is easy to make yourself an original adorable little thing.

This nap is evenly spaced on both sides of the thread and imitates fur.

This yarn creates a burning desire to knit

The gentle air of spring, the first flowers, the warm sun ... So you want something new, unusual and bright. So why not start by updating your wardrobe? But as soon as the idea of ​​knitting something new appears, the question immediately arises: which yarn is better to use for this?

Naturally, natural threads are a favorite of the warm season. Spring-summer threads are delicate, thin, weightless. It is not hot in products made of them - they perfectly let the air through, the body breathes under them.


A versatile, inexpensive thread that does not require any special knitting skills. This is a great option for summer adults and childrens clothes, in which you can feel comfortable in the heat due to its excellent breathability.

With knitting needles from cotton yarn you can knit wonderful tunics, and crochet - openwork skirts and dresses that are fashionable this spring-summer 2020 season

Cotton yarn can be classic, mercerized (treated with a special compound to increase the strength of the thread) and with the addition of other types of threads.

A large selection of cotton threads is presented in the collections of Pekhorka, YarnArt, Alize, Vita, Gazzal, Himalaya, Nako, Semenovskaya Yarn. If, in addition to cotton, viscose is present in the thread, then it is more pliable when knitted and keeps the shape of the product well. These are yarns from Pekhorka, YarnArt, Semenovskaya Yarn, Lambada Fine and other manufacturers.


Flax also has excellent hygienic properties, such yarns are wear-resistant, keep their shape perfectly, do not stretch and are hygroscopic. One of the advantages of linen fibers is that they do not generate electricity.

Linen yarn is suitable for creating light summer clothes: blouses, dresses, sundresses, hats, panamas and shawls. Due to its hypoallergenic properties and environmental friendliness, this yarn is often used for knitting children's summer clothes.

Linen does not fade, does not rub, does not wash and has increased strength.


Products knitted of silk are smooth, flowing, drape well and shine gently. They cool perfectly in the heat, so it will be very comfortable in silk clothes in summer.

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